Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirty-Two

“Any word on the witches?” Titus asks Mabel.

“Still divided, I think if they could see her speak...”

“No, it’s too dangerous,” Felix says.

“Felix, you said this is a war, danger is unavoidable,” I say as I lean into Titus.

“What about the demons?” Titus asks Alex.

“The same, you know demons, they would rather fuck then fight,” Alex says with a shrug. “Plus, all of Cain’s children want revenge.”

“Fuck those little half demons, they don’t pose a threat,” Titus says.

“I agree with Mabel, I need to meet the creatures, how can they just trust someone they have never met?” I put in.

We are all gathered in the loungeroom, the fire is crackling, Alex has his whiskey and Mabel has her tea. Life feels good surrounded by these four.

“All in favour of sending Cami to talk to the creatures?” Alex says, and me, him and Mabel all raise our hands. I roll my eyes at my too impossible boys.

“This isn’t a democracy,” Titus says.

“If she can win the wolves over the rest will be easy!” Mabel yells.

Felix goes to protest but he is cut short by the window smashing, and the door barging open. All of us stand quickly ready to fight, Felix and Titus both putting themselves in front of me. Ten extremely attractive people surround our living room, all of them have blades attached to their sides, apart from one guy who stands in the middle. I’m immediately drawn to him because his presence radiates that of a leader. His blonde hair has dark bits through it and his deep blue eyes are only on me. His cheek bones are high, his lips are full, and his jawline is chiseled to perfection. Fairies.

They have entered with their weapons lowered, probably because they know how outnumbered we are. “Jareth,” Titus says his name with distaste. “What can we do for you?” His tone is mocking, and I know full well that Titus is ready to be a smartass.

“We are here for Camille, hand her over and none of you will be hurt.” Jareth, their leader says.

“Like fuck,” Felix says.

Jareth lets out a small grin, like he was hoping we would say that. “She belongs with her kind, it’s time for her to come home.” The fay around him all grab their blades at the same time. I suck in a deep breath.

“She is home,” Titus says, and my heart swells.

Jareth scoffs. “A fay with a bunch of filthy creatures of the underworld? Don’t kid yourself. She is much too good for all of you.”

I move past Felix and Titus, they both try to stop me, but I continue on. I stand in front of Jareth, with anger bubbling at the surface. “Call my family filthy again and I will end your life right now,” I bring the balls of light to my hands.

He smirks down at me. “Well aren’t you feisty, I like it.”

Felix and Titus both move up with me, along with Alex and Mabel.

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” I say firmly.

“Oh honey, it wasn’t a question,” his smirk turns into a giant evil smile.

I push Jareth against the wall with my light, before dropping his body to the ground. “Like I said, I’m not going with you,” I say as I feel Felix slide my blade into my hand.

“You should have brought more men,” Titus says cocky.

Jareth gets up, still smiling. “Oh I did,” he says before whistling. Ten more fairies come running in, they all bring their light to one hand, and hold their blade in the other.

My eyes scan their beautiful faces in fear. The ones I love are in real danger, my hand softly shakes my blade, while my heart thumps so quickly; that I can hear it in my ears.

“Last chance to come with us before will kill your filthy family,” Jareth says.

I scream as I charge at him with my blade, the rest of the fay charge to fight the five of us. Titus, Felix, and Mabel form a circle around Alex, to protect him so that he can protect them.

Everything becomes a blur as I use every ounce of training I have to fight Jareth. He manages to dodge every attack. I watch as fay after fay begin to run at my family, Mabel uses defensive spells to throw her attackers away and Titus and Felix use their speed and strength to kill. Alex is busy controlling the fairy’s minds so that they can’t hurt Titus, Felix, and Mabel. There are already dead fay on the ground, but I try not to think too hard about anything other than burying my blade into Jareth’s heart.

“I see you have been training,” Jareth says as he uses his arm to block my blade before hitting me with a ball of light. It doesn’t burn, but it does send me to the other side of the room. “Unfortunately for you, I have been training a lot longer.”

I get up, still gripping my blade. Drop your blade and you die. Well, I would not be dropping my blade, not unless he kills me. I send him a ball of light, but he deflects it with his own. I send him three more before charging at him again. He deflects them all and grabs my arm holding the blade. “You will need to do a lot better than that Camille,” he says before smashing his head against mine. I stumble back, trying to regain my focus on everything around me.

This time he charges at me, pinning me to the wall. “You will learn that we are on your side,” Jareth says before smashing my head hard against the wall.

“No!” I hear Felix scream.

My body drops to the ground and I fight to stay conscious. Felix is at my side, lifting me to my feet. “Cami, stay awake!” I hear him yell, but it sounds distant.

I watch as Jareth makes his way to Alex, who must be desperately trying to stop him, I fight to stop my vision blurring. Titus and Mabel are both too occupied keeping themselves safe. I hold my hand out to Alex, as I watch as Jareth takes a hold of his arm.

He sucks the lifeforce from him, I watch as Alex’s light leaves his body and enters Jareth’s. Alex falls to the ground, nothing more than a shriveled up corpse.

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