Bite into Me

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Chapter Forty-Two

Titus takes me to a bedroom; I had never needed them more than this moment. The baby news has come as nothing but excitement for me. We will give this child everything.

He places me on the bed, I kiss him softly, before moving to Felix’s lips. “I need you both, in every way,” I say looking up to them.

I take my top off and remove my bra, Felix, and Titus both start undressing, I suck in a deep breath at the site of them. Oh how I have missed their perfect bodies. I reach out and stroke both of their stomachs, slowly moving my hands down them. They hiss as I grip them. “I want you both to fuck me,” I say as I pump both of their cocks. “At the same time,” I look up to them innocently.

They both moan in approval.

I lie down on the bed and bite my lip, daring them both to use me as they please. Titus unbuttons my jeans, sliding my panties down with them. I move my legs to help him. “Fuck,” he says as he looks down at my naked body. They both never failed to make me feel like the sexiest girl in the world.

Titus lies down next to me, “for this to work, you will need to go on top,” he says.

I move on top of him, slowly sliding down his length. We both moan together, my head titling back in pleasure. I have missed this more than words can explain.

“Felix,” I beg, reaching out for him to join us.

The bed moves behind me, Felix moves my hair to one side of my neck. “You ready?” He asks before softly biting the bottom of my ear.

“Please,” I moan.

I hear him spit and then the warmth is being rubbed onto my ass, he slides two fingers in, and I move faster on Titus, loving the way it feels having both of them in me. Titus grips my hips tighter as Felix positions himself behind me.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” Felix says as he starts sliding himself into me. I stop moving on Titus, as I take all of Felix inside me. I bite my lip to stifle the small pain, but once he is all the way in, it feels good. Really good. “How is it?” Felix asks.

“Felix-” I moan. “It feels so good,” I start to push back so that he is moving inside me.

“Fuck Cami- I’m not going to last long,” Felix hisses.

“Me either,” Titus moans as we start to move together.

It’s so fucking hot, all of us like this. Their cocks rubbing against each other as they move in and out of me, I almost can’t take it. Felix shoves his finger into my mouth, and now I have a part of them inside every part of my body. “I want you both to cum in me together-” I moan loudly, my orgasm tightening around both of their cocks as I squirt onto them. It’s enough to set them off, and I feel each of their cum spurt into me.

Felix pulls out of me and I collapse onto Titus’s stomach, my body twitching lightly as I recover from the orgasm. Felix lies beside us. “That was fucking amazing,” he says.

I smile and rest my hand on his chest. I could feel both of their cum dripping out of me, it was turning me on all over again. “Can we do that again?” I ask. “It’s Titus’s turn to fuck my ass.”

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