Bite into Me

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Chapter Forty-One

I turn to all three of them. “I- I have no idea how to do that.”

“You have had no idea how to do any of this, but you always find a way.” Mabel smiles at me reassuringly.

“Just give it a try,” Titus says encouragingly.

I turn back to Alex’s shrivelled corpse. “Okay,” I whisper mostly to myself.

I place both my hands over Alex’s body and close my eyes. I have no idea what to do next, so I just concentrate with all my might, into bringing him back. I open one eye and look down to him, but he is the exact same. I sigh, annoyed at myself.

“Keep trying,” Felix says softly.

I hold my hands back up, and picture what I did to Cain. I sucked his lifeforce from him, it’s almost like I need to push life back into Alex. This time I watch him, I think hard about the light inside me being a source of life and then I push with all my strength. I watch, as the light travels from my chest, moves down my arms, and enters Alex.

“It’s working!” Mabel says excitedly.

I don’t let my own excitement creep in though, I continue to stay focused, until the light opens Alex’s eyes. His body filling back out, and he sucks in a breath like he has been suffocating for weeks, I guess in a way he has been.

“Alex!” I scream and wrap my arms around him.

Mabel joins me, we both hold him tight. “I knew you could do it,” she says to me with eyes twinkling with happy tears.

Slowly Alex stands up and Titus and Felix take in turns hugging him. “I- I was in the underworld...” Alex says slowly. Then he turns to me, “you brought me back...”

“Yes,” I say with the biggest grin I have ever worn.

“Thank you,” he pulls me to him tightly.

“Okay, not that we haven’t missed you Alex, but we need a serious catch up with Cami,” Felix says as he practically drags me away from Alex.

“We will be back!” I say to Mabel and Alex as we head off to one of the rooms.

As soon as we get back into the hallway, Felix slams me against the wall, his mouth falling on mine greedily. “Fuck I’ve missed you,” he says as he leaves a quick trail of kisses down my neck. I reach my hand out for Titus, needing them both more than ever.

“Can you hear that?” Titus says. Felix steps back from me, ready to fight if need be. There is a pause as all three of us stand silently together, and then both Titus and Felix’s eyes move down to my stomach.

“What?” I whisper.

Felix’s face turns to rage as he slams me back against the wall. “You fucked someone else!” He yells.

Titus rips him away from me. “No I haven’t!” I yell back.

“Don’t fucking lie to me!” Felix yells over Titus, who is keeping us separated.

“I’m not lying! Tell me what’s going on!?”

“You’re pregnant,” Titus says softly, the hurt in his eyes nearly brings me to tears.

“Wh-what?” I stutter. “I swear to you both, I haven’t been with anyone else...”

“Alex!” Felix yells and both Alex and Mabel come rushing in. “She- Cami is pregnant,” Felix points to me.

Alex comes up to me and touches my head. I can feel the anticipation sucking all the air out of this house. “She hasn’t been with anyone else,” Alex says.

I give them all a look that says ‘obviously!’

“So what? She was drugged and raped?” Felix says while beginning to pace, Titus looks like a truck has hit him.

“Oh move over!” Mabel says as she pushes Alex out of the way. She puts her hands on my stomach, closes her eyes, and begins to hum. When she opens her eyes, she moves back with hands that tremor.

“What?” I ask.

Mabel can’t answer.

“Mabel what is going on!” Titus shouts.

“She-” Mabel swallows loudly.

“Spit it out!” Felix yells.

“She is pregnant...from one of you,” Mabel says with wide eyes.

They all turn to me with shock imprinted on their faces. “Impossible,” Titus whispers.

“That baby has vampire demon blood, I can feel it. I can see the womb, there is a light surrounding the fetus, it’s almost like- like she has brought your semen back to life, and the light is protecting the baby inside her...”

There is another pause before Titus drops to his knees, his hand going to his mouth out of shock.

“This is unheard of...” Felix says.

“Yeah well, so is a vampire and fairy ever being together,” Mabel points out.

“I can’t believe it,” Titus says, finally finding his voice. He rushes to me, and wraps his arms around me, Felix joins us as Mabel and Alex step back to let us have our moment.

“We are going to have a baby,” Felix says astonished.

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