Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirty-Nine

In five days’ time, it will mark the twentieth anniversary since the war. Carling says that there will be a huge celebration, the fay threw a big party on the tenth anniversary, they love to celebrate their victory against the other creatures. Carling said that this means most people will be occupied and hopefully intoxicated.

The guards will still be at my door, but Carling says that we can take them. Every day we talk about what life will be like outside this room. She is nervous about meeting my other family as I refer to them, but I have assured her that they will love her. I remember her shaking her head, the fay wouldn’t be that accepting she told me. I know, that’s why we are in this never ending war.

The day of the anniversary came much too slowly. I had to endure five more days of training with Jareth, none of which I beat him. The bruises under each of my eyes were beginning to fade, but every time I saw them in the mirror, it was a constant reminder that I cannot beat him.

Carling said she will come by at normal time to deliver my dinner, that’s when we make our escape. I couldn’t explain the feelings I got when I thought of seeing Titus and Felix, I have worked out that I never want to be away from them again.

I nervously pace my room, waiting for the seconds to turn into hours. I occupy myself by training, but I can’t help from glancing out my window to see where the sun is sitting. Eventually when I think time is getting close, I sit on my bed and wait for Carling.

There is a small commotion outside my doors, I hop off the bed and ready myself for a fight. Carling wouldn’t be taking the guards on by herself...what is going on?

Before I have time to think about whether I should go help her, my doors burst open, and I’m greeted by Felix, Titus, and Mabel. I can’t contain my excitement as I run into their arms. “You came for me!” I squeal like a five year old girl.

“Of course, shithead!” Mabel yells before pulling me tighter to her.

I move to Felix, “I can’t believe you are really here!” I kiss him hard and fast, before moving on to Titus. “I missed you all so much,” I can’t stop the happy tears falling from my face.

Titus wipes them away for me. “What happened to your face?”

“It doesn’t matter now,” I say as I press against his body.

“We need to keep moving,” Mabel says. I nod and get my shit together. Outside my door, the two guards have bite wounds on their neck. I feel a pang of guilt as I step over their lifeless bodies.

We are about to make it to the end of the hallway when Jareth rounds the corner, with eight other fairies.

“Cami,” Felix throws me my blade.

Jareth looks slightly shocked when he sees me with Titus, Felix, and Mabel. “Here I thought it was Carling going to help you escape.”

Was he on to us the whole time? I swallow the lump in my throat and don’t say anything.

“Well I was going to keep my promise not to harm your friends, but now my patience has been pushed too far,” he smirks at us and my anger grows, I picture him sucking the life from Alex.

“You guys got the rest? Jareth is mine,” I say before charging at him.

The other side yell and advance towards us, Jareth doesn’t have a weapon, just like the first time we fought. Fight low and quick. I jump in the air, Jareth raises both his hands to block me, but I dive down, sliding pass him, cutting one of his legs. He quickly moves the other so that I can’t slice them both. I get to my feet quickly and take in his shocked face. I try not to smirk, knowing that I need to stay focused if I am to beat him. He limps as he moves towards me. “The only shot you will get on me,” he says angrily.

Good. No longer is he calm and collected, I have stirred something inside him, something that will put him off balance. I nearly smile at my inside joke. “We will see,” I say confidently.

I run back to him again with my blade raised, but at the last second I hit him with one of my lights, he is thrown against the wall, I go to ram my blade into his heart, but he grabs it with his hand. He clenches his jaw as the blood drips from his hand, and I clench mine as I use all my strength to keep pushing. Then he uses his other hand to grab my wrist, he lets go of the blade, as he begins to push my wrist back painfully. Drop your blade and you die. He smiles at me as he sees the fear cross my face.

He snaps my wrist back with such force, I scream out. I don’t drop the blade though, even with my broken wrist I hold on tight. He smashes his head against mine, causing instant dizziness. Then he wraps his hand around my throat, squeezing until I see black dots. I kick his leg hard, right where I cut into him. He yells out and drops my wrist, I chuck the blade to my other hand, and ram it into his heart.

His eyes go big with fear, I finally let my smile come. “For Alex,” I whisper in his ear, as his body begins to slide down the wall. Both his hands now moving to my blade, but it’s too late. Blood bubbles from his mouth as his eyes fill with tears.

“Cami,” he chokes out, before his body completely slumps down, and his last breath bubbles from his mouth.

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