Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirty-One

“Stop thinking about it,” Felix says as he waits for me to stretch.

“I hurt my best friend, no, more than hurt,” I say as I dip my arms low to my feet.

“My venom made her normal again, so stop with the pity party. This is a war Cami.” Felix has started swinging his sword around, while he waits for me.

“I know you and Titus are accustomed to violence and have been for over two thousand years, but for me it’s new.”

I begin to charge at him, both of our blades connecting over and over, in beautiful unison. “Well you need to get used to it, and quick. There will be significant death on both sides, that is a given in any war.”

I duck low, and quickly move under his legs, before shoving my blade into his back. He grunts in pain. “I won’t lose you guys,” I say through gritted teeth.

Felix smashes his elbow back into my face, I yell out, the tears stinging my eyes as I feel the blood drip from my nose. “What did I say about dropping your blade?” he says as he pulls my blade from his flesh. “Now you are dead,” he says like it’s a matter of fact.

I launch two lights at him, one at the hand holding my blade, causing him to drop it. The other at his shoulder, knocking him through the air and onto his back. I pick my sword up and hold it at his throat as I stand over him. “Correction, you’re dead.”

His burnt skin is already healing. “Your light won’t burn the fay.”

“It can still push them over, to give me the upper hand,” the blood from my nose has now soaked my white workout bra, Felix’s eyes are red as he watches me.

Then he uses his speed to quickly move behind me, his blade at my throat, drawing a tiny amount of blood. “Since we are cheating,” he says before he moves his sword and slides his tongue up my neck, licking clean the blood.

He bites into me, moaning immediately, and I sigh in relief as all the pain disappears. As he stops drinking, I turn my head to find his mouth, I was getting used to the taste of blood. Not just from when we kiss but from all the fighting. One of his hands is around my throat, keeping my mouth on his and the other is rubbing between my legs. He stops to slide my tights and underwear down my legs, I step out of each of them before he pushes me against Titus’s car.

He wastes no time sliding his cock into me, and I grip the car for support. “Cami,” he moans as he moves in and out of me. He grabs my ponytail, pulling my hair with each thrust. I wasn’t sure what it was about hair pulling that drove me insane, but it did. It made me feel naughty, something since meeting Titus and Felix, that I love being.

He drops my hair and moves his fingers around my face and into my mouth. “Suck,” he instructs, and I do before he removes his fingers and begins rubbing my ass. I moan, getting excited with what comes next. I loved my ass being played with, something Felix knows well.

He continues to rub without sliding any fingers in, causing me to become desperate. “Felix...” I moan impatiently.

“Yes fay?” He asks in his usual smirking tone

“Please,” I beg.

“Please what Cami?”

“Finger me,” I moan.

He grabs one of my hands and moves it behind me. “You do it,” he demands as I feel him spit on me as he rubs my finger over my ass.

“Wh-what?” I stutter, thinking I haven’t heard him right.

“I want to watch your finger your ass Cami,” he continues to rub my finger over it. “I know you want to.” He pulls my hair back again, “come on, where is my naughty fay?”

His words and the hair pulling are enough to make me do whatever he wants. I slide one finger in, surprising myself that it still feels good. Well, not as good as when Felix does it, but I still enjoy it. “Another finger,” he says. I do what he says and slide another finger in, it is slightly hard in this position, but it also feels really good. A little too good to be honest. “That is so fucking hot,” Felix says as he picks up the pace of his thrusting.

“Tell me how good it feels,” Felix hisses out.

“So fucking good Felix,” I moan as I cum, my fingers beginning to slide out. Felix stops me and keeps them in as I feel him finish inside me. Only when he is finished does he let go of my hand, letting me remove my fingers. He pulls out of me, half of his cum trailing down my legs, he quickly puts my underwear back on before carrying me back inside.

“Fucking hell! Do you guys even ever train in there or is it all just fucking?” Mabel says as we make our way past her and up the stairs. She half covers her eyes, but I know that she doesn’t really care.

Felix smiles and I giggle into his chest. Giggle, what the hell? Am I twelve again? But I do, I giggle like a little lovesick idiot. Felix seems to like this, because his smile grows and reaches his eyes as he watches me.

As the shower is heating up, Felix rips my blood-soaked bra over my head and then moves to unbutton his jeans. I slide my underwear back down and step into the shower. Felix is right behind me as we share the comforting water.

He begins soaping my body up as I watch the blood wash down the drain. “I’m sorry I am so hard on you in training.”

“Don’t be, I know you are just doing it to protect me. Plus, if you aren’t hard on me, then I would never really learn,” I say as I grab the soap from his hand and start washing him as well.

His hand moves to my cheek, forcing my eyes onto his. “You know I won’t let you die right? I will do anything to keep you safe.”

“I know,” I whisper. “I would do the same for you.”

He kisses my lips softly, something that never usually happens with Felix. He begins trailing kisses down my body until he is on his knees in front of me. Then he sits me up so that my legs are on his shoulders, and my back is against the wall. His tongue is inside me as my hands grip his wet hair. Both Felix and Titus know how to make me cum so easily with their mouths, it never took long. His tongue trails along every sensitive area until my body is shaking, one of his hands moves to my thighs to make sure that I stay in place. His eyes looking up to me as I cum on his mouth.

Once my legs stop shaking, he slowly slides my feet back to the ground before his lips move back to mine.

“My turn,” I say as I start to trail kisses down his body.

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