Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirty-Four

I don’t remember much of how we got to the fay headquarters; blind rage will help that. I do remember coming across an old witch that created a portal in which we all travelled. It made me even dizzier.

I guess if I had to picture what a fairy land would look like, it did fit my expectations. My room has a giant gold bed in the centre, like a princess bed, with rails and a white curtain that I can pull around. The rest of the room is coloured with light pinks and blues, even the roof. I have my own bookshelf and my own bathroom that I don’t need to share with anyone. They locked me in here, the large window is barred up, but I can still see sunlight creeping in. I have tried to bring the lights my hands, but something is blocking me. I can’t generate one spark.

With my hands on either side of the sink basin, I study my reflection in the mirror. I look tired. That’s a nice way of putting it, grief is tearing me apart, that much was obvious. Every time I think of Alex’s corpse, tears sting my eyes and I’m forced to try and occupy my mind another one. There is dried blood on the side of my face, from where Jareth smashed my head against the wall. I splash cold water to my face, scrubbing the blood away, then I practically crawl back to my ridiculous bed- a bed without Titus and Felix, and sleep. I don’t change my clothes or get under the covers; I just collapse on the bed and cuddle a pillow to my chest. The overwhelming emotions forcing me to keep my eyes closed. I can’t fight the tiredness as it takes a hold of every muscle in my body. I didn’t have vampire venom to heal me, and my head is feeling the affects of being knocked into a wall. Sleep is a welcomed break.

I wake to utter confusion. Fear keeps me still as I comprehend where I am. The memories come flooding back like a plague. I sit up, the sun is just beginning to rise so I must have slept for a while. My head is still pounding, a painful reminder that I am too far from Titus and Felix.

I sigh. I have been here before. Kidnapped, with a throbbing head. I got through it once, I will get through it again. I make my way to my tub feeling slightly frustrated that there isn’t a shower in here. Obviously the fay didn’t want to modernise. I sit on the edge of the giant tub, waiting for the water to fill. There is also a window in my bathroom, also barred up, but as I bathe, I watch the sun rise. Wondering what Titus and Felix are doing. Were they blindly looking for me right now? Would they have a funeral for Alex? I try to push the rage back down thinking that I wouldn’t be there to say goodbye to him. But then I start crying again, I shouldn’t have to say goodbye to him at all.

I hear the faint sounds of a knock at the door and keys rustling, I quickly get out and wrap a towel around my body. A small girl walks in, she looks around my age, with long curly brown hair. Her eyes are similar to mine, the shape and the colour. She coughs. “Hello.”

I don’t answer her.

She looks to the ground. Why does she seem nervous? Is she afraid of me? “Hi Camille, I’m Carling...your cousin,” her eyes look back to mine.

“What?” I whisper in disbelief, thinking I would never meet a blood relative in my life.

“Our Dads were brothers,” she says to help clarify.


Her eyes look back down. “They both died in the war. I’m here to show you around, and get some food into you,” she smiles weakly.

“No thanks,” I say turning my back to her and heading for my bed.


“No! You aren’t my family! Now get the fuck out!”

She does what I say, and I hear her shut the door and lock it again. I look in the drawers for clothes, and everything is full, but I can’t bring myself to wear their clothes. Instead, I crawl back into bed, the towel wrapped around me, and sleep.

Grief is exhausting. Because the next thing I know the door is being opened and a tray of food is left on the ground. The moonlight is shining into the room as I attempt to find the switch for my bedside lamp.

I flick it on, squinting my eyes as they adjust to the abrupt change in environment. I think about just rolling over and going back to sleep but the food smells too good. Plus, I will need my strength if I am going to break out of here. I sit on the edge of my bed, still just in the towel and scoff down the lamb roast. I can’t tell if it’s very well cooked or if I am just starving. I lick the plate clean before downing the water they left for me.

I need a plan.

Maybe they plan on bringing me a tray of food for each meal, all I need to do is wait for breakfast, and then I can escape. I tell myself that I will stay awake all night so that I will be ready when they come, but my eyes are closed within minutes. I dream of Alex all night.

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