Bite into Me

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“Why don’t you show me a bit more of your ass next time and I will give you a bigger tip.”

I resist the urge to roll my eyes at the overweight middle aged man sitting in my booth. I grab his money and smile down at him. “Hope to see you here again soon,” I say as fake as possible. He seems too ignorant to catch on to my sarcasm though.

“Sure thing sweetheart,” he says before walking out of the diner.

I sigh to myself. Only two more months and I will be able to afford college to study law. I had been working at Blue’s diner since I was fifteen, I’m now nineteen and it hasn’t got any easier.

A guy I have never seen before walks into the diner, causing the little bell at the top of the door to make its irritating chime. The chime that was so imprinted into my brain, I sometimes thought I could hear it dinging even when I’m at home.

I don’t usually check guys out but this one seems to catch my eye. He is tall and lean, but not so lean that he didn’t have muscle. His hair is light blonde and his eyes are a light green.

“Damn I hope he sits in my area,” Lana says from behind me. Apparently I wasn’t the only one checking him out.

He sits in my area and I inwardly high-five myself.

“Damn it,” Lana says before she turns on her heels to clear her tables.

I grab our menu and our specials menu and make my way over to the guy I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes from.

“Good evening, here are our menus,” I place them down in front of him, and then grab out my notepad and pen. “Could I get you anything to drink?” I smile politely at him but his eyes just narrow at me, like he is trying to figure out if I mean him harm.

I shift uncomfortably in my heels, which still didn’t add enough height to me as I would like.

“Just a coke,” he replies.

Well, that was awkward. I grab him his coke but he still says he needs time to think about his meal choice. We are getting close to closing the kitchen so I decide to take out some garbage.

There is only one small light in the ally where our trashcans are. Mostly people come out here to smoke in between shifts, but I hated being out here any longer than I needed to be. It was dark and dirty and looked like the making of every robbery that exists. I quickly place the two black bags in the bin and shut the lid, but as I lift my eyes he is there.

His blonde hair and green eyes standing an inch from my face, how did I not hear him or see him?

“Ca-can I help you?” I stutter. Feeling very freighted with the way his eyes looked at me. It was like he was ready to devour me.

“You think I wouldn’t recognise you fay?” His voice is dark and in one quick movement, he has my body pinned against the stone wall. I gasp out in fear. “I could smell you as soon as I walked in.”

Suddenly the white around his green eyes become red as fangs form from his opening mouth, a mouth he is about to bury into my neck. My futile screams are the last thing I remember.

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