Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

“Okay so, this won’t be exactly the same as gladiator fighting,” Felix says as he stands in front of me in just his jeans, holding a sword bigger than mine, not as big as I thought though either. He looks ridiculously attractive as he effortlessly swings the sword around in his hand. “In the ring we wore armour and usually had a shield, we were also forced to keep the battle going for as long as possible; to put on a good show.”

My heart pulls at his words, and what they both had to go through. I hold my own blade in my hand, the way Felix showed me, the blade always facing my opponent with a strong grip, with the thumb on the top. My legs are bent slightly, and my other hand is up ready to block.

“Drop your blade and you die, understand?” Felix asks with a serious look and I nod. “If you are going against another girl, you have a chance but against a man-” Felix charges at me- grabbing my arm that holds the blade and begins to squeeze it until the pain becomes too fierce that I need to drop it. As soon as the blade is out of my hand, he pins my body to the ground and wraps his hand around my throat. “You won’t stand a chance,” he says calmly before helping me back to my feet. They have both promised to not use any of their vampire strength or speed when we train, to give me an understanding of what it will be like against the fay.

“How many fights were you forced to carry out?” I ask as I move back to my stance.

“Can’t remember the exact number, if you win enough battles then you are set free, Titus and I were both close,” he smiles; but it’s bittersweet. “So, my strength is that I’m strong, Titus’s is his long limbs and yours needs to be speed. You will be smaller and weaker than most of your opponents and that’s okay, you fight low and fast, okay?”

“Okay,” I breathe.

“I’m going to start by teaching you some moves and blocks, we will do them all slow and pick up the speed as you understand them. Most people- especially the men will come at you with a raised sword,” he does this slowly showing me. “You use your free arm to bock, make sure to duck at the same time, then you push your blade low into their stomach,” he grabs my blade and pushes the tip of it against his skin, at the bottom of his stomach. Then drags the tip along his skin to show me. “This all needs to be done fast, then remove the blade, your opponent will most likely fall to the ground out of pain or out of fear of their guts falling out.” Felix falls to the ground, his sword dropping beside him. “Then you finish the job- throat or heart, whatever is easiest. Some may still have a bit of fight in them-” He grabs the blade as I go to push it into his throat, I can see the blood trickling down his wrist and I go to pull away. “No, you need to get used to this, I will heal.”

I continue to push the blade down as his blood falls to his bare chest. “You step on their stomach or their balls, to force them to lose their grip from pain, they will be getting weaker with every drop pooling from their body, you will win,” he says calmly again as I feel his strength leaving the grip on my blade, leaving me free to push the tip to his throat. I step off from him and he gets to his feet again. “Now, if they also have a blade, sometimes the fay do, especially the ones that don’t have enough power in their photokinesis. You will most likely be cut, the trick is to make sure that spot isn’t fatal. If it’s a choice between cutting your hand or having your stomach impaled, you grab that knife without hesitation.”

He moves his sword slowly to my stomach and I grab the blade, not hard enough to draw blood like Felix did. “Good,” he says. “Now with your free hand you smash down onto their arm causing them to drop their weapon, then you grab their arm to pull you close to them before you slice their throat,” He spins my body around and then aims my blade at his throat. I breathe heavy as I feel his warm skin against mine. “Understand?” He asks.

“Let’s do it faster now,” I say, and he smiles at me, picking his sword up again.

Before I know it, hours had been by. My body is sore and covered in sweat and Felix’s body is splattered with dry blood. I already felt like I was getting good, we had begun fighting at a normally fast pace. “You are picking this up quicker than I thought fay,” he smirks at me before slamming his sword against my blade, I was beginning to enjoy the sound it made when our blades clanged against each other. Felix told me that the most satisfying sound is when your blade hits their flesh though.

“You need to get used to burying your blade into a body,” Felix says as he backs up again, ready to attack once more.

“What?” I say breathless.

“Stab me for real this time,” his icy blue eyes are serious.

“Felix...I can’t do that.”

“Unless you cut off my head- which you won’t be able to do with that blade, you won’t be able to kill me.”

“Yeah, but you still feel pain, I can’t do that to you,” my eyes are begging his.

“Cami, you need to learn this, it’s harder than you think to move a blade in and out, you need to know what strength is required if you want to be able to fight fast. You can give me your blood after as a sorry,” he smiles at me, but I can’t smile back; I really didn’t want to do this.

“I’m going to use full force, you also need to get used to pain, if I hurt you, I will heal you okay?”

I nod my head, preparing my stance. The butterflies flap their wings against my skin with adrenalin and fear. I push it all down as I concentrate on Felix and his oncoming attack.

“This will be as fast and as strong as I can go if I weren’t a vampire,” he says before running at me with his sword raised.

I suck in a deep breath as I block his raised arm with my own, the pain shoots up my arm as I duck low and shove my sword into his stomach, his sword drops to the ground as I begin to move my blade across. Felix wasn’t lying, it is harder than I thought. Be quick Cami. Felix is groaning in pain as I remove my blade from him, then he drops to the ground, a small amount of blood is falling from his mouth. “Finish it,” he says with one hand holding his stomach.

My tears are clouding my view as I look at the site of him, I hate seeing either of them in pain. “Do it,” he pushes.

I yell loudly as I raise my blade and slam it down, but he grabs it, causing more blood to spill from his hand. “Felix,” I sob, not wanting to do this.

“Finish me.”

I kick his stomach before sliding the blade into his throat. I watch as the blood bubbles out of his mouth and he coughs with tears in his eyes. I pull the blade out quickly, slicing my own wrist and putting it to his mouth. He drinks greedily, his stomach wound already healing before I kicked it, and I watch as his throat repairs itself with the help of my blood.

We both stand up, and he puts his hand to my cheek. “You did good,” he smiles, I smile back at him but the pain to my body returns once the adrenalin leaves; especially to my arm that shielded his blow. I clutch it to my chest in pain.

“You’re hurt?” He asks, the worry clear in his eyes.

I nod my head. “When I blocked your sword...”

He grabs my arm softly, “most likely a fracture,” he whispers. Then he bites into my arm carefully and I immediately begin to feel the pain disappear.

“A born warrior,” he says looking down to me with adoration. “The things we are going to achieve together,” his eyes twinkle with excitement.

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