Bite into Me

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Chapter Four

I had now spent a week with my kidnappers, I had become a little stir crazy but other than that, it surprisingly hasn’t been too bad. In between my room and Felix’s is a study with more books than I could read in my lifetime, that’s how I occupied my time mostly. They even had a heap of books on law and I wondered if one of them had got their degree. I guess with being alive for two thousand years you could pretty much do anything and everything. Titus would talk to me more than Felix but even his patience would wear thin with me. I think they didn’t want to get to know me because we are sworn enemies meant to kill one another.

I head into the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal and on their way out is a girl giggling and kissing Felix. “Same time next week?” The girl asks Felix.

“Please,” he says before kissing her on the cheek and then shutting the door behind her. I roll my eyes. “Did I just sense some judgement fay?”

I was really getting sick of Felix not calling me by my actual name, but I knew if I pointed him out on it, he would continue to do it for longer. I could tell he enjoyed pushing people’s buttons, where as Titus just enjoyed having a blunt sense of humour. “You do what you want with your many women that come and go,” I say as I wave my hand in the air.

“They are feeders fay; I need them so I can continue to function.”


“That’s what we call humans that know about us and get off on us biting them.”

How have I lived in a world so ignorant to this one that is happening around me? “So all you do is feed on them and then they leave?”

“Oh no, I also fuck them.”

My cheeks feel warm and I turn away from him to grab a spoon out of the cutlery drawer. “Charming,” I whisper but of course he hears me.

“Jealous are we fay?”

When I turn around he is right there and my body is so close to touching his. I swallow my all of the sudden dry throat. “No,” I whisper.

He pushes my hair to the side so that my neck is free for him. “Because if you like I can feed on you again,” he moves his lips to my neck and I hold my breath in anticipation. Did I want him to feed on me? I think I have finally lost it. And then something in my mind comes to the surface.

“The last time you bit me...there are no wounds?”

He pulls away from me. “The venom in our fangs can heal some things.”

“What things?” I ask interested.

I notice pretty quickly the change in his mood, he was now a little bored. “Burns, cuts, broken bones. We can’t heal things like depression or cancer.”

“That’s amazing,” I say.

“Whatever you think fay,” he says as he walks away.

Felix and Titus would often leave the house and when they did, I would try to do the same, but I couldn’t. It was like my body would hit and invisible wall that no amount of pushing would get me through. I once spent an hour throwing things at it and stabbing it with knives, but nothing worked. I was completely trapped. Still, every time they leave, I would try a different window or something new. Each time I was left with the same result. I was stuck.

I decided to read up on the Roman Empire while I was in the study. I knew a little about it but not much. It was so crazy that they were so sophisticated for their time but yet still had all this brutal death that everyone loved to watch. Titus walks in to bring back a book. “Researching are we?” He asks.

“I can’t believe you lived during these times, were you rich or poor?”

“We were gladiators, so we were slaves.”

Oh my... “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I was a Samnite and Felix was a Bestiarii.” I knew from my recent reading that Samnite’s had a sword and a shield, and that Bastiarii’s would fight wild animals. All gladiators would fight their opponent to the death.

“That is insane, the things you must have seen and done...”

He shrugs. “It was a long time ago.”

I scoff. “You can say that again.” It still shocked me that Felix and Titus were around two thousand and two hundred years old.

“How much longer do you think I will be here for?” I ask since he seems to be in somewhat of a good mood.

“We are working on getting a more powerful witch here but it isn’t easy, especially when we want one to come look at a fay.”

I look down. “I wouldn’t hurt anyone.” It pained me that different creatures hated me and wanted me dead, I already had a hard enough time making relationships in the human world.

“Felix and I know that but it’s hard to convince others.”

I nod my head. “What if you just let me go and pretend that I don’t exist.”

“Sorry Camille but I think you could be too valuable for that.”

I sigh and he leaves me alone again.

I had continued reading about roman history into the night, only I had moved to my bedroom for more comfort. I think Titus was in his room and Felix had gone out at some point. I realise that I had been so interested in the gladiator history that I hadn’t even had dinner. I decide to head out to get a cup of coffee, while I’m waiting for the kettle to heat up, I peel a banana and eat it while I continue to read. The times that they lived in were so brutal, I could never imagine a world like that now, I guess it was nearly as unimaginable as vampires.

As I begin to head out of the kitchen to walk through the lounge room to get back to my room, I see that Felix is on the couch. A girl is kneeling between his legs and her head is bobbing up and down on him, he hasn’t noticed me watching as his eyes are closed with his head flopped back onto the couch. I can’t seem to tear my eyes from the scene in front of me, I liked watching the way his face looked in pleasure, and the small moans that escape his mouth.

He must be able to sense my presence because his eyes open to look at me. When he notices me watching his intimate moment, he cocks his head to the side and I snap out of it. I run back into the kitchen, behind the wall and out of site. What the hell is wrong with me? I look like a psycho watching some girl suck him off. All I wanted was to hide in my room and never come out, but the only way to do that was to head back through the lounge room.

Do I just stay here or make a run for it? I remember how long Titus lasted the other night and I really didn’t want to have to spend the rest of the night in the kitchen.

I sigh, knowing I’m going to have to face him at some point, but before I can leave, he joins me in the kitchen. “Enjoy the show?” He asks with a smirk. I blush and look away from him, which encourages another cock of his head. I was starting to realise he did this when he was trying to figure someone out. He begins walking over to me but I start backing up until I hit the fridge and there is nowhere left for me to go.

“Wh-where’s your friend?” I try to stay calm but I could feel my heart beating through every inch of my skin.

“She’s waiting for me in my room,” he places both his hands either side of the fridge; so that I am cornered by his body. “Almost looked like you wanted to join for a second there.” He is smiling down at me as I try to keep my composure. I look away again, knowing full well that my cheeks are bright red. “You seem awfully shy for someone that just watched me get my dick sucked.” I pretty much keep my eyes trained on the bottom of his shirt, so that I don’t have to look at his cocky face. “’ve never sucked a dick of course?”

My eyes shoot up to his in fury. How was that any of his business? “I have,” I say defensively. Even though I haven’t.

“Really?” His eyes twinkle for a moment before he slowly shoves one of his fingers into my mouth. “Show me then.”

A large part of me wants nothing more than to suck slowly on his finger, but logic creeps in before I let that happen. I smack his finger out of my mouth and duck under his arms. “Pervert,” I say as I leave the kitchen.

“Coming from the girl that gets off on watching me get my dick sucked.”

He was smiling, I could tell how much he was enjoying this. “I was frozen in shock is all!” I say defensively.

“How has a nineteen year old never sucked a dick before?” I roll my eyes at him and storm off to my room. This was it; I was surely going insane. Maybe I was getting Stockholm syndrome or something. Either way, my heartbeat took a long time to get under control as I thought about his enticing light eyes on mine.

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