Bite into Me

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Chapter Six

As I retreat back to my bedroom, I decide that what just happened can never happen again. I cannot be giving myself over to one of the men that have kidnapped me! I feel almost sick with myself, but when I picture his face as he finished over me, my body gets really warm. How could I let this happen!? I decide for the next few days, it’s best if I hardly ever leave my room, just to limit the risk of running in to either of them.

I decide to stock up on some books from the library and only head into the kitchen at hours I am hoping they won’t be there. As the first day rolls into the second, I had managed to completely avoid both of them. I hear their ‘feeders’ come and go, and a small part of my brain wonders if Titus has slept with his. I mean I know he would have, just because we shared one intimate moment doesn’t mean he would stop seeing other women. I wasn’t a complete idiot.

About halfway through reading Moby Dick I have an epiphany. If I can make Felix and Titus love me, or even just care about me; surely they wouldn’t be able to kill me. I put the book to the side, that’s it! That is how I will survive this senseless predicament I have found myself in. I needed to get to know them more and they needed to get to know me, and I wasn’t going to be able to do that if I continue to hide in my room.

I decide to head into the library to put some books back, and this time I don’t try and close my door quietly like I had been. Every time I walked into the library; I felt a wave of excitement crawl over my skin. I loved books. The smell, the weight, the feeling of a page turning in your fingers. Reading is something that brings me complete happiness, it was something I would never tire of.

Just as I am getting lost between a bunch of first edition classics, Felix walks in. “Hello fay,” he says but I just roll my eyes at him. Felix enjoyed my attitude and part of me thinks he gets off on it.

“Don’t look so happy see me then,” he smiles.

“Why should I be happy to see one of my kidnappers?” I say as I cross my arms.

“You seemed pretty happy seeing Titus the other day,” he smirks at me and begins to walk over to me. What was with these two telling each other everything?

“That was a mistake,” I say as I turn away from him and continue to study the shelves in front of me. I can feel his body behind me.

“Really?” He says as he moves my hair from one side of my neck. I can feel the goose bumps rise to my skin as his breath tickles me. “Because Titus seems to think you really enjoyed yourself,” he whispers into my ear.

I shove his hand away from my hair and move away from him. “Yeah? So, what makes you think I want you? Maybe I’m only interested in Titus.” It was all a bluff, I wanted him just as much but I knew trying to fight it would win him over more.

“You know fay, vampires have extremely heightened senses. I can smell when someone is turned on,” he says as he moves closer to me again. “I can hear how fast your heart beats when I’m near you, it pumps your blood so fast around your body that it’s hard for me to focus.” His hand travels slowly up my arm, leaving behind a tingly sensation.

“I know you want me, so why fight it?” His head slowly dips to me and I tilt up so that his lips can press against mine. He tastes like mint as his mouth consumes mine passionately. He shoves me against the bookshelf and I gasp out in surprise, before his lips immediately fall back onto mine again. He seemed a lot more aggressive than Titus, but my body definitely agreed with it. I moan into his mouth and he responds by letting out a primitive growl, something that nearly sets me over the edge. It was so clear how badly he wanted me. “He told me what little you have done,” he says as he pushes my body to its knees before unbuttoning his jeans. His cock falls out and again I am in awe at how big it is, just like I was with Titus’s. “I want to be the first cock you have in your mouth,” he says as he looks down at me.

I look at his cock feeling nervous about whether I can even fit my mouth around it, and also nervous because I have never done it before. What if I do it wrong? Felix can sense my worry straight away. “Just put your lips around and suck Cami,” his voice has soften and he uses my name for the first time. Not just my name, but my nickname. It’s enough to make me do anything he wants. I put my mouth around him and slowly move my head up and down his length. I can’t take him all the way, although I doubted anyone could. He lets out a small moan that brings a wetness in between my legs. I look up at him and he is looking down at me with eyes that held so much passion I felt like my body would explode. I start to pick up my pace as I become more comfortable with sucking his cock. “Fuck,” he hisses in pleasure and his hand goes to my head. “I’m going to cum inside your feisty little mouth Cami, and you’re going to swallow every drop.” I moan with my lips around him at his words and this seems to set him off. I feel his cum shoot to the back of my mouth as I begin to swallow all of it. I love how warm it feels sliding down my throat. “Good fay,” he whispers, and maybe I was starting to like the way he called me fay.

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