Bite into Me

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As the months went by, I worked with both the fay and the creatures to draw up a treaty. So long as the creatures didn’t kill any humans, the fay would leave them in peace.

Peace. Something Titus and Felix had dreamed about for over two thousand years.

A contraction brings me out of my thoughts. I grip Felix and Titus as my screams fill our bedroom. Alex and Carling are both patiently waiting in the loungeroom.

“I can see the head!” Mabel says excitedly.

Both Titus and Felix move to have a look, their faces lighting up in pure joy. “You are so close,” Titus says coming back to hold my hand, Felix stays down by my open legs.

“You ready for another push?” Mabel asks and I nod my head.

“That’s our girl,” Felix says proudly.

I close my eyes and push with all my strength. “That’s it!” Mabel says and Felix makes a happy crying sound.

And then I hear it. The cries of my baby. A sound that fills my heart with so much love, there isn’t enough words in all the languages that exist to describe it.

“It’s a boy,” Mabel says, her voice breaking with her own tears. She wraps him in a blanket before gently passing him to Felix.

Titus kisses my lips softly. “I’m so proud of you,” he whispers.

Felix’s hands tremble as he holds my baby, his tears flow now, he can’t stop the smile that grows on his face. “Hello little man,” he says as he bounces him softly. “Titus, Camille are you ready to meet your son?”

Titus sucks in a deep breath as Felix gently places him in my arms. He has a small amount of blonde hair and his eyes are a light piercing green. Titus and I both cry looking into his perfect little face. “Thank you,” Titus whispers over and over to me. He reaches out and lightly touches his cheek.

“I think daddy needs a hold,” I say as I pass Titus our son.

I reach out to Felix as Titus rocks him gently in his arms. “You’re next Felix,” I say and he kisses my forehead.

It only seems right that our first child is from Titus, after all, this began with him. With him walking into that diner that night. With his choice to spare my life, with the way he fell for me and I for him. We ended a war because of Titus, the next chapter of our lives should also begin with him.

The love that I have for my family is all-consuming, a love I never would have known in the human world. A fairy and two vampires, we really did make history.

The End

Here we are at the end of this story, a story I fell in love with more and more with each chapter. Thank you for following this with me.

To all the readers, you guys mean everything.

Thank you.

For the silent readers.

For the loud readers.

For the readers that voted and for the readers that didn’t.

For the readers begging for the next chapter.

For the readers that have been with me from the start, and for the readers I gained along the way.

Thank you all.

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