Bite into Me

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Chapter Forty-Six

It is the night before the battle, the battle that will change our lives forever. I already knew I wouldn’t be sleeping, so to dissipate the nerves, I let Titus and Felix do what they want to me, over and over. Orgasm after orgasm, and when I think I couldn’t possibly go again, and that sleep will finally take me; the nerves kick back in and I would have them once more.

They didn’t mind, satisfying every need I have, stultifying their own cravings in the process. Not that we could ever stop the cravings we have for each other; no amount of sex would ever stop the need. I no longer wanted them, I needed them, and they me. That’s the only way I could describe our love: need. I guess that’s the difference between love and lust. Lust is want and love is need, and I could spend forever with these two and still need them.

“Promise you will protect you and the baby first,” Felix says, his arm wrapped around my waist. Titus’s head is on the top of my thigh, he was staring up at the moonlit roof. We didn’t bother shutting the curtains tonight, I wanted to watch the sun rise.

“I promise, you don’t need to ask that of me. The baby will always be in my mind,” I say squeezing his arm.

“Crazy to think how far we have all come together,” Titus says.

“Mmm,” I agree, my voice laced with exhaustion.

“You need to try and sleep,” Felix says in a soothing tone.

“I can’t believe you are still awake with the amount we’ve fucked you,” Titus says, and I smile.

I close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing, forcing my mind to only think about the breaths leaving my body. Slow and calm. An image of a light being shown through both their hearts causes my eyes to rush back open. “Just one more time,” I whisper.

Titus chuckles and moves his head between my legs, “at the rate we are going you won’t be walking tomorrow, let alone fighting.” I can feel his smile on me before his tongue moves inside my pussy. Felix puts his mouth over my nipple, sucking and lightly biting. One hand moves to each of their heads, as my moans carry through the still night.

Felix moves his mouth to my ear while his finger continues to rub my nipple. “Cum for us Cami,” he whispers, his breath on my ear causing me to squirm. “Cum on Titus’s mouth-” I cry out clutching both of their hair as my body spasms.

Then Titus flips me over quickly, so that I am on my hands and knees, he pushes inside me. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you will want to scream, but you won’t be able to with Felix’s cock in your mouth.”

Felix shoves himself into my mouth, he grips my hair and begins fucking my mouth. Titus wasn’t lying, my screams are caught around Felix’s cock with every pump. The tears build in my eyes. “There is so much cum inside you Camille, you love it don’t you? Feeling my cock push it further into you.”

My body erupts and shakes, my knees struggling to hold myself up as Titus and Felix both finish with loud groans.

I flop down on the bed, surely sleep will come now. Felix sits against the headboard, and I cuddle into him, still lying on my stomach. Titus lies his head at the bottom of my back, “sleep now Camille,” he whispers, his fingers softly tracing my skin. It feels so good having them both cuddled up to me, I feel safe in their arms.

Behind my eyes, a light sleep takes over, but plagues my mind with dreams of death and pain. I wake with a jolt; the sun is just peaking above the mountains. “Just one more time,” I whisper.

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