Bite into Me

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Chapter Five

It had been three days since my encounter with Felix and I had gone out of my way to avoid him. Feeling embarrassed about my actions, but mostly worried that there was some truth to his words. I did like watching him, not so much the other girl but his reactions to the girl. After having a shower, I look at myself in the mirror as I brush out my long dark blonde hair, that I always put into a high pony tail. My dark blue eyes almost looked happy.

Maybe some part or me loved the fact that I wasn’t just a regular human. I was a fairy descendant from a fallen angel. My once planned out, boring life has no structure. For the first time ever, my life is interesting. I have always felt like I couldn’t properly build any sort of relationship in the human world, and maybe this is why. Maybe I have always craved creatures. I wondered if I would ever meet another fairy, or if Titus and Felix would kill me before I got the chance. All I really knew deep down, is that I have never been attracted to a human the way I am with Titus and Felix.

I knew I needed to get out of here, so I make my way towards Titus’s room to ask him if there is any more news on this witch that is meant to be coming. I take a deep breath and knock on his door, hoping that he is in a good mood.

“Come in,” I hear from the other side.

I open the door to find Titus naked, drying his wet hair with a towel. “Why did you tell me to come in if you were indecent!” I ask.

He just smiles before wrapping the towel around his waist. “Shut the door Camille.”

I do as he says and come into his room. “I was just wondering if you have heard from your witch friend?” I ask trying to keep my eyes off of his perfect body. Damn it Cami, get a grip.

“Not yet, usually the powerful witches are the oldest, they take a lot of convincing to do anything for vampires.”

“Do the fay kill creatures like you because you’re evil?”

“That’s how it started I guess, but we aren’t all completely evil,” he says with a serious gaze.

“So you haven’t killed people?” I ask feeling scared.

“Of course I have, but so have the fay, so how do you determine who is more evil? We aren’t hell bent on wiping out complete species like them.” He starts walking over to me and I start to feel nervous. A good nervous though, the kind that brings tingles to your stomach. “You seem a little nervous Camille.” How did they both read me so well? Was everything I did that obvious?

“More like uncomfortable,” I whisper.

“Why would you be uncomfortable?” He is right in front of me now and I can feel the warmth from the shower coming off of his body.

“Maybe because I’m stuck in a house with two vampires, going insane.”

“You sure it has nothing to do with me being naked?” He whispers down to me.

“Yes,” but I barely even hear my own voice.

He grabs my hand and places it onto his chest. “I know you want to touch me; I can see it in your eyes.” I look up to his bright green eyes, he is unbelievably attractive. Every part of me wanted to touch his body. I don’t say anything but I don’t move my hand either. “You know I can hear when your heart picks up don’t you?” I swallow as he grabs my hand with his and begins to move mine down his body. He stops just above the towel that wraps low around his waist. “I hear you’ve never sucked a dick before.” Of course Felix told him, the prick. I can’t seem to find any words; all I can do is watch him. “What have you done Camille?”

He lets go of my hand to unwrap the towel, it falls to the ground and I can’t help my eyes from travelling down his body. “Have you ever touched a cock before?” My fingers are sitting just above his.

“Yes,” I whisper.

“Show me then.”

I can’t help it; my hand moves down to grab his cock and with my touch it hardens immediately. I swallow as I watch how big it gets.

“Then what did you do?” He asks and I begin to pump his cock with my hand, he sucks in a deep breath which encourages me to go a little faster. He moans softy. “What else have you done?” My cheeks flush with his blunt questions, and I look away from him.

“I have had fingers inside me,” I say embarrassed.

“And that’s it?” He says with disbelief.

I nod my head shyly but he tilts it back up to his and before I even know what’s going on, his lips are pressed against mine. He quickly moves them apart to slide his tongue in and I automatically start pumping his cock again. He moans into my open mouth.

He picks me up with ease and kisses me to his bed, lying me down so that he can unbutton my jeans. I don’t stop him; I watch with fascination as he pulls them down along with my underwear and then pushes my top over my breasts. I’m not wearing a bra, mostly because I never go out anymore so I rarely put one on. Without warning he puts his mouth over one of my nipples and I cry out in pleasure. It had been a long, long time since my body had been touched. His hand makes its way slowly up my thigh. “Fuck Camille, you are already so wet.” He slides a finger inside me as his tongue continues to torment my nipple, and my hands automatically go to his blonde hair. Tugging slightly to help relieve what is building inside me. Then he shoves another finger inside and I moan out loudly. His pace begins to quicken and I know that I’m getting close to climaxing. As I cum on his fingers I cry out his name. Before he can give me time to even process what just happened, he shoves his two fingers into my mouth.

“Suck,” he instructs and I do what he says. “Do you like the way you taste Camille?” I nod my head as I suck on his fingers that were just inside me. Who am I right now?

“Did- did you want me to do anything for you?” I ask shyly.

“What do you want to do?” I look down at his hard cock and I wanted everything. I definitely have Stockholm syndrome.

I grab his cock again and start pumping it. “I want you to finish,” I say while looking up at him and his lips part with pleasure.

“Okay Camille, make me cum then; but I’m doing it all over your perfect tits.” I press my thighs together at his dirty mouth, it turned me on so much. How was this happening? I couldn’t stop myself though, I wanted to touch him and I wanted to watch him. It doesn’t take long before he moans loudly as his cum squirts onto my breasts, it feels warm and I find myself wanting so much more with him. He then rubs his cum around my nipples before placing his fingers into my mouth once more. I suck on them greedily, and to my surprise I don’t mind the taste. Lana always told me that semen really wasn’t nice and that women just do it for the sake of it, but I wanted him to scoop up more and put it in my mouth. So I do, I scoop up the rest of his cum just so I can taste it. I watch as his eyes go big with surprise. “You are a naughty little fay aren’t you,” he says as he scoops some cum from the side of my mouth and puts his finger back for me to suck.

“We just made history,” he whispers.

“What do you mean?”

“A fairy and a vampire, that’s unheard of.”

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