Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirty-Six

He continues on, but I stay frozen for a minute before racing after him. “What do you mean we were meant to be married?”

“I mean when we were born our parents arranged our marriage. My family also comes from royalty, they wanted to keep the bloodline strong.”

I laugh loudly and Jareth gives me a confused look. “Sorry you really aren’t helping to convince me that the fay aren’t monsters. If I grew up here, I would have been forced into a marriage!” I keep laughing.

Jareth isn’t laughing though; he isn’t even smiling. “An emperor and empresses’ job is to protect their people. By uniting our families, we would be doing it for the other fay, not for ourselves. Being a leader is all about sacrifice, so that you put the people first.”

I don’t have anything to say to that.

He opens too large white doors with golden knobs, and inside is a huge room full of wall to floor drawings. Someone has painted over every surface of this room and I have to admit, it is breathtaking.

“This is our history,” Jareth holds out his hand for me to walk pass him. My head continues to turn in every direction, taking in its beauty. “This is the beginning,” Jareth points to a painting of angels falling from the sky.

“Why were they kicked out of heaven?” I ask, tracing their wings with my fingers, it is slightly uncomfortable with my hands cuffed.

“A bunch of angels sided with Lucifer in the rebellion to win free will, Lucifer was banished to the underworld, while the rest of us were banished to Earth.”

“It can’t be that scary going to hell then? I mean if Lucifer is there...aren’t you all on the same side?” My mind is racing too fast, to try and understand centuries worth of history.

“Lucifer lost all of his angel blood when he was cast out, he is now the creator of all creatures with demon blood.”

“So we still have angel blood in us?”

“Yes,” he says simply.

“So to go to hell now...”

“Would mean an eternity of torture for us all.”

“And that’s why you murder creatures, to save your own skin?” I say full of disgust.

“No,” he moves along the wall and I come across painting after painting of the creatures killing. Piles of blood and ripped apart bodies line this area of the wall. “We kill them to protect the humans.”

I take in the gruesome site. “We believe that if we kill enough creatures, meaning we save humans lives, that we will be able to return to heaven when all this is over.”

“When what is all over?”

“When every creature with demon blood has been sent back to the underworld.”

“But-” My heart begins racing in my chest. “But you said you wouldn’t harm Titus, Felix and Mabel...You lied to me!”

“I didn’t lie to you Camille; we won’t harm then until you say so.”

I scoff. “I will never harm my family.”

“You say that now, but with time you will see their evil. I will even let you kill them yourself,” he smiles, and it sends a shiver through my whole body. Clearly this asshole is the brainwashed one. I will never betray them.

“Are we done with the tour?” I say, feeling more angrier with Jareth than before.

“We can be done,” his tone has changed to soft, almost like he feels sorry for me.

As we stand in my room, with his fingers uncuffing my hands, one thought has been bugging me as we silently walked back from the tour. “If Carling is my cousin, why didn’t she become Empress?” I rub at my free wrists.

“She declined,” Jareth says before shutting my door and locking me in.

I pass the rest of the day by reading books from my shelf, most of them are history books on the different creatures. They have purposely stocked my shelves with only the evil the creatures of the underworld have done. As I place one back about a witch named Abbigail, who did atrocious acts with her magic, my fingers skim a book titled: The Gladiators. My heart moves to my fingers as I shakily pick it from the shelf. Opening, the first page reads:

The life of Titus and Felix, two of the oldest vampires to walk Earth.

My fingers tremble over their names, as the ache in my heart returns. “Will I ever see you two again?” I whisper to myself.

I jump from my thoughts as I hear the door unlocking. Carling walks in with her head down, carrying my dinner. She places it on the ground and goes to head back out. “Wait,” I beg quietly. Being isolated was really beginning to weigh on my mind.

She turns to look at me but doesn’t say anything. There is a dark circle around her eye from when I punched her. “How come you didn’t fight back?”

“I loathe violence,” she whispers. She can see the shock on my face because she adds, “we aren’t all what you think.” She begins to head out again.

“Wait, do you maybe...want to eat dinner with me?” I know I sound desperate, but I was past the point of caring.

A small smile grabs at one side of her mouth. “I have already eaten, but I will sit with you if you want?”

I nod shyly at her and she grabs the tray of dinner as we both head to my bed. “I’m guessing because Jareth is the Emperor, that means you don’t have any family left?” I ask as I place a small potato in my mouth.

“Just you,” her eyes drop sadly.

“Why did you let Jareth rule?”

“I don’t have the stomach to rule,” she says, her small face even resembles what I think a fairy would look like.

“You mean you don’t have the stomach to authorise the murder of innocent creatures?” I can’t stop my tone from sounding harsh.

“They aren’t all innocent but yes that’s pretty much it.”

I chew my food around slowly, thinking that maybe we are more alike than I think. “Aren’t you worried about the whole hell thing when you die?”

“I believe that if I live a violent free life, one where I help others, that I will go to heaven when I die.”

“Do others believe that?”

“If they do, they don’t speak it out loud,” her eyes avoiding mine once more.

“What why?” I ask.

“Because it sounds a lot like treason and creature sympathising.”

I laugh loudly. “Then I must be the biggest traitor of them all.”

“Yes, well Jareth believes you can be changed.”

“You wait until you have had two vampires fuck you. I will never change.”

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