Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty-Five

There is a common belief that men are ruled by fear and pain, that no emotion is stronger than those two. There may be some truth to that, but I found that fear over someone else is even more powerful. That someone being a loved one. If you don’t have someone to lose than ultimately there is nothing to fear. So really, the most powerful emotion is love; that’s our one true master.

I felt it deep inside me as I watched Titus and Felix fight off two wolves that had broken in to our cabin. Broken in to kill me. Alex is with us but Mabel is out with her new girlfriend Nicole, the one-night stand that turned into more.

The four of us fight against their brutal force and sharp teeth, and every time I hear a bone snap for Titus and Felix, I felt it with them. Pain and Fear. As long as that pain belonged to the person that you would die for, then yes it owned me completely. If the pain was happening to me, everything would be simpler.

I never imagined wolves to be quick, but they are, they easily keep up with Titus and Felix. I found it difficult to even hit them with my light, not that it would kill them. They could only die in their human form. Both Titus and Felix managed to get each wolf in a headlock, their jaws frantically snapping around, trying to get a hold of either of them. “Alex!” Felix yells frustratedly.

“Damn it! This is like Woodstock all over again!” Alex yells back, but I watch as both wolves turn into their human form. One male and one female, totally naked. Their breathing is heavy and I realise that Alex has forced them back into their human state. I then watch as Titus snaps the neck of his wolf.

“No!” I yell out before Felix does the same to his. “Stop this! We are meant to be killing the fay, not our own creatures!”

The wolf still alive has wild eyes as he attempts to take in the scene in front of him, he tries to keep his eyes off of his dead friend. Who is face down on the ground, her long dark hair covering her face.

“This needs to stop, we can’t keep killing creatures and hope that they will want to side with us,” I say feeling defeated. I had seen enough death to last me a lifetime. Felix and Titus are both covered in blood, but I knew that all their wounds would be healed.

Felix releases the man and steps away. “Join us or die,” he says simply.

The man’s eyes frantically dart between the four of us, before finally staying on me. “You would spare me?” His voice is heavy and low.

“I am fighting for you, for all creatures with demon blood,” I say as I lend him my hand. Titus and Felix both move to me but I shake my head at them. We needed to start somewhere.

The man doesn’t take my hand though, he does something that completely takes me by surprise. He bows to me. I look to Felix and Titus but they look just as surprised. I bend down and help the man to his feet; he easily towers over me once he is standing. “We are in this together, now please go and tell the other’s, I am deeply sorry for your friend. Take her with you and know, that this will be the last creature to die over me; now we fight together.” I say as strongly as I can, and although I feel like faltering, I don’t. I need to be strong if we really expected the other creatures to join us.

He nods his head and then gently picks up his dead friend, before leaving out the door. “Did you see that?” Alex exclaims excitedly.

“Yes,” Felix almost whispers.

“They will follow her, he bowed to her! A wolf! A creature that has a pack and an alpha actually bowed to her!”

“Could have just been doing it to save his skin,” Titus says pessimistically.

Alex shakes his head, “that was real, I could hear his thoughts; he is ready to fight with us.”

“And are you?” Felix asks Alex.

“Yes,” he replies but his eyes dart away from us.

“Then stop with the fucking hesitation! One of us could have died tonight because you don’t want to get your hands dirty.” Felix’s gaze is serious.

“I know, I will do better, but this was a win tonight! Our little Camille here is a born leader.” Alex wraps one arm around my shoulder and smiles approvingly. I smile shyly back to him.

“I don’t think I can be a leader,” I say softly.

“Don’t be ridiculous, It’s in your blood. You are royalty remember?” Alex says but moves away to start tidying our home of smashed vases and broken furniture. I was beginning to think that we should just stop refurnishing the house after fights. I guess Alex is right, but I would be leading the fay not creatures that hate me.

“Alex is right, the way he bowed to you-” Felix starts to shake his head like he still can’t believe it. “If we can convince the wolves to side with us, the rest will be easy.”

Titus moves to me and places a hand on my cheek. “You did good tonight,” he says with a stern gaze.

“I could barely keep up with them and you both got so hurt...” I suck in a breath as I remember hearing their bones crack in the wolves jaws.

“We are fine, we heal easy, I was just so worried for you,” the stern gaze drops as worry flashes over his face.

“We will all be fine, it will get better now,” I say positively. Because I had no doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t.

Mabel crashes through the door at a bubbly pace. “Fuck what happened here?” Her eyes follow Alex as he cleans the room.

“No more leaving this house, you want to see Nicole? Then she comes here!” Felix says before throwing up his hands and leaving the room.

Mabel looks like a kid getting scolded by her school teacher. She realises the gravity of her decision to leave us. It didn’t matter now; we were finally beginning to unite the creatures.

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