Bite into Me

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Chapter Forty-Five

“Sadly, I’m not here with good news,” Carling says as we all sit around the dining table. “The rest of the fay aren’t too thrilled about this half angel blood, half demon blood baby.”

Felix and Titus’s face both change to anger, and I feel fear simmering inside me.

“I am trying to change their minds, but there is talk of overthrowing me...” Carling says sadly. “I told Elisa to go be with her family, but she wants to stay with me, to help bring peace.” Elisa and Carling both smile softly at one another. “If I can’t change their minds...there is talk of a battle,” Carling sucks in a deep breath.

“When?” Titus asks.

“Two days from now, in the Sonoran Desert.”

Alex sighs, “that will be a sweaty battle.”

“Stay with us,” I grab Carling’s hand.

She shakes her head, “I need to keep fighting for peace, even if they kill me for it.”

“I won’t let that happen,” Elisa says.

“If they are going to kill her, bring her to me,” I say to Elisa who nods at me.

“Prepare your fellow creatures,” Carling says. “Be ready for war,” she stands with a sadness and I move to hug her. “I will see you soon, and when this is all over, there will be a new world with peace. Even if many must die for that,” she sighs.

“You just stay safe,” I beg her as she disappears back through a portal with Elisa.

The rest of us fall silent for a moment, our happiness has been crushed. “Alex, will you spread the word?” I ask and he nods, leaving the table.

“I will go help him,” Mabel says gloomily.

“Do you think we should do some training together?” I ask Felix and Titus.

Titus frowns at me. “What for?”

“To practice,” I say.

Felix’s mouth opens in shock. “Cami...why would you need to practice?”

“For the battle, am I missing something?” I ask frustratedly.

“You are not going to be at that battle,” Titus says calmly.

“Like hell I’m not!”

“There is no fucking way you are going into battle carrying one of our children!” Felix shouts.

“What did you just say to me before? That we will never be apart again! I am not leaving you alone in that battle! What if...” I can’t even speak the words out.

“Camille, we will be fine, I promise.” Titus says reassuringly.

“The creatures are united because of me; I will not abandon them. We will all go in to battle together, I don’t want to hear another word about it,” I push pass them both.

Behind me I hear something smash, no doubt that was Felix.

I head outside, needing to distance myself from my two overbearing men. I know that they just care for me and want to keep me safe, but they need to let me make my own decisions. I need to be there to keep them safe also.

There is no lake here, like at Alaska, but in the distance, there are breathtakingly green mountains. I breathe in the fresh air and smile at this view. I will go to battle, and I will die to protect them, if needs be. I can’t tell them this though, they would chain me to this house if they could hear my thoughts. All those two care about now is me and the baby, they need to understand that I feel the same way about them, this baby needs both of them, and I was going to make sure we all come out of this alive.

I walk around the property until I calm myself down, I don’t want to fight with either of them, all I really want is to stay in the bedroom until the battle. I want to spend every moment with all of us together in pleasure.

I look up to the sun, soaking in all it’s rays. I can feel the energy the light gives me, it sometimes feels like the sun is pumping through my veins, not blood. I decide to head inside and check out this library. Titus is sitting in there, reading a book.

“Hey,” I say softly, trying to gauge his mood.

“I knew you would come in here eventually,” he says shutting the book.

“How?” I didn’t even know I would come in here.

He shuts the book and walks over to me. “Because you always turn to books when things are getting tough.” His hand grazes my cheek.

I smile at him, at how well he knows me. “I’m sorry for upsetting you both,” I say quietly.

“Camille, we know you have a feisty personality, it’s one of the traits that drew us both to you.”

“I just need to be with you, if I’m not there- the stress I will be put under thinking about you both...”

“Shh, I understand, nothing will happen to us. We will protect each other okay?”

“Okay,” I whisper.

“Felix will come around soon, you know what his temper is like.”

That I did. I loved it though, the way Felix feels everything so fiercely. I also loved that Titus had a calmer approach; they balance each other out perfectly.

“I was thinking we could keep the tradition going and christen this library,” he smirks at me.

“Felix and showers, you and your libraries,” I smile at him, but I was already reaching for the button on his jeans.

I move down him and take him in my mouth. I love everything about having their cocks pushed to the back of my throat. The hardness, the taste, the warmth. It turned me on to watch how I could make them feel.

He moans as his hand goes to the back of my head. His grip tightening on my hair. His eyes close and he bites his bottom lip, but it doesn’t stop the sexy sounds that escape his mouth. Wetness grows between my legs as I watch him.

“Fuck Camille stop- I’m going to cum.”

I stand back up, pressing my opening mouth against his. He rips his shirt over his head before quickly removing all my clothes. Then he picks me up and carries me back to the chair he was reading on.

I lower myself on him and with my arms wrapped around the back of his neck, I start moving up and down. His fangs sink into my neck, and he drinks my blood like he has never craved anything more.

I continue to move up and down him, with his fangs buried into my neck and his fingers move to my ass, sliding two in. I grip him tighter and cry out. “Fuck Titus!” I moan loudly as he continues to drain my blood with fingers that pump in and out of my ass so quick, that I cum loudly. No doubt the others can hear us. He finishes too, I can feel him filling me up, His moans are muffled in my neck as he keeps his fangs inside my skin. When he finishes, he removes his fangs and my head drops to his. Our foreheads pressed together as I regain the air in my lungs.

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