Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

Every day I would spend the first half with either Alex or Mabel, and the second half with Felix and Titus. I trained all day every day, usually ending in sex. By the time the sun was setting Felix or Titus would carry me back to their bed. I was utterly exhausted, but I loved it. We were all going to make a difference, so I welcomed the pain.

Alex told me that the wolves have chosen to side with us, the demons, witches and vampires are still divided; but we would win them over.

“Camille, head in the game,” Titus says as he swings his two blades around. His blades are the same size as my one and did he ever know how to use them. Plus, with his longer limbs, he is a challenge. He is fast like me but also hard to get close to with his long arms. Both of them no longer go easy on me in training, and I definitely do better against Felix than Titus.

“Sorry, ready,” I say as I blow a loose strand of hair out of my face. Titus had brought me a bunch of workout clothes for training so that I could move more freely. They usually just wore their tight black jeans and no shirt, to say it was a distraction would be an understatement.

“You try attacking me first now,” he says as he holds both of his blades up. “Winning a fight all comes down to knowing when to advance and when to retreat.”

Although as vampires, they could handle the pain I put them through a lot better, they react like they would with the strength of a fay, which is pretty much the same as a humans, minus the photokinesis.

I run towards him with my blade raised, but at the last second I drop to the ground and slide past his legs, and as I do, I slice them both. Titus hisses in pain and drops to his knees. I waste no time advancing towards him again about to plummet my blade into his chest. He stops my blade with his and goes to ram his other blade into my stomach, but I stop him with my arm. I cry out in pain as the blade slices easily through my flesh and hits my bone. I smash my head against his, causing both of us to feel faint, as his balance is thrown off, I shove my blade into his heart. He groans out in agony as I drop to the ground beside him, trying to will my head to stop thumping and my arm to stop burning.

I watch as he slowly removes the blade from his heart and then moves over me. “You did so good Camille,” he whispers in my ear before biting my arm. The wound instantly heals before he sinks his fangs into my neck, drinking softly. My head stops thumping and I enjoy the way he drains my blood.

“You are so tough,” he says against my neck. He spreads my legs with his knee, moving between me, “these little workout outfits are going to kill me,” he says before his warm mouth is on mine. I could say the same about their skinny jeans, but my mind is now occupied. I can feel his cock hard against his jeans as he slowly rubs against me, if I was to tease Titus like this it would be a different story. He moves his mouth to my neck, to gently kiss and suck. “What do you want Camille?” He asks as he continues to rub himself against me.

He knows what I want, but Titus loves to torment me. “Titus,” I moan as he bites the bottom of my ear.

“Yes?” His tone is smiling.

“Fuck me,” I beg.

He rips away my tights and slides down his jeans. I was going through more workout gear from all the sex over the actual fighting. He pushes his cock inside me, and I grip his shoulders tighter. “Mmm, you are so wet Camille. Anyone would think you get turned on from all this fighting.”

I moan as he pushes himself all the way inside me. “It’s the lack of shirt,” I defend myself. He smiles at me before kissing me. His tongue moving against mine with so much raw passion, that I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“Fuck, this feels too good,” he says as he moves faster, apparently Titus isn’t going to last long either.

I dig my nails into his skin with each pump that moves faster, I yell out before my body shakes under his. “Where do you want my cum Camille?” I can tell by his face how close he is.

“Inside me, I want to feel you Titus.”

He groans loudly with a couple more pumps before his head falls to mine. I breathe heavy as my nails trace up and down his back. My eyes are already closed as I feel sleep creeping in.

“Not just yet Camille,” he whispers before picking me up. “You need shower and food,” he says as he carries me out of the garage.

“Mmm,” I groan disapprovingly. “Sleeeppp,” I beg.

“You need to keep your strength up.” He carries me into the house and up the stairs, then he turns on the shower, waiting for it to get warm before he sits me down. I welcome the warm water as it caresses my skin. Then he leaves, I keep my eyes closed as the water falls over my body, thinking that I could just about fall to sleep in here.

Titus comes back with a small bowl of pasta, that smells heavenly, I wonder if this is how they feel when they smell my blood. He turns off the shower and then dries me on the side of the bath with the towel wrapped around me, he then spoon feeds me. I smile at how ridiculous this is and he smiles too, but I can tell that he is a little shy. Something I have never seen in Titus before. I realise that it doesn’t get more romantic than this.

Fuck the flowers and dates. I want sword fights, amazing sex and spoon fed food forever.

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