Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirty-Five

I wake up with wet cheeks and a saturated pillow. I have been crying in my sleep. I quickly sit up, checking to see if the tray has been changed but it hasn’t, the sun is up but it still looks early morning. I jump out of bed, rushing to put on the jeans and plain grey top I came here in, before quickly doing some stretches. I jog on the spot to try and pump myself up.

I need to be focused, alert and strong. I am getting out of here and finding Felix and Titus. The numbness I feel without them is slowing spreading through my body.

All too soon I hear the keys moving in the lock. Fuck, do I stand behind the door and surprise attack? It’s too late for that because Carling enters with a new tray of food. She smiles shyly at me, her smile growing even bigger when she sees that I ate dinner. “You ate,” she says, something she clearly doesn’t mean to say out loud.

I cough, “yeah, it was nice.”

“I have breakfast, eggs and fruit,” she smiles brightly. The funny thing is that her smile seems genuine.

I need to attack on her vulnerability. She thinks we are bonding, and that means I have the upper hand. I charge at her, pinning her against the wall. The tray is knock from her hands and plates shatter on the floor. Her eyes look full of fear as I smash my fist into her face.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t consider that there would be guards at my door. Two men run in when they hear the commotion, I try to bring on my light, but apparently that still isn’t working. I sigh, throwing a punch at the first guy, blood spills from his lip as the second one picks me up from behind. I kick and yell, like a toddler throwing a tantrum. “FUCK ALL OF YOU!” I scream at the top of my lungs. “I WILL KILL YOU ALL!” Is the last thing I get out before my head is smashed into my bed railing.

“Just hold on Camille,” Titus says stroking my hair.

“We are coming for you,” Felix whispers.

I wake with a jolt, one tear trailing down my cheek over my dream. As my vision comes clear, Jareth is sitting at the edge of my bed smiling at me. I sit up quickly, pulling the covers over me, but realise I am still fully clothed.

“Quite the little warrior aren’t you?”

My heart pangs, Felix would call me that. “Don’t call me that,” I spit.

“Wow, already grumpy, you really are a mean little fairy.”

“Maybe because I’m surrounded by murderers!”

He pinches the bridge of his nose, his smile long gone as frustration moves across his face. “They have really brainwashed you, haven’t they?”

“I saw firsthand what you did! You killed my friend!” I spit at him, hitting him right in the cheek.

Angrily, he wipes it away. “He was a demon!”

“Still murder,” I say.

“We are ridding the earth of creatures that don’t even belong here,” he tries to say calmly.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realise I was talking to Hitler,” I smile sarcastically before getting out of bed, needing to put more distance between us.

As soon as I stand up, I realise just how much my head is pounding. I really did miss vampire venom. Sure, I got used to pain with Titus and Felix, but it would never have to last long.

Jareth grabs my arm, I try to rip free, but his grip is strong. Then He cuffs me with an unusual set of restraints. “It’s time for a tour,” he says smiling again.

“Fuck you.”

He rips me by my arm towards the door. “You really need to start working out that I’m not asking. You could also start losing the attitude.”

“It’s called grief you fucking monster!”

He shakes his head. “We aren’t the monsters Camille. Now, are you going to follow me, or do I have to drag you the whole way?”

I roll my eyes and walk past him, he follows quickly behind, until his step is in line with mine. I am happy to see that the guard I punched has a split lip, he avoids eye contact with me as we leave. “Your highness,” they both say in unison.

I turn my head to both of them. “They are talking to me,” Jareth says.

I run to catch back up to him. “You are the new emperor?”

He smirks. “It was meant to be you, I was next in line.”

I stop in my tacks, causing Jareth to stop and look at me. “Are we- are we related?”

“No but- never mind,” he continues to walk without me.

“Never mind what?” I demand catching back up to him.

“It’s not important.”

“Tell me!”

He sighs loudly, stopping and turning to me again. “We were meant to be married okay!”

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