Bite into Me

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Chapter Forty-Seven

There are around two hundred creatures standing behind me in the desert. The sun is already burning, I knew the fay picked this spot so that their photokinesis would be at it’s most powerful. Well, mine will be too. Titus and Felix stand either side of me, with Mabel and Alex on either side of them, the rest of the creatures stretch a long line behind us.

We are ready to fight, but I hope Carling will bring us peace. In the distance I see the fay beginning to make their way towards us, Carling and Elisa are leading. The rest carry weapons, I clutch my own blade tighter in my hand.

“Carrying weapons isn’t a good sign,” I say to no one in particular.

“I never thought we would get off without a fight,” Titus says.

They stop about fifty metres away from us, their own line stretches around the same size as ours. “Looks like it could be a fair fight,” Alex says.

My palms begin to sweat, and I struggle to keep my grip on the blade. “You should say something,” Felix says.

I clear my throat. “We want peace. Please drop your weapons, we don’t need to fight!” I yell loud enough so that they can hear me.

I hear the words ‘traitor’ and ‘abomination’ yelled from their side.

Carling moves and turns her back to us, so that she is facing her kind. “Brothers and sisters, we do not need to keep on with this meaningless war. The time for peace is long overdue, I don’t want to see blood shed today!”

There are murmurs from their side, they seem displeased and angry.

“They want to fight,” I say quietly.

“Carling needs to get out of there,” Titus says.

“Carling!” I yell and as she turns to face me, the fay begin their charge, a sword is rammed into her heart and she falls to the ground. “No!” I scream and start to run. There is a loud war cry from behind me, all the creatures following me into battle. Elisa portals herself to our side, the demons stay behind, their only real fighting skills are their ability to control minds. The wolves and vampires overtake me, and then with each thump of feet and paws, the seconds hesitate in time, sound quietens, apart from the blood pounding in my ears. Just before we are all about to make contact, time seems to go too quick, my hearing coming back into focus with the screams of dying men and women.

I duck as a blade swipes for my head before stabbing my sword into their stomach. Blood gurgles from her mouth before she drops to the ground. I waste no time on moving to the next, I am blinded by anger for Carling. Felix and Titus stay close by me, never letting me out of their site.

The wolves can’t die in their wolf form, but they can be impaled, left whimpering in pain with blood pooling around them.

I try not to focus on the wounded and the dead, only focusing on my next kill, one last fairy left to hurt my creatures. I have lost site of Mabel and Alex; I can only hope that they are safe.

Bodies are thrown through the air from the witches, and balls of light whizz pass me in every direction. Sweat is dripping off my face as I continue to stab and slice. The vampires are a blur of speed and the wolves snapping jaws pierce my ears.

The lives lost look equal at the moment, it’s hard to tell who is winning. Two male fay move to attack me, I block one blade with my own, but I am forced to grab the other, to stop myself from being stabbed. I yell as the blade cuts through my hand, the blood dripping down my wrist. The blade is trying to push into my stomach, I blast him with a light, sending him flying away from me, but the other guy grabs me and holds me against his body. He holds his blade out ready to stab into my chest, but I smash my head back against him and he releases me. I spin around ready to stab him, but I am greeted by three more fay, all about to slice into me with their blades.

At the last second Felix uses his speed to block their attack, the blades piercing his flesh, before I watch as a light is sent through his heart. Time slows down again. A tear falls down his dirty cheek as his body falls to the ground. My heart leaves my body as I watch him die. “NOOOOO!!” My screams fill the entire battlefield as a light erupts from my entire body, sending anyone close to me flying away. It’s like I am a bomb, and anyone near me is hit with the shockwaves.

Suddenly, it’s as if I know exactly what to do with all my energy. I use my balls of light to fly myself into the sky, the fighting stops as creatures and fay watch in awe. Then a light leaves my chest and absorbs itself into all the fallen creatures and fay. From the dead they rise, body after body, creature, and fay; I bring them all back.

“The killing stops now! It’s time to end this war!” I yell to everyone underneath me. One by one they drop to their knees, their heads are bowed, even Titus and Felix kneel for me. A new leader, a new age, I will rule them all.

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