Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty-Six

“What did Alex mean when he said this is just like Woodstock?” I ask as I trace the skin on Titus’s chest.

“We met Alex in the 60′s, did a lot of partying together. He saved us though one night from a couple of fay at Woodstock. Alex is a lover not a fighter, in fact, he loathes controlling people’s minds. He forced the two fay to remain still while Felix and I killed them. We have remained friends ever since, but I know how much killing weighs on Alex.”

“But he didn’t actually kill them...” I didn’t want to add that it was him and Felix, he already knows that.

“He sees it that he did.”

“Felix is worried that he won’t fight with us?”

“Yes, but I’m not. I know what Alex is capable of if it comes down to it, he would never let us die.”

I hold my wrist up to his mouth, “you need to feed, and so does Felix.” He doesn’t hesitate in biting into my skin, we both moan at the same time. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it when they fed on me, for some reason it felt like I had control; even though I knew that I didn’t. Only I could make them feel this way, my blood tastes better than anyone else’s and that made me feel warm.

When he is done, he cleans the side of his mouth with his finger, making sure not to waste a drop of my blood. “You love it when I feed on you don’t you Camille?”

I nod up to him before straddling his lap. He tugs my hair back. “Say it.”

“I love it when you feed on me,” I say; already breathless.

He pulls my neck down to his mouth, I can feel his fangs lightly grazing my skin and I begin to squirm. “And if I was to drain you completely?” He asks in a sexy tone.

I suck in a deep breath, “I’d let you,” I say without a second thought. He smiles against my neck. I place my hand over his heart and let the light come. “And if I was to shoot you through your heart?”

He had began lightly sucking and kissing my neck. This time he sucks in a breath. “I’d let you,” he says without hesitation.

His mouth connects with mine, immediately parting my lips and sliding his tongue in. Both our hands impatiently roam each other’s bodies. We trusted one another completely, there is a certain thrill that comes with loving your enemy. A thrill of danger and trust, and a line that we both must walk. A line that Titus loved to play with. Not that I minded, some strange part of me got off on the fact that we could kill one another, but never would. It sounds ridiculous even thinking that, but I couldn’t help it. Living dangerously is exciting.

“What do you want Camille?” He asks as his mouth moves back to my neck.

I sit up, feeling powerful on top of him. “I want to ride you until you cum inside me.”

He smirks playfully, “well then,” he places both hands behind his head. “Don’t let me stop you,” he says still smiling.

I slide his cock into me causing his eyes to close and his teeth to sink into his bottom lip. He looks unbelievably hot underneath me. I start to move up and down him slowly, toying with him as he does to me. “Camille,” he moans.

“Yes?” I ask smugly.

His eyes flutter open and narrow at me. “I’m in charge,” he says in a tone that’s final.

“Is that so?” I slowly lift up to the tip of his cock before slamming back down onto him, we both moan out.

“You really want to test me?” He says as he watches me lift slowly off of him again. I tug at his hair as I slam back down.

He practically growls as he grabs me and flips me underneath him, giving him all the control. He wraps his hand around my throat as he thrusts inside me so fast that I cry out. Then his hand begins to tighten and my moans are lost with his grip. I smile as I get close to coming. This is so freaking hot. “This is what happens when you test me,” he groans into my ear.

I can’t reply though, all I can feel is the overwhelming sensation of his hand around my throat and his cock inside me. I can’t explain it, but as I cum and feel faint at the same time it sends my orgasm into overdrive. My whole body shakes underneath him, and as I cum he smiles into my mouth, knowing full well what he is doing. As the last of my body spasms stop, he lets go of his grip before groaning loudly. He drops his head to mine and kisses my tear away. “That was...” I say in between my heavy breaths.

He leans back up to look at me, the playful smirk is back. “Tell me who’s in control again?”

I roll my eyes but give in, “you,” I say.

“Seeing the red around your neck is making me hard again.” He wasn’t lying, I could feel him growing inside me. He flips me back over so that I am on top of him. “This time, fuck me hard and don’t stop until I fill your little pussy up again.”

I do what he says, no slow teasing this time, I just keep moving up and down him even when I cum. “Fuck you are so good at that,” he says as his eyes close and he moans out. I slow my movements down as I feel his cum falling down my legs. I let my head full to his chest as I regain my strength, feeling more than satisfied in his arms. When I start to feel uncomfortable, I move off of him and give him a quick peck on the lips. Then I wrap his blanket around my naked body. “Where are you going?” He asks as I head for his door.

I turn back around to face him. “To feed Felix,” I smile sweetly.

He smirks as I leave his room.

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