Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirty

“How’s it going with Nicole?” I ask Mabel as she launches a magical throw towards me, one that I now block with ease.

She shrugs. “There comes a point with every relationship you decide to have with a human that needs to end.”

I launch a light at her, but she deflects it, I watch as it skims over the lake, almost like the sun is setting on it. “What why?” I ask with a puff.

“Because I’m a witch and she’s a human, we don’t belong in each other’s worlds.” She sends five quick pushes towards me; I use my light to deflect them all.

“I thought you guys were saying I love you already?” It was hard to keep up with Mabel’s mental choices, her physical ones I was getting used to. All the fighting with Titus and Felix has helped that immensely. I know that if it came down to it, I would beat Mable in a fight now.

“We are, she tells me she wants to be with me forever,” Mabel quickly whispers her chants as a field of magic begins to encircle me. I wave my hands over my whole body and block her shield with my own light protection.

“So why does it matter? Just tell her the truth.” I don’t mention that I think it’s a little too soon for forever’s. I was still waiting on those three little words from Titus. Maybe I was just jealous and bitter of Nicole and Mabel’s relationship.

“It’s just, when a human finds out about this world, theirs will never be the same.”

“But the boys had feeders? Humans that knew about vampires, why does it have to be different for witches?”

“Those feeders are usually addicts, most of them before they found out about vampires. Easy prey. They become obsessed with the high of being bitten, and what do you think happens when they get older? You think Felix or Titus would settle for feeding on a grandma? They spend their whole life desperately trying to stay in this world, a world where they don’t belong, that they usually ruin their human life. Overdoses, never finding love. Desperation usually ends in a short life.”

I dodge and deflect more throws. “Yeah but, Nicole isn’t an addict,” I point out.

Mable drops her hands, clearly getting frustrated with this conversation. “I will outlive her. I will always be caught up in some issue that she will never understand. Oh, and if I don’t outlive her it’s because some fairies have murdered me,” she puts her hands on her hips for dramatic effect.

For the first time I entertain the thought that if I don’t murder creatures like Mabel, Felix and Titus will also outlive me. Not just that, I will grow old, and will they really want me when I don’t look like this anymore? The thought brings me a shaky feeling inside my stomach. “If she’s the one it shouldn’t matter that she is human,” I throw a light at her so quick that Mabel doesn’t have time to block me. She screams out as her body is thrown through the air before she is dropped on her back, skidding across the grass before stopping. “Mabel!” I rush over to her.

The smell of burnt flesh takes over my senses as I look down at her twitching body, my light hit her right in the stomach. She can’t seem to make any noise, but tears fall from her eyes. “HELP!” My scream carries across the lake and within seconds, Felix is beside me. “I’m so sorry,” I whisper to Mabel while gripping her hand.

Felix leans down and bites into her skin. Her wound begins to heal, and the smell of singed skin starts to disappear.

The twitching stops and so do the tears. “Fucking hell Camille!” Mabel stands up, brushing the loose dirt off her jeans, I don’t know why she is worried about that, her top is half burnt away. “Well, I don’t think you need my training anymore,” she smiles.

I throw my arms around her and hold her tight, “I’m sorry!”

“Why are you apologising? That was fucking amazing!”

“I nearly killed you!” My arms are still wrapped around her.

She pushes me back, but still grips my shoulders. “Camille, I’m fine! The fact that you are stronger than me is a good thing.”

I nod my head, not really believing her words. I now just see myself as a danger to her, at least with the boys they are a lot harder to kill. “I think training is done for today,” I say.

“I don’t even think you need training with me anymore,” Mabel wraps her arm around my shoulder as we head back to the house with Felix walking beside me.

“I told you she is a warrior,” Felix chimes in.

“Fuck yes she is! You little badass,” Mabel squeezes her arm tighter around me. I know they are trying to make me feel better, but I still feel a little sick thinking about Mabel’s insides burning away.

We walk into the house, finding Alex where we left him in front of the fire, reading a book. “Alex tea,” Mabel demands.

Alex looks up from his book about to protest but when his eyes travel down to her burnt and dirty clothes, he gets up without a word of complaint. Mabel makes herself comfortable on the couch as Alex comes back with her pot and cup. “What happened?” He asks.

Mabel waves her hand in the air, “Camille getting too strong, it’s not a big deal.” She sips on her tea and closes her eyes like Felix and Titus do when they drink my blood.

“This is good!” Alex says excitedly.

“Yeah, if you take out the part where I nearly killed her,” I say.

Mabel waves her hand again, dismissing my words.

“Come on,” Felix grabs my hand. “It’s our turn to train.”

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