The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 12

After leaving from the station, Mom and I went home. I lied down on the couch, a small smile over my face as I stared at the broken ceiling above me that would fall one day. Mom wiped a pad soaked in alcohol across my neck and even when there was pain, I couldn’t feel it.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you to the hospital? It’s just a few minutes away and someone needs to check on that leg.” She asked, scowling at my undead behavior.

“I’m fine, Mom, really.” I snapped out of my thoughts and said. “I just need a little bit of sleep and I’ll be perfectly okay.”

After patching up the wound on my neck, she shifted over the couch and touched my leg that was still broken.

“What about your leg, Marissa?”

I grabbed my knee and groaned while lifting the leg up and lowering it down to the floor. “It’s fine. Nothing serious.”

“I’m worried about you.”

“It’s okay, Mom. I can handle this.” By this, I meant with everything happening around me since the past two nights.

After the encounter in the parking lot of the station, I no longer felt the need to be scared or worried about it. The butterflies in my stomach didn’t settle down yet. The Alpha was caring and that gave me some sort of hope.

Mom sighed and rested on the couch beside me. “If anything happens again, tell me. I’ll have to go back to work but if you aren’t okay, I can stay—”

“No, I’m fine, really, you should go back to the hospital.” I curled her hand around mine and continued. “I’m sure they are people who need you to save their lives so please, go.”

She usually worked in the ICU unit and being in a town full of werewolves, deaths and injuries happened everyday. I had to let her go tonight.

“Are you sure?” She asked me again, still hesitating.

“Yes, Mom!” I pushed her with my hands out of the sitting room so she could grab her bag and leave before she began procrastinating again.

After Mom left, I passed out like a drunk bitch in pain and woke up twelve hours later to the bright sunlight burning through my window and my face. My stomach churned with hunger and I turned to the other side, hiding from the sun light.

It was a second later I realized that I hadn’t seen a nightmare nor a dream—nothing.

“Holy Fuck!” I jerked off the bed, pulling the sheets aside and running into the washroom to find nothing on the mirror—nothing.

Did the bitch take a break or what?

I spun in the washroom out of happiness and threw my hands in the air. I couldn’t help but be happy knowing the bitch troubling me was gone, even if it was for a day. Maybe, she saw me and realized it was wrong to torture me or maybe someone caught her.

Whatever it was, I didn’t have to deal with it.

“Mom!” I hurried down the stairs, barely noticing my steps. “Mom!” I knew she was home since her car keys were inside the box.

“Yes? I’m in the room.” She yelled from afar.

I sprinted into her room and found her under the sheets, getting ready to sleep. Oh.

Short of breath, I drew my brows together and asked, “Why didn’t you wake me up for school?” I only noticed the time when I came into her room. It was ten in the morning.

“Honey, you need to sleep and I saw you sleeping peacefully so I didn’t wake you up. It’s okay to take a break sometimes.” She explained, smiling at me.

“Oh, yeah, I had a good sleep but I still got to go to school.” I leaned down and kissed her cheeks. “I’ll see you later, Mom, love you.”

“You too. Take care of yourself!” She shouted.

When I left her room, I closed the door behind so she could get the sleep she deserved without being disturbed by my loud, manic noises. I threw on a casual pair of blue jeans along with a black turtle top to cover the bandaid on my neck.

My leg ached each time I ran too much so I had to stick to walking.

Five minutes after calling Hannah, she appeared on my road, honking loudly till I went out and greeted her like the princess she was.

“I told ten minutes!” I threw my bags into the car and with a little bit of struggle, I got in as well.

“Eh, I don’t know what minutes mean and school without you is too boring.” Hannah shrugged and drove out of the street my house was in.

“So, where are we going?” I knew it wasn’t school.

If Hannah bunked and I skipped a class, we didn’t care about the rest of the day then. The school was going to end up missing us from their attendance record on that day and today seemed like that day.

“We are going to the woods to find the bitch.” She replied, jaw clenched.

“What? No!” I planted my hand against my thumping heart, holding it back from exploding and splitting into bloody pieces.

“It’s day light and if you want to know about that bitch, then we will have to do this by our self since no one else is going to help you.” There was no lie to her reply. She spilled facts.

That bitch—it was a perfect name for the creature.

Taking a deep breath, I nodded, “Fine.”

When we reached the woods, we found a lot of wolves running around, training, practicing, fighting, walking and all those sorts. Either way, we got into the specific place where I thought I got attacked. While walking on the same path, I stepped on an object. Picking it up, I realized it was Mrs. Carlence’s dog’s collar that I had lost last night.

“This is it.” I murmured under my breath. Fear touched at the back of my throat when I remembered the woman holding the collar. She knew I was going to loose it and she knew I was going to come back to get it. It was all planned.

“A collar?”

“Mrs. Carlence’s dog’s collar,” I huffed a heavy breath and dropped it inside my pocket. “At least she’ll have her husband’s ashes back.”

Hannah scoffed before bending down and ruffling her hand through the couple branches and leaves on the ground. Something glittery snaked around her finger and she pulled it.

“A necklace.”

“Is this yours?” She asked me.

I took it from her hand and turned it around to find blood on the side of the chain. “No, it’s not mine but the blood on it might be mine.” I shivered, my hair rising from the top to the bottom of my body.

“Oh, wow, then that bitch is real!”

“Of course,” I pulled the necklace into my palm and turned it into a fist. Raising my head, I looked at the sky. It was clear with fluffy clouds scattered across. “And she’s here for something.”

“Perhaps she’s a witch!”

“Witches don’t live between wolves, it’s against the law.” I reminded her.

A law created by the higher powers, some claimed the Moon Goddess and some claimed the God of hell. There was a long history to why werewolves came into life. We weren’t among the good ones so whoever made us was evil as well.

“Then, some other creature. What did you think it was when you saw her last night?” Hannah inquired.

I dropped my gaze from the sky and looked at her, “She looked like the devil.”

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