The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 16

Xalorad’s POV

When I had gotten a glimpse of what was coming my way, I left the land of mortals and arrived in the land of demons—hell. Panic rose from within me and I breathed heavily. Fire shot up the sky and I found myself standing inside the castle.

“Oh, it’s been three days, Mr. Xal. Father is going to be pissed.” Johnathan said, rushing into the room where I was in.

“Where is he?” I asked, rushing out and finding him. I needed the truth and that truth was only going to come from the fiery dungeons under this castle where the worse of all were locked up.

“What’s the hurry?”

I stopped on my steps and turned around. “Where is he, Johnathan? I won’t ask this again.” I repeated, almost scowling at the poor servant.

“All right, all right, he’s in the throne room. Don’t go in with this attitude or he might just force you to stay here forever.”

Rather than listening to the blabbers of Johnathan, I spun around and went upstairs to the throne room where I’d find my Father, in other terms, the God of Hell. I went past the stoned idol that poured lava down it’s mouth and that was when I knew the throne room was just a minute away.

An orange shade covered the skies of hell along with dark gray clouds and a strong mist that sickened those that were being punished down here.
I was a mere visitor.

I stepped inside the throne room and Father’s demonic eyes grasped me even from afar. “You were supposed to be here yesterday.” He said, complain in his tone.

“I was busy.” I replied, moving past the beacon of fire that hung around in the middle of the throne room.

“Busy?” He raised his brow and I bowed down to him before anything else. “You were required to be here and all you were doing was attending assembly’s in a school of mortals.” He began, shaking his head in disappointment.

“It’s my job.”

“Your job is to be here, with me.” He stated.

“And I intend on being here soon enough.” There wasn’t much I could give my Father since he complained all the time, whether I was here or not.

“Soon it is then. I’ll be waiting for that time.”

I cleared my throat and jumped into what I wanted. “I need to talk to Selene, it’s an important matter.”

“About what?” His questions were never-ending.

“Father—I request to speak with her immediately so if you can send one of your men to take me down to the dungeons then that would be easier for both of us.” I said, not giving a lot. It wasn’t like I was sure of anything in the first place.

What could I even say to my Father? Oh, I’m suspicious that I have been destined with a female wolf. He’d tear my head apart instantly, without any remorse and let me rot here with the other’s for the rest of my life.

Father sighed and rolled his eyes, “Fine. Take Johnathan—” He looked back at the servant behind me and continued. “Johnathan, take Xalorad to the dungeons and keep a close eye.”

“Yes, Master.” Johnathan replied. “Come on.”

I spun around and followed Johnathan downstairs to to where special prisoners were being held. Among those prisoners was Selene, the Queen of the moon who my Father had captured five years ago and kept her here. It was all a part of his gruesome plan, the one where she wouldn’t be able to write destines of werewolves.

Selene had a special power and that power was taken when my Father took her. Since then, there were no mates, no destines written, no spirits melded.

“This is the first time I’m hearing someone wants to meet with Selene.” Johnathan said, poking his nose everywhere he could. The only eye upon me down here was his and his existence bothered me.

He was supposed to be my guardian, not an icky, pesty cockroach.

“Well, first time for everything.” I grunted while following him.

The dungeons in hell were purely made out of fire and stone. A mortal touching the walls could kill them. To begin with, they weren’t even for mortals, they were one for those who had betrayed my Father in the worst way—which Selene had, once upon a time.

“Is she even alive?” I inquired, glancing at the state of prisoners that were burned from the bottom to the top.

“Oh, she is, very alive!”

Johnathan took me lower into the dungeons and asked one of the guards to open up the doors. Fire was leashed upon the grounds before they opened the doors for me. We travelled deeper and deeper till we came across a special dungeon, crafted for Selene, our lovely Goddess.

The guards allowed me into the lair and once in there, I demanded for Johnathan to leave me alone.

“I’ve something important to discuss with Selene so if you can kindly walk out, it would be great otherwise, I’ll have to force you to leave.” I threatened him before he began shooting the miserable worries of my Father.


“No buts. Leave, Johnathan.” I stared into his pupils that didn’t intend on submitting to me anytime soon. I gritted my teeth together and continued. “Do I have you to remind you that once I become the God, you’ll be the first one to die?”

“No. Not really.” He shrugged and with his fists clenched, he walked out of the lair, leaving me alone.

The gigantic door creaked and was closed behind me while the dark lair was brightened with fire. I looked into the eyes of the woman I was initially supposed to bow to.

“Xalorad?” She raised an eyebrow. “What should I expect this visit for?” She moved around with a candle in her hand. Her eyes were dwelled with a spark of hope, as they were when I last saw her.

Selene wore the same dress as she wore five years ago. A light blue gown embedded with diamonds and crystals. There wasn’t a single bruise or a scratch over her. Father was taking care of her as he promised me. He didn’t want to hurt her but only stop her from making the wrong choices—as she has been doing for centuries.

“Did you pair me with someone?” I asked, bumbling up some confidence to hear her answer.

Her soft, pale hands reached for me and she held my face. “You were one of my favorite creations. Of course you were paired with someone. Long ago.” She smiled.


“You know I can’t tell that.”

“I need to know,” I had too. “There is a woman—a girl and she has been seeing visions or dreams, some are forced but some are real and you are in one those dreams along with my Father so I need to know.”

The visions Marissa were getting bought me here. They contained the mark of hell, Father, Selene and the entire hell. Not only that, there was someone who knew about it, someone who knew there was a chance of Marissa being mated to me.

Someone among the demons and that someone had the audacity to trouble her.

“As I told you five years ago, I’m obliged to mate every single one of your wolves to someone and you know who your mate is. I don’t need to tell you, Xalorad.” Selene explained, parting her hands away from my face.

When my Father took her and bought her here, it was to stop her from mating wolves with another. Five years, no one among the wolves had mated with anyone and that bought an halt to one of the oldest traditions of werewolves.

We still mated, a lot of wolves from my pack mated and marked their territory—female wolves—even when they weren’t destined and that worked out well.

I took in a shaky breath. “It is her then?”

“It is whoever your heart, your wolf tells it is.”

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