The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 15

I lifted my eyes open when I had assumed the Alpha had seen enough. The darkness disappeared and it took a mere moment for me to settle with the golden light inside the dungeon. His hands were no longer against my head but it felt like they had left an imprint. My mind was buzzing with a headache on it’s way.

My heart pounded against my chest and my skin tightened when I flickered my gaze over to the Alpha and found him still lost in the memory—his eyes were pure black with no gist of color or soul in them. He didn’t move or talk. It was just a second before he snapped out of his daze and looked at me, surprised.

Did he know who it was?

The moment of surprise died off when he blinked and tore his gaze away from mine.

“I’ve to go.” He whispered, taking a large step away from me.


“Stay here. I’ll be back.” It was more of a command than a murmur. With that, he disappeared into the thin air and when I reached out for him, he was gone, just like that.

“No, no…” My heart beat quickly with fear and I swirled around the room. The Alpha had the answers I was looking for. He knew something.

I blinked a couple of times before licking my lips and pushing myself over a chair and snarling. Fuck. Where did he even go? One second he was here and the other second he was gone. Surely, people couldn’t do that, they couldn’t just disappear.

I placed my arms over the table and buried my head in there before closing my eyes. Last night was much clearer than before and just remembering it again bought shivers to my body.

I waited for minutes, as the Alpha asked me too. The hope of getting some answers didn’t force me to move at all. When a couple more minutes passed by, I grabbed the bottle of wine and drank a little.

With every minute, I grew curious and took a sip till nothing was left in the bottle and my mind was numb enough to disobey the orders of my Alpha. I stopped drinking when everything in front of me began getting blurry and I couldn’t see properly.

I clutched the side of the table and stood up. Heaving in a breath, I decided to leave and walk out of the dungeon as I was loaded with wine and nothing was going through my head.

The cold air gushed at my face as I dragged myself to the empty streets. It was late, probably around one in the morning. The club nearby was filled up with strangers and the music was so loud that even I could hear it from a distance.

I struggled to pull out my car keys and when I did, I remembered I couldn’t drive as I was not in my senses and unless I wanted to die, I needed to find another way to get home.

Standing by the edge of the street, I looked for a cab or someone I could hitch a ride with. The town was safe, we didn’t have any bad people around here, everyone was friendly and caring.

A red car approached me with its low beam lights on. It drove slowly and stopped right were I was standing. My prayers were answered too quickly and that alone was suspicious.

The window rolled down and a young woman looked at me and asked, “I think you need a ride home, don’t you?” Her voice was sweet and girly. I couldn’t see much of her face as it was dark.

My subconscious stopped me from getting inside a car with a complete stranger but at the same time, I couldn’t have a subconscious when I was drunk and sad.

“Yeah, I do. It’s nearby.” I raised my hand and gestured at the road that would lead towards my house.

“No worries. Get in,” She pulled her handbrake and started the engine.

I threw away my gut-instinct into the trash can and got inside the car without a second thought. The woman rolled her windows back up and sped out of the area.

“I’m Artemis by the way but you can call me Missy.” She said, glancing at me with a wide smile over her face.

I had never heard that name before, even when I knew most of the young women around here as I had a lot of girl friends apart from Hannah.

“Are you new into town?” I asked, placing my head against the leather seat of the car.

“Yeah—yeah, I am.”

The woman didn’t look any older than me, probably in her late teens or early twenties. Under the golden street lights, I saw her face and it was beautiful. She had black hair, soft and silky, flowing down over her shoulders while her skin was pale as a ghost with a hint of red over cheeks and lips.


I held myself together and turned my eyes away from her while only one question rang in my mind.

Why the fuck was I being attracted to a woman?

“So, what were you doing out here alone? Getting drunk?” She asked, creating a conversation.

I laughed and shook my head, “No, no, I was just—walking.”

“With vodka?“

“No,” I wavered my hand in the air. “Just had a little to drink.“

“It doesn’t seem like that.“ Her eyes trailed across my body before everything went dark and her words no longer made sense.

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