Bite into Me

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Chapter Two

As soon as they both leave the bathroom, I begin hyperventilating. How was I ever going to get out of this? After a shameless number of tears, I decide to pull myself together, freaking out won’t get me out of this situation. I take in the bathroom again, it has a lot of luxury with a large shower and tub, to be honest this bathroom was almost as big as my entire apartment. My eyes scan for a window but it has been sealed shut, that seems odd because it doesn’t even seem big enough for me to fit through.

I divert my attention back to my cuffed wrists. I guess if I broke them both I could slide them out, but did I really have the stomach for that? I begin to move one wrist in a direction it shouldn’t go, as the sharp aching pain becomes too fierce, I stop. Definitely don’t have the stomach for it.

I sigh in frustration. I’d never really had many friends; I have put my life into getting myself out of my shitty situation. So I always worked hard in school and never partied. The only person I could really call a friend was Lana from work, but considering I bitched enough about getting out of Blue’s Diner, what if she just thinks I finally left? I’ve never even had a boyfriend, I mean plenty of guys have hit on me but I’ve always just seen a relationship as an added distraction. My whole life seems kind of pathetic and stupid now that I’m facing a world where vampires exist. A couple more tears slide down my cheeks as I realise that no one is coming after me, no one will really even care that I’m missing.

At some point I doze off on the cold tiles and when I wake, I’m busting to use the toilet and my throat feels like it hadn’t felt water in a week. “Hey!” I call out and as I do Felix and Titus walk back in, with someone new. Another guy, who was also attractive but not like my too psychotic kidnappers.

“This is Alex,” Titus says to me like I’m meant to know what that means.

“She’s definitely a fay,” Alex says. “Look how stunning she is.” I try to turn my head away from all of their stares.

“Too bad that beauty is tainted,” Felix says.

“What do you mean tainted?” I ask.

“It means your beauty isn’t pure because you’re a killer,” Titus says.

I feel genuinely shocked, a look I could tell the three guys saw as well. “I’ve never killed anyone in my life,” I say defensively.

“What’s your name?” Alex asks.

“Camille,” I whisper.

“That’s definitely a fairy name,” Felix says with a shake of his head.

“Okay Camille, I’m just going to touch your head,” Alex says. At least he kind of seems nice.

He places both his hand either side of my head and closes his eyes. I don’t close mine though as I study his straight noise and almost red hair with strawberry ends. He smells heavenly, I can’t really put my finger on what it is; but it draws me to him.

“I got nothing,” Alex says.

“How is that possible?” Titus asks.

“Something is blocking her mind from me, probably a witch.”

“Great,” Felix rolls his eyes.

“Sorry guys but a witch is your best bet at the moment.”

Titus sighs. “What happened to that witch you were fucking a month ago?” He asks Felix.

“I pissed her off,” he says with a shrug.

“Okay, well un-piss her off and get her here.” They all begin to head out of the bathroom again.

“Wait!” I call out and they all turn their heads to me. I advert my gaze from theirs. “I need to use the toilet and I would really appreciate a drink of water.”

Felix and Titus turn to each other and shrug. “She has no idea what she is or how to use her powers, just uncuff her and keep the door locked?” Felix suggests.

Titus moves to uncuff me and as soon as I’m free I rub my writs to try and relieve some of the pain. “Thank you,” I whisper and I notice a glimmer of shock in Titus’s eyes. I was also shocked, why was I thanking the people that had caused the hurt?

Felix comes back with some water and a packet of chips. “We will get you some proper food soon.” He also places a pillow and two blankets next to me. Then they leave and lock the door again. The first thing I do is use the toilet, then I down all the water. After slowly eating each chip to try and trick my brain into thinking I’m eating more than I am, I decide to have a shower. The warm water makes me sleepy and as soon as I get out, I set up my ‘bed’. It still wasn’t very comfortable but it was better than nothing. I couldn’t shake the sick feeling that either way, I was going to end up dead.

I wake up to complete darkness, and fear takes over my body before I remember what is going on. Although that doesn’t really help the fear much. I realise pretty quickly what has woken me up, a girl moaning in pleasure. Screaming and moaning to be more accurate. I guessed I must have been in one of their ensuite’s and that a bedroom was right outside my locked door. Anger fills me. One of them was having the time of their lives out there while I’m stuck sleeping on a bathroom floor! I feel like screaming out in frustration, why couldn’t they just let me go?

“Hey,” I call out but I can already tell my yell is drowned out over the girl’s pleasurable screams. “HEYYYY!!!!” I scream as loud as I can and the moans outside the door stop.

Then a light creeps under the bottom of the door. My door is unlocked and standing completely naked in front of me is Titus. I feel my cheeks warm and advert my gaze.

“Yes Camille?” He asks but I found that my courage has now left me at the sight of him. “Did you want to join?” A cheeky grin covers his face. I can’t help but take in his body, his strong tan looking body.

“Aren’t vampires supposed to be pale?” I say. What the hell? Why is that the first thing that leaves my mouth?

His grin turns into a full smile. “We look exactly how we did when we were turned,” he says.

“Please just let me go,” I beg. “I won’t tell anyone about you or Felix, please...”

“Not until we have answers, now try and get some sleep; although I do last a long time,” he says with a smirk before locking the door again.

He wasn’t joking, the moans and screams lasted most of the night. I tried to block out the noises by shoving the pillow over my head but it was pointless.

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