The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 13

On the same evening, I was on bed, jotting down and completing a few assignments while struggling with pushing all the memories of last night out of my head. Nothing happened the entire day, no sign of that bitch or anyone else. Mom took an off from work and decided to stay home for the night to look after me.

Midway through writing a sentence, my hand froze and I stopped upon hearing the sound of my Dad’s car engine. The sound I always dreaded from. Heaving in a breath, I slammed my books closed and opened the door of my room.

I peeked from upstairs and watched my helpless Mom opening the door for my Dad. She didn’t know I was awake and she couldn’t sense me as I was hidden behind the shadows of the stairs.

“What are you doing here, Barry? I think you made quite a scene in the police station so leave me alone, for one day.” Mom said, sounding weary and frustrated by him.

Dad invited himself inside the house, pushing past Mom and getting in. “Where is she?” He asked, for me.

“Marissa is sleeping.”

“Good.” As the man he was, he ran his hands through his pants and crouched down on the couch, making himself comfortable while my Mom was scared to death.

“What do you want?” She questioned him again.

I took a step down from the stairs and sat. My hands rolled around the wooden bars and I looked downstairs. I was in the same place and position as I was six years ago. Each time I was here, I heard them argue and get violent in front of me, even when I was a child.

“I’m here to warn you.” Dad began, looking at her with eyes full of anger.

Mom folded her hands across her chest, “About what?” She was confused and so was I.

“Your daughter is getting out of hand again. I heard everything Ronald had to say about her. Is she on meds or something?”

Mom stared at him for a moment. I didn’t know what she felt but it was something between confusion and rage.

“Barry, she isn’t on any meds and what she saw last night was real. It’s up to you if you want to believe it or not.” She replied back, taking my side.

I always knew my Mom would believe me with anything, even if I ever lied. She loved me.

“Whatever it is, you need to control your daughter.” His words warned her. “I would’ve killed her if the Alpha hadn’t walked in the station and the next time I see her, she better show some respect.” The veins on his neck pumped and throbbed.

“Get out, Barry!” Mom exclaimed, raising her hands toward the door. This was the sign of an argument.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

I faded back into my room and closed the door tightly when the argument began between my parents. They threw cusses at each other and soon, those bad words turned violent.

I collected myself in the corner of my room and pulled my knees to my chest before slapping my hands over my ears and shutting off those sounds. The sounds of my Mom crying and my Dad yelling at her, the sounds of a horrible parent, the same sounds I had heard since I was a child.

There was something different today.

I was the problem.

They were fighting about me, taking my name into the argument and running it through dirt. Dad didn’t stop insulting me for the low-life I was.

He had gotten a glimpse

Just a glimpse.

His words struck right at my heart and I pressed my hands harder, pushing him away. There was nothing I could do except to pray for this to be over.

And it was over.

In an hour.

When I heard the noise of my Dad’s car leaving the street, I got up from the ground, wiped my tears away and went downstairs to check on Mom, to see if she was okay, to see if she was alive.


She was sitting on the couch, hands against her head, crying lowly till she saw me. “Oh, honey, you’re awake? I didn’t mean to wake—”

I wrapped my arms around her, “I’m sorry, Mom.”

“No, it’s not your fault.”

I studied her for a minute, checking if she had any bruises or if my Dad had hit her. Her wrists were a dark shade of blue along with her throat.

My heart cried, “Oh, he hurt you again.”

She took a breath and bought a smile over her face. “It’s fine, honey but I need to ask you something.” She grabbed my hand and said.


“There was something Barry was talking about—it happened last night. The Alpha was questioning about you to him, and he was insisting on knowing what happened with you, almost as if he knew you.” She squeezed my hand.

I gasped. Not right now.

“Did you—did you ever talk to the Alpha or be in private with him?” The question came right out of her and I shuddered.

My body stiffened. It was between lying and telling the truth that I did sleep with the Alpha and so on.

After thinking for a second, I shook my head, “No, I never spoke with him, Mom.”

“Are you sure? Never?”


“Oh, that’s a relief. You know your Dad doesn’t likes being questioned, especially about you as it intervenes in his work. It must’ve been the moment.” She heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yeah.” I swallowed the bile of lie in my throat and looked to the other side.

I relied on the Alpha not telling Dad about the night we spent in the dungeon or the morning in the school. It was all private and I’m sure he didn’t want to share that with anyone.

Either way, I needed to talk to him.

I needed to find relief.

After putting Mom to sleep, I switched off all the lights and went back into my room to grab my phone. I could understand Dad’s frustrations of working as a Beta and keeping everything in the town in control but he couldn’t remove his anger on Mom because of me. He still didn’t believe me or the threat I saw in the woods last night because if he did, he’d come to me.

And I doubt the officer or Dad shared anything I blabbered last night with the Alpha or there would have been a search party in the woods and panic in the air.

After grabbing my phone and keys, I left my house and looked for the Alpha.

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