Bite into Me

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Chapter Three

The next day I am greeted by both Titus and Felix, plus a woman. I wondered if this woman was who Titus was sleeping with last night.

“You look tired Camille,” Titus says with a smirk and I roll my eyes at him. Arrogant prick.

The woman places a hand on my head without telling me what was going on, although I guess I kind of am getting use to that. She hums softly with her eyes closed.

“A witch has definitely messed with her; I can feel the aura radiating off of her.”

“Can you undo it?” Felix asks.

She closes her eyes again and places both hands on my head this time, and chants words I have never heard the language of, nor did I think it was a language that existed in the world I knew. She drops her hands with defeat. “I can’t break through; a very strong witch has done this. One way more powerful than me.”

“Why do you think she can’t use her powers?” Titus asks the witch, because apparently witches also exist.

“I think the witch has blocked that too, she probably will be able to unlock it at a certain time or an event, it’s hard to say. You should kill her before she does unlock her powers and kills all of us,” she says flatly.

“I would never kill anyone. I’m not a murderer like all of you,” I spit back.

“Feisty little fay isn’t she,” Felix says as his eyes light up. Part of me thinks that he would get off on me causing trouble.

“Why do you have that window blocked? It’s not like I could fit through there anyway,” I say with crossed arms.

“She really doesn’t know anything does she?” The witch says.

“Obviously! Now can you all fill me in or let me go! Preferably both,” I say firmly. Apparently sleep deprived Cami was an angry girl.

Instead they ignore me. “Could you at least cast a spell so that she can’t leave the house without our say so?” Felix asks the woman.

“Maybe if you ask a little nicer.”

Felix rolls his eyes but gives in. “Please Veronica,” he begs. Even I would have given in to his bright blue puppy dog eyes. He was good.

Her voice softens. “Give me ten minutes,” she says before leaving the room.

She comes back after I’m assuming she has finished the spell. “You going to call me this time Felix?” The witch asks.

“Of course Veronica,” he says before she kisses him on the cheek. Titus gives a little smile, but enough for me to notice. I’m guessing Felix wasn’t going to call Veronica.

She walks out of the bathroom, leaving me alone with Titus and Felix. “Alright fay, follow us,” Felix says.

They both walk out of the bathroom and for a moment I hesitate. “My name is Camille.” I head after them and take in the room that I now know belongs to Titus. It’s large and dark but in a modern way. There is a huge bed in the centre, maybe even larger than a king size. “Vampires sleep?” I ask. Not really having much information on vampires besides what I have seen on movies.

“We can if we want, but we don’t need to,” Felix says.

We walk out of the first room and it’s clear that this house is all on the one level. In the middle of it is a closed off kitchen area and a lounge room, all mostly black and stained wood coloured. “We will get you some food.”

“Vampires don’t eat?” I ask, suddenly feeling fascinated; at least that kept the fear away.

“Just blood,” Titus says and I swallow a lump in my throat.

At the other end of the house is another two bedrooms, both with their own bathrooms. “This one is yours,” Titus says as he opens the door to my room which is similar to his but not as big.

I turn around and face them both in ‘my’ doorway. “Why can’t you just let me go? You know I’m not a threat to you or your friends.”

“Yeah that’s not an option fay-” “Camille,” I interrupt Felix.

“You must be something special for a witch to go to this much trouble over you, so now you live here or you die,” Felix smiles sweetly at me.

I sigh dramatically. “Also don’t even bother trying to leave the house because you won’t be able to,” Titus says.

“Wonderful,” I say sarcastically as I flop down on my new bed.

“She has a lot of attitude doesn’t she Titus?”

“Yes she does, especially for someone who is completely defenseless against two vampires.”

“What do I need then? A little stake to either of your hearts?” I say challenging but they just look at each other and smile. So I guessed that was a no then.

“Feel free to roam the house but stay out of our rooms,” Felix says and then they turn to leave me.

A couple days ago my biggest worry was getting into law school, now I was apparently a fairy living with two vampire’s that I was pretty sure are going to kill me at some point, stuck in a house that has been spellbound by a witch.

“What the hell,” I whisper to myself.

I decide to roam the room and I find that some clothes in my size are in the cupboards and everything I need for hygiene is in the bathroom. How long did they plan on keeping me here? My stomach grumbles at me and I remember that I have only had a packet of chips in two days. I head to the kitchen to see if there is food, on the counter is some fruit and I greedily start munching into an apple.

I open the fridge but it is still empty. Behind me, Titus is walking in with bags stocked with food. “I guess you can walk in the sun then,” I say as I take note of the daylight coming in through the windows.

“A myth,” he says while plonking the bags on the kitchen bench.

“Why are fairies’ killers?” I ask as I start unpacking the food into the fridge.

“It’s a long story.”

I give him an annoyed look. “Well thanks to you and Felix, I now have a lot of time spare,” I say.

A small smile grabs at the side of his mouth. “You don’t fear us do you?”

“Yes, but I’ve just accepted that I will end up dead,” I say softly.

“That’s a little morbid Camille.”

“Well it’s true isn’t it?” I ask but he doesn’t answer me. “Exactly, so you may as well answer my questions to keep me sane.”

“Fairies are fallen angels, and their job is to wipe the earth of the creatures of the underworld.”

Okay, out of everything he was going to say, that wasn’t what I expected. “Creatures of the underworld?” I ask trying to keep up.

“Vampires, demons, witches and werewolves.”

“Werewolves exist too?”

He nods his head. “The angels that fell were kicked out of heaven for reasons we don’t really know, but when they fell they were made with mortality, they could be killed; and that’s why they became fairies.”

“So why do they kill your uh people? Are they forced too?”

“If they continue to kill creatures that have demon blood in them they won’t age, I mean fairies age really slowly once they hit 18 but if they continue to kill us, they won’t ever change. Pretty much keeping them immortal unless they are killed.”

This was all crazy to me, trying to wrap my head around this insane world. “I’d rather just grow old and die then kill other people.”

“You say that now but, because your kind are never to return to heaven, if you die your only option left is to join the underworld; a place full of the creatures that your kind have spent an eternity murdering.”

I let that sink in. “Oh,” I whisper.

“Already thinking of changing your mind?” He asks raising his eyebrows.

“No. I’m not a murderer.”

“So I guess you can’t be too old if you haven’t noticed your slow aging?” He asks.

I pack the last of the food into the fridge. “I’m nineteen. How old are you and Felix?”

“You mean when we turned or all up?”

“Both, I guess.”

“I was your age when I was turned and it was during the Roman Empire.”

My mouth falls open, “but that was over two thousand years ago...” He just stares at me. “You’ve lived since BC times?”

“Yes, both me and Felix.”

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