The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 11

We will have to restraint you.

The absurdity in that man voice was overwhelming. There wasn’t much I could do after Officer Ronald threatened me to stay inside the police station till my Dad arrived. Mom was afraid, her eyes were glistening with fear and when we sat down, she clasped her hands together and bought them to her face before she started shaking.

“Mom?” I looked at her with remorse. “You can go if you don’t want to see him. It’s okay.”

“No,” she shook her head. “He will never speak with you and we both know that.” She swept the hair away from my face and braced me.

She wasn’t wrong. Dad hadn’t spoken to me in over six years, we only made eye contact and whenever I tried to start a conversation with him, he stopped and walked away. I had no idea why he was mad at me as I did nothing wrong and I was still his daughter.

Maybe it was his trash personality Mom failed to see while marrying him. I thought to myself.

We waited inside the police station for a couple minutes more before Mr. Barry barged in through front door, rolling his eyes and attitude in his face. He held much more power than any of us as the Beta of our pack. We had to respect him, no matter what.

I cursed under my breath when he came to us.

“What has your daughter done now?” He asked Mom, not even batting an eye at me.

When Mom stood up to speak with him, Officer Ronald came into the room as well.

“Ms. Marissa claims she has been attacked by an unknown creature.” He quickly said, shooting of suspicious vibes at my direction.

Dad glanced at me, “Of course she’s lying. These two are great liars.” It took him a second, only a second to discard all feelings and emotions into the trash can and assume that my existence was nothing except for a mistake.

“Great!” I jumped up from my seat, anger spurring through my head. “Just great!”

The smile on Dad’s face dropped when I opened up my mouth in front of him.

“Marissa,” Mom grabbed my elbow from the side and tried to pull me.

I snapped my eyes at the Officer, “Is there anyone else you’d like to call because clearly this person thinks I’m lying.”

The Officer looked like he was understanding me but there wasn’t much he could do either, especially with my Dad in the room.

“That’s okay,” I continued, picking up my bag. “I don’t want to talk to anyone who doesn’t believes me so can we just cancel all this shit and call it a day?”

I wanted to leave, immediately.

“You aren’t allowed to talk to people like that.” Dad said, practically growling.

I gave him an eye-roll. “You can’t tell me what to do. What are you even doing here? Of course, you wouldn’t believe me so go back home to your whorish—”

“Marissa!” Mom gave me a hard tug.

Dad didn’t speak to me, the disappointment in his eyes flashed to Mom and he began yelling at her for my mouth.

“Tell your daughter to shut her mouth.”

When he came in closer to strike at Mom, I came in the middle and pushed him back.

“Oh, fuck off!”

He backed away and fisted his hands together in spite. “Talk to me with respect, Marissa, I won’t tell you this again.” His nostrils flared and his eyes flashed red.

“I don’t care. Fuck off, no one wants to talk to you anyway.” I argued, holding nothing back. We weren’t in our house and he couldn’t do anything to Mom.

A smile slid on Dad’s face and he chuckled. I panicked from within, taking a step backwards as he came for me. I was ready to fight back, only this one time but we were interrupted.

“What is happening here?”

It felt like the time froze suddenly. Dad moved backwards, hiding his fistful of anger behind him. I heard the voice, it belonged to the Alpha. I slammed my lips shut and only thought of a way of escaping out of here as I no longer wanted to tell anyone what happened.

Rage charged into me, I turned around and stomped out of the station, leaving everyone in there to argue with each other. The silence was only for a brief second as the Alpha came behind me.

“Marissa.” He took my name.

I avoided him at all costs. I didn’t want the whole entire world to know what had happened inside the woods. I only wanted to dodge a complain and get one of the officers to capture the creature in the woods.

That was all.

My weak legs continued to pull me out of the parking lot of the police station. The farther away I’d be away from here, the better it would be.

“Marissa. I order you to stop.” The Alpha said.

My wolf submitted even when I didn’t want too. We were linked with our Alpha and our human subconsciousness couldn’t do anything but listen to the Alpha’s commands.

A frown crossed my face and I closed my eyes. A hand curled around my arm and the Alpha turned me around.

“What happened? What was happening in there?” He asked, gesturing at the entrance of the station where I just walked out from.

“Nothing.” I held myself back. If Dad got to know that I had whined to the Alpha, it would take him a second to learn about everything and then I’d be nothing except for a dead person.

“Tell me.” He released his hand from my arm and pressured me to spill.

“Nothing.” I repeated.

He furrowed his brows and his eyes wavered down towards the injury on my neck. “You’re hurt.”

I covered the wound with my palm and rubbed it. It still hurt like a bitch. “I’m fine.” I managed to say. When he gazed at me, I lowered my eyes and looked away. “I-I just want to be alone, please.”

“All right. But I would want to know what happened here, not by anyone else but you so whenever you’re comfortable, you can come talk to me. Okay?”

My heart skipped a beat and my eyes met with his. I gave him a short nod and said, “Okay.”

“Good girl.”

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