Bite into Me

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Chapter One

As my eyes start to form visual images around me again, I realise I am lying on the ground. I sit up with an aching head and take in my surroundings. I’m in a bathroom, that much was clear, a dark bathroom. One that definitely looked like it belonged to a single guy. I then remember the blonde hair and green eyes. My heart rate picks up as sweat forms in the palm of my hands. Where the hell am I, and how did I get here?

“Hello!?” I call out desperately. It’s only then that I notice my hands have been cuffed to the bottom of the sink basin. Panic grips me as I try to shake my hands loose.

“HELLO!?” I call out again, coming to terms with the fact that I have been kidnapped.

Before my mind can turn into a complete frenzy the blonde hair and green eyes enter, with another guy. He is just as attractive but with very, very light blue eyes and brown hair. They are almost the same height and they stare down at me like I should have some idea why I am handcuffed in a bathroom!

“What the hell is going on!?” I yell as I shake the handcuffs again.

“See?” The blonde haired guy says to his friend. “She is completely clueless.”

“So? I don’t know why you had to bring her here, let’s just kill her and be done with it.” The brown hair replies and I feel my body begin to shake with fear. This isn’t real. This isn’t real.

“When have you ever known a fay to not know who they are?” The blonde says.

To which his friend just shrugs. “Maybe she was dumped?”

“You know they would never abandon their own.”

“Look I don’t know okay! She smells so sweet; can we please just feast and be done with this already?”

My mind is racing to try and understand what they are saying, an image of fangs pops into my eyes before everything went blank. It was like-like he was a vampire. But that’s impossible. Completely and utterly impossible. People would know if vampires existed in this day and age; with all the technology we now have.

“I’m telling you; her scream was like she didn’t even understand what I was and she didn’t even attempt to defend herself.”

The brown haired one moves really close to my face with eyes that turn red and fangs that protrude menacingly. I close my eyes in fear and shake my head.

How. Was. This. Happening.

“See,” the blonde haired one has his hands in the air as if to say I told you so.

“You-you’re vampires?” I whisper.

The brown haired one begins to clap sarcastically. “Great job fay, you figured it out.”

“But vampires don’t exist...”

“Just like fairies don’t?” The blonde one says and I shake my head back and forth over and over, hoping that maybe I can shake my head into waking me up from this terrible dream.

“Maybe she is lying?” The brown hair says to his friend. “Only one way to find out.”

His piercing light blue eyes look into mine once more before I watch as the red takes over the white and his teeth sink into my neck. He moans instantly as the blood oozes out of me. I shake my tied hands to try and fight but it’s useless.

He pulls away from me as my blood drips from his mouth. “Titus, you have to try some; she is the best I have ever tasted.” He says before sinking his teeth back into my open wounds. I didn’t notice that I was crying and I wasn’t sure for how long, but my tears were mixing with my blood as the world around me begins to feel light.

“Felix you are going to drain her,” Titus says but it sounds distant; like they are speaking while I am asleep.

He stops right before my eyes close completely. “You’re right, she definitely is clueless. I nearly killed her and she didn’t even attempt to stop me,” he says as he wipes my blood from the corners of his mouth.

“So, now what?” The blonde one who I now know is called Titus says.

“We get a demon to come take a look at her?” Felix says helpfully.

Oddly enough my neck didn’t hurt, maybe I had just lost too much blood to feel pain. “Am I- will I be like you now?” I ask softly.

They both look at each other before laughing. “You mean will you be a vampire now? No, it doesn’t work that way.” Titus says.

“Sit tight little fay, we will have this sorted shortly,” Felix says as they both head out of the bathroom, closing the door behind them and leaving me alone once again.

“But I’m not a fairy,” I whisper to no one.

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