Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirty-Three

“NOOO!” My scream causes everyone to stop fighting. I clumsily run for Alex, struggling to keep myself straight in amongst my dizziness. I drop to his distorted face, grabbing him with my hands but his lifelessness is haunting. I cry. No, I mean I truly cry. Mabel collapses next to me, her bottom lip quivering, and her eyes pooling.

I wipe my tears away angrily. I get up to face Jareth, “you fucking monster!” I spit at him, bringing the lights back to my hands.

“I wouldn’t Camille, or the rest of your friends will die.”

I look back to Mabel, who is softly crying over Alex, then my eyes move to Felix and Titus; they both look destroyed. I make the lights disappear.

“Wise choice,” Jareth says. “Let’s go home.”

“No fucking way!” Titus yells, but two fairies both have their lights pointed at each of their hearts.

Jareth raises his eyebrows at me, daring me to defy him so they can murder the loves of my life.

“I’ll go with you,” I whisper.

Felix’s hands go to his head tugging at his hair, while Titus’s eyes begin to glass over. “Camille-” Titus begs.

“No! I won’t lose you,” I beg him with my eyes not to fight.

Titus tries to shove out of the fay’s hold, “just let me say goodbye!”

The fay looks to Jareth for approval, and to my surprise he nods his head.

Titus rushes to me, pressing his forehead against mine. “I’m sorry,” he whispers.

“It’s not your fault,” I reassure him by placing my hand on his cheek.

“I love you Camille,” he says as he squeezes me tighter to him. My own heart tightens with his words.

“I love you too,” my voice is shaky as the tears begin to fall again.

Felix comes up to hold me too. “We won’t be apart forever,” he whispers. “I love you,” he kisses my temple before they both release me. Something I know is causing them great pain, my own heart is being ripped apart at the site of them.

“Wait,” Mabel says as she gets up from Alex’s body and comes to hug me. Her face has darkened now. “We will kill them all,” she whispers in my ear before silently chanting some words. Then I feel her nail digging into the skin under my arm. I don’t flinch as she draws blood, trying to keep whatever it is she is doing inconspicuous.

“I love you,” Mabel says.

“I love you too-”

“Alright! That’s enough goodbyes, time for us to leave.” Jareth butts in.

“I will only leave with you if my friends are left unharmed,” I say.

“Of course,” he smiles. “That was what I suggested from the start.”

I resist the urge to claw his eyes out, and instead follow them out the door. I turn back to have one last look at my family, although I wish I didn’t. Both Felix and Titus have tears streaming down their faces, all I want is to run back into their arms, but the second I decide to do that, they will be killed; and I will still be forced to leave with the fay.

With each step that I take further from Felix and Titus, I can feel my world dissolving. The hole in my heart growing bigger as the gap widens. Without them, I am empty.

I could feel a darkening cloud covering my soul, forcing me into a growing numbness.

To keep my sanity, I go through every way that I can kill Jareth. Whatever it takes, I will find a way to end him.

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