The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 14

Was he out of town? Or somewhere else? I thought to myself while driving at the borders of the town. It was an horrible idea to go out in night and drive around after seeing that bitch but I couldn’t find comfort at home so I drove to the last place I expected the Alpha to be.

I passed by the club and alcohol reeked in the air. Taking a right turn, I stopped and got off my car before heading inside the warehouse.

To my surprise, the man I met when I came down here was no longer there. It was quiet and dark with a golden light dangling by the corner. I quirked a brow at the thick scent of blood, it was all over the area and it made me nauseous.

Biting my bottom lip, I stopped by the stairs that led downstairs to the dungeon. Should I be going in there? Did I even have the permission? Was this wrong? Was I going to die? I ran a strike through all the questions in my head and went downstairs, hoping to see nothing except for the Alpha.

Barely anyone knew where he resided or where his house was, only the high-ranking wolves knew along with my Dad and they didn’t share that information with anyone.

But the Alpha told me I could come talk to him if I wanted too.

I was here now.

Ready to talk.

My heart thumped with every step I took. I considered turning around and leaving but it wasn’t going to hurt if I just went a little more down. My throat tightened and I gasped when I saw blood on the grounds of the dungeon and a light flickering above it. It was red, thick and it was definitely blood.

I moved backwards when I found the Alpha glanced at me. He was dressed in black, sleeves rolled upto his elbow and a wet cloth in his hands, a cloth soaked in blood and water.

“A little heads up would’ve been more ethical.” He said, voice casual as always. The cloth in his hand fell down and the blood from the ground rushed to it, filling it up, again.

“Di—did you kill someone?” I asked, my eyes widening. It did seem like that.

He crouched down and raised his head, watching me. I stared back at him curiously as he wiped the blood off the floor.

“Eh, it was in the morning. Had to kill someone. Although, I did say someone to clean this mess up but he forgot to do it so I’m left with cleaning this up myself.” There wasn’t a single hesitation in his tone, just calmth. “I suppose you were looking for me?” He asked after a moment.

I didn’t know what to do. Run out of here? Or run out of here? It wasn’t many choices I had.

I blinked at the Alpha a couple times unable to form words. “Yeah but I think—I think I should come some other time—”

I was cut off. “No, stay, it’s all right. I’ve a few things to ask you myself. Good you are here.”

I released a heavy breath and my eyes danced across the dungeon. The panic in my chest didn’t pause, not even for a second. I remembered the spot I was in, it was on the other side of the massive dungeon, apparently where people were getting killed too.


“So, you kill people and fuck people in the same place?” I blurted out and when I realized what I had just said, I shut my mouth tightly.

“Now that’s a tricky question,” He replied, getting up and washing the fresh blood of the cloth in a sink by the corner. “I don’t usually kill people. Just rarely—when it’s needed.”

“Wh—who did you kill?” I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation with my own Alpha, in middle of nowhere. I needed to run yet I wanted to stay.

“A passenger in the town,” His eyes landed back on me. “He was getting information in and out. I had to keep him down here for a couple days to retrieve all the information and once he was done talking, I killed him and sent him off to hell.”


This was my chance to run away. No wonder why there were strict rules against talking or meeting with the Alpha. He was killing people here and there and no one wanted to know that.

Did anyone even know that to begin with?

“Anyway, I had a little chat with Ronald last night,” The Alpha diverted all his attention to me as the ground was now clear of any blood and the scent of it was almost gone. “And he was hesitant to say why you were there. I suppose it had to do with something in the woods. What happened?” He snapped right into the inquiring.

I heaved a sigh and loosened my hold on my bag as I had been clutching it with my life, out of fear. “I told him everything, he didn’t believe me.” My voice was low when I replied. No one trusted me and matters just became worse when my Dad was called.

“Then tell me.” When I didn’t say anything, the Alpha walked over to me and placed his hand on my back before taking me away from the blood scene.

We walked into another part of the dungeon where it smelled much better, almost like an ancient wine cellar. Hannah’s Dad had one of those and the smell took me back to my younger years when I’d go down there with her.

Just as I thought, it was a wine cellar. The wooden, ancient shelves were lined with wine bottles and they surrounded me.

The Alpha retrieved a glass with ice and poured wine before handing it over to me.

“You don’t have to be so afraid of me, I wouldn’t kill you and if I did, I promise you’d enjoy it.” He said, sarcasm in his tone and gaze as it swept on me.

Why was he being so nice? Or was he always like this and no one knew? This was probably the second time I was ever talking to my Alpha in eighteen years of my life.

Maybe no one knew him.

Maybe he wasn’t as cruel as we thought.

The wine flowed down my throat as I sipped on it. My body relaxed and the tension alleviated off my mind.

“There was someone I saw in the woods yesterday.” I began, coming out of my little fearful bubble.


“A woman—I mean, it sounded like a woman. I went on a walk with my neighbors dog earlier and accidentally lost his collar so I went back to get it, that was when I met the woman.” I stopped for a second, trying to recall the images. When I did remember the words she said, my voice further dropped down. “She told me she was there to take me to hell.”


The same thing the Alpha told me a moment earlier—he killed someone and sent him to hell. It never occurred to me that this started right after I had my night with him, right after I slept with the Alpha—who was a half-demon or so we all heard.

“What?” His voice held a note of suspicion. “What did she look like?”

I shook my head, “I can’t describe.” It would be hard for anyone to believe what I had seen.

My heart shook a little when the Alpha came close to me, standing tall. He rolled his sleeves back up and his hands almost touched my head.

“Turn around.” He said, gesturing with his hands.

I turned to the blank wall and fear attacked me from all sides. I pressed my teeth over my lower lip while anxiety pumped in my veins. The hair on my skin rose and I shut my eyes tightly. I could hear the thundering of my heart against my chest when the Alpha pressed his fingers on the sides of my forehead.

“You just have to let me in on your memories,” He whispered after a long minute of silence.

I nodded my head and went through everything that happened since the night I left this place.

“Good girl.”

My breathing raced and wrinkles formed around my eyes as a slight pain rose in my head. He was tapping into my mind, seeing everything I couldn’t tell.

From all the writings on my mirror, to the nightmares I had seen and to the creature I faced last night.

He saw everything.

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