Bite into Me

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Chapter Forty

I look around to see the other eight bodies on the ground, Titus rushes to me, biting into my arm. My body heals itself immediately. “I’ve missed that,” I sigh happily.

Carling rounds the corner carrying my tray and Felix rushes to her. “No!” I scream out stopping Felix from killing her. “She’s with us,” I say as I rush to her.

“Are you okay?” She begins checking my body for wounds.

“Vampire venom,” I smile at her and she hugs me.

Then she takes in the scene in front of her. Nine dead bodies. “Come on, we have to keep moving,” I say grabbing her hand and pulling her, but she doesn’t budge. “Carling?” I ask.

“Jareth is dead,” she says, almost numbly.

“I know, come on!”

She still doesn’t move.

“We have to go!” Mabel shouts as Felix picks up Jareth’s body.

“The killing needs to stop,” Carling whispers.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“They will look for a new leader, I need to stay,” she says sadly.

“Carling no! We belong together remember?” I push her.

“I need to be Empress, I need to change the minds of fay, to stop all this killing,” she grabs a hold of my hands. “This isn’t goodbye for long; we will be together when all this is over.”

“Promise?” I whisper.

“Promise,” she holds me tight. “Now go quickly”

Mabel begins chanting words, opening a portal. “This is new,” I say to her.

“I can’t take us far, but it will get us away from here.”

We leave behind Carling, and with Jareth’s body over Felix’s shoulder, we disappear into a dizzy darkness.

When we reappear, we are in a dark alleyway, with a black BMW in front of us. “Get in,” Mabel says.

I rush to the passenger seat, next to Mabel as she starts up the car. Felix shoves Jareth’s body into the boot, before him and Titus hop into the back. Now that we are all safe, the adrenalin really begins to take over. “Wooo!” I shout.

Mabel begins to laugh. “We fucking did it!” She yells happily.

As she drives through the night, I climb into the back with my boys. I straddle Titus’s lap, kissing him hard. “Holy fuck I’ve missed you,” he says, his hand traveling to my breast, squeezing hard; I moan into his mouth.

I feel Felix’s hand on the back of my neck, I pull away from Titus’s mouth to kiss Felix. “You three are not fucking in this car!” Mabel yells.

Felix pulls away from me, “it’s nearly been a month!” He protests.

Titus is unbuttoning my jeans.

“I don’t give a fuck! I’m sure you can wait another ten minutes!”

Shamelessly, I actually couldn’t care less if they fucked me right now, my adrenalin is pumping through ever cell in my body, and I have missed their touch more than I ever thought possible. I am desperate to have both of them, in every way that’s conceivable.

Titus moves his fingers inside me, and I moan loudly. “Guys! I will pull this fucking car over!”

I laugh as Titus removes his fingers and slides them into his mouth. His eyes close as he savours my taste. “You better drive quicker!” He yells to Mabel.

“Why didn’t you just portal us straight to the house?” I ask Mabel breathless.

“In case we were followed,” she answers simply.

I look out the windows, this doesn’t look like Alaska. “Where are we?”

“Arizona,” Felix says squeezing my thigh as I sit between them both.

We finally pull up to our house, which is similar to the one in Alaska. Lots of open land with no neighbours.

We walk up to the house together, all of us smiling and laughing. I haven’t felt this happy since I was taken from them. Felix flicks the lights on as we enter, this house is all on one level. On one side of the hallway there is the kitchen, loungeroom and dinning area. On the other is bedrooms, bathrooms, and of course a library.

In the loungeroom, Alex’s body is lying in the middle of the couches, on the floor. I rush to him, dropping to my knees, my hands shaking. “Why haven’t you buried him?”

Mabel rests her hands on my shoulders. “Because you can bring him back,” she says excitedly.

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