The Alpha's Dungeon

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"A whore in his dungeon and a saint pup in the public." Marissa Mcpherson didn't know what she was putting herself into when she signed up for a session at her Alpha's dungeon. A little play of chains and whips was her expectations but after the passionate night, she craved for more and more. Her desires took a dark, wicked turn and she began wanting to be trapped behind the stoney walls, stripped and taken till there was nothing left of her soul. However, there was only enough she could get before she had to pay a visit to hell.

Erotica / Fantasy
Mia Kerr
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Want to be pleased by an Alpha? Sign up at the ticket room by his dungeon and wait till your chance comes. I did. Almost a year ago, and never believed that my chance would come as there was a long waiting list, with hundred other females of our pack, waiting.

“You lucky Bitch!” Hannah nudged her elbow at me. “When were you ever going to tell me about this.” She sounded pissed at the fact that I didn’t tell her, or anyone. How could I even? It wasn’t like I got a scholarship at a great college or anything in those lines—I simply got a chance to visit the Alpha’s dungeon.

“I forgot!” I said, blowing the hair out of my face and picking up the last piece of fry that was left behind. “I didn’t think so I’d get a chance in since I just turned eighteen a few months back and I signed up when I was seventeen.” One of the strictest rules of the entire play and the dungeon was that a minor couldn’t participate, let alone sign up.

Hannah swatted the bee out of her face and kicked her feet under the table. “Oh, come on. I’m eighteen too. Where is my letter?” She pouted.

“You never signed up, Hannah.” I gave her a cold glare and she finally silenced down.

“Forgot. It’s the first thing I’m going to do after school, sign up to get fucked by the Alpha—”

“He doesn’t fucks.” I interrupted her. “I mean, he does, but it’s not often, he only fulfills fantasies of the women in our pack. That’s all.” I explained to her in clear terms.

Everything was stated in the disclosure agreement we had to sign during signing up—from what we would be expecting and what we would not. One of the clearest clauses in the agreement was that the Alpha wouldn’t fuck, but only would please. We could also state what we wanted or simply offer ourselves to be used in anyway the Alpha would please.

Women from our pack died over him.

Alpha Xalorad.

A sex demon.

A werewolf.

An Alpha.

A god-like creature, merciless, handsome and above all powerful. There was a long history behind him, he was born in hell and bought up in earth. His Mother came from a line of Alpha’s, making him the first hybrid Alpha of our time.

The man had danger carved in his face and his eyes reflected pride. His physique was strong, his face was bronzed, and his profile was rougher than any other man in this earth.

We all grew up crushing on him, day dreaming about him, stalking him, touching ourselves to the thought of him—all of us. He ravaged the streets whenever he was out, the sun hid away at his appearance and the moon shone brighter. It wasn’t just us, it was everything, everything melted at his sight.

His dungeon was the only place every female wanted to be.

So did I.

So did Hannah.

No one could resist him.

No one.

The bell of the school rang and I stopped dreaming—for now. Hannah and I got out of the cafeteria and went back in to attend the rest of our classes.

I got the letter last night, stating I had the chance at the Alpha’s dungeon. It was a shock. From a hundred other females, I was picked, at last. I received a date off when the Alpha would expecting me, it was next weekend, sharp midnight.

“So, you’re going to start getting ready?” Hannah asked.

“Mhm. I’m just going to die waiting for the next weekend. Might go for shopping to get a dress. Do you want to join?” I sat down on the chair and glanced at her.

“What’s the use? They are going to come off anyway.” Her gaze fell upon me and she joked.

I chuckled. “Yeah, you’re right!”

Just six days more.

The Alpha’s Dungeon was far, far away from the town’s center, it was located beside an abandoned building and near the forest. There was a club by the corner from where the heavy music and smell of alcohol came from. The rest of the area was empty, not even a car.

“Marissa Mcpherson.” I said, handing the ID to the man inside the warehouse that led towards the dungeon—an actual one. I had never been there and neither did anyone I knew. The ones who went down there never spoke about what happened because of the disclosure agreement.

But I did hear rumors.

Breathtaking stories.

“Eh. Right on time.” The man set his keys aside and snatched the ID card away from hands. “Too young—”


He lifted his head a little. “I can count, woman.”

“I know.”

It was the same man I had met a year ago. Back then, I came with a group of friends, we all were drunk and high enough to not know what we were signing up for. I did ask my old friends and neither of them had gotten their letter’s yet.

Just me.

So far.

“Sign.” The man slapped a paper on the desk and handed a pen. “Mind you, the Alpha doesn’t likes girls with tongues that run wild.”

The pack was filled with men like him, rude and arrogant, it was the sole reason we, females, looked for pleasure elsewhere than with our male wolves.

I ran my signature on the piece of paper that stated the rules all over again and that I wasn’t drunk, or high on anything. After doing, I whacked the paper on the desk and said, “I know.”

The man scoffed and turned to the other side. “Go left, and down the stairs. You’ll find the Alpha. Have fun!”

I took a breath in and clutched the straps of my bag before walking down in the direction of the dungeon. This was my dream—my fantasy. The Alpha barely appeared in the sunlight, and the last time I saw him was at a school event, almost a few months back. Me and my group of friends drooled the entire evening. We weren’t allowed to talk to him, let alone touch him as that was restricted.

The only play could happen in his dungeon and I was there, finally.

I wore whatever I could find in my closet, a tiny black dress, smaller than anything in this world and strapless. I shuffled around for a whole minute before entering the iron gates of the dungeon and heading downstairs, right where the Alpha would expecting me.

Upon exiting from the stairs, I found a large, bricked room with chains hanging from the walls and a small round table in between. There was a cell at the corner, brightened up with a scarlet, intense flame. My heart raced with wild thoughts as my gaze fell upon the Alpha who seated on a chair, clothed and a glass of something in his hand.

I fidgeted with the back of my dress while standing in front of him. He raised his head, watched me, intently for a whole minute. My body refused to move and somehow, I froze as if something had caught me.

After observing, I heard the Alpha’s low, silky voice. “You’re too young.”

“I’m eighteen.” I clarified.

I almost jumped when he stood up from the seat. It wasn’t often that I was alone in a room with a sex god. Every little movement made my heart leap out with excitement and fear. The Alpha took a sip of his drink before he placed it on the round, cobblestoned table.

My lips parted and my shoulders dropped as he approached me. The power within the room, radiating off him forced my head down in submission along with my gaze as he hovered over me. It was my wolf’s natural instinct to bow to the Alpha.

His fingers slid down my bare arm before twirling around a piece of my hair. I swallowed back a gasp as his head briefly inched closer to mine.

“If you’re uncomfortable during this session, all you have to say is ’red’ and I’ll stop immediately.” His words were cold as winter and I detected no emotion in them.

I gave him a tensed nod.

“Use your words.”



I gazed into his eyes, forgetting how to speak with people who held authority like him. “Yes, Alpha.”

“Good girl.” A finger brushed along my collarbone before tracing behind my back. “Strip. Leave nothing on except for your underwear.” He drew his hands away from my body and commanded.

I didn’t object. I dropped my bag down and unzipped the tiny black dress I wore before dragging it out from my legs and shoving it inside my bag, along with my bra. Once bare, I turned around to the Alpha, hoping for an approval.

“Tie your hair.” He placed a rubber band in my hand. “Loosely.”

I collected my hair into a ponytail and tied it just as he asked for it. A few pieces fell over my face and I pushed them back behind my ear. It was cold in the dungeon even though it was underground. The fire kept the place warm, or maybe it was just my body, warming up with desire.

“Raise your hands.”

I did, pulling my hands up in the air. The Alpha leaned down, leaving an inch between us before he inhaled my scent and a low grumble echoed off. As he traced his fingers down my breasts, my nipples hardened and goosebumps rose along, following the lead of his finger tips.

“You’ve a beautiful body.” He said, touching my hips and leaning closer towards my underwear where my heat lived.

“Thank you,” I mumbled. “Alpha.” Not forgetting to use that term after tonight.

I felt him at my back, his fingers running along my ass and getting closer and closer. My breathing intensified and so did the urge between my legs. He moved my hair from my back and it fell over my shoulder.

“Do you want me to hurt you or love you?” He asked, clutching on my shoulder and kissing the flesh over my back.

“Hurt me…” I closed my eyes. “…a little…” I quickly added, too afraid to learn the lengths of pain just yet. I wasn’t sure about anything much as I only had sex once in my life and there were only a few times I had touched myself. Everything else was just a fantasy, a play of my imagination, wanting to be fulfilled.

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