Bite into Me

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Chapter Forty-Four

I wake up in the morning to Felix tracing his fingers over my belly, Titus is lightly brushing my hair from my face. I smile at both of them, how did I ever get this lucky?

“Alex is about to run in,” Titus says as he pulls the sheet over my breasts.

A couple seconds later Alex runs in. He doesn’t even knock, just barges in. “Guess what!!” He says excitedly, none of us indulge him in his little guessing game though. “The rest of the creatures have sided with us! Word has travelled about the fay baby carrying demon blood, that has won them over!”

“How did they find out so quickly?” I ask.

Alex waves his hands. “I have connections, don’t worry about it.” I roll my eyes at him. “The point is that this baby has united us! I’m going to wake Mabel now and tell her!” He runs out of the room just as quickly as he entered.

“I don’t think I have ever seen Alex that happy,” I say.

“Alex wants peace,” Felix says simply.

I slide out of bed and pull one of their white shirts over my head. “Join me in the bathroom in five minutes?” I ask them, watching their smiles both grow is something I will never tire of seeing.

The shower is really small to my disappointment, not all of us will fit in here. They already knew that though, because just Felix comes in with me, the water steaming both of our bodies.

“Thank you for rescuing me,” I pull him closer to me.

“We will never be apart again Cami,” Felix slowly moves his fingers from my face, pass my breasts, down my stomach, and inside me.

My moan is cut short by his mouth on mine, his tongue moving around mine, as I clutch on to him. “Can I taste you?” He asks.

“Of course, you don’t even need to ask that.”

He bites into my neck, the water mixing with the blood as it flows down my body. We both moan together; I have missed this just as much as them. “It’s been too long,” Felix says as he pulls away from my neck. “Nobody tastes like you Cami, not even the fay we drained to rescue you. No one compares.”

I smile at him before pulling his head back to mine, our mouths connecting once more. He picks me up, pushing my body against the tiles, before sliding into me. “Felix,” I moan out.

“Fuck Cami, you feel too good,” he groans against my neck as he thrusts in and out of me.

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” I beg.

He moans again, “if you keep talking like that, I won’t last long at all.” He begins to thrust faster, desperate to bring me my release before he finishes.

“Felix!” I cry out, holding onto him as tight as I can.

He moves out of me and pushes me to my knees. He groans loudly as his cum pools in my mouth. I swallow every drop as I watch him watch me. His thumb stroking my cheek once he has finished. “The way you love the taste of my cum is so fucking hot,” he says as I get to my feet.

“Taste some with me,” I say as I open my mouth to his, our tongues moving together once more.

The other three are in the kitchen talking excitedly about all the creatures, Titus hands me a bowl of fruit with yogurt. “You and the baby need to keep strong.” I kiss him softy on the lips before sitting down next to Mabel, who by the looks of her, was on her fourth cup of tea.

“Can you imagine after centuries and centuries of war, we finally have peace! Peace because of this one fairy here,” Alex says proudly as he grips my shoulder. I can feel my cheeks warm under all their gazes.

I cough, “and because Titus found me,” I smile at him.

Before anyone has time to answer, a portal appears in the entry of the kitchen. Elisa and Carling stand before us. I scream and rush to her. “You are pregnant!” Carling says excitedly. I turn and roll my eyes at Alex, who shrugs innocently at me in response. “I’m so happy for you,” she hugs me tighter.

“Thank you, how did you find us?”

Elisa coughs, “I took some of your blood.”

“The others don’t know you are here though,” Carling says reassuringly.

She moves pass me to Titus and Felix. “Congratulations,” she says to them shyly. They smile at her.

“Nice to meet Camille's family,” Titus says.

“Likewise,” Carling replies.

Then she moves on to Mabel, who immediately pulls her in for a hug. “Welcome to the madhouse fay!”

Then she heads for Alex, “who is this?” she asks.

“I-I’m A-lex,” he stutters.

Felix and I both tilt our heads at Alex. What the hell was that? Alex being shy? Is the world ending?

Carling turns her head to me. “You brought him back!?”

I nod at her. She turns back to Alex. “Nice to meet you,” she holds her hand out for his to shake and as he takes it, I watch the side of her cheek turn red. No doubt, she is being drawn to his smell and touch.

Well who would have thought, there might be a demon, fairy romance in the making.

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