The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 17

Marissa’s POV

I woke up with happy heart and an agonizing headache. The morning felt different. I rolled across the bed and checked my phone quickly to see a couple messages from Hannah and nothing more. Grabbing a couple pills, I tried to relieve myself from the headache I had given myself last night.

I took a quick, steamy shower and changed my clothes before heading for school with a pair of sunglasses on.

My mood was somehow crappy but I felt at peace, my wolf did.

“Hey!” Hannah ran to me when she saw me fumbling through my locker and grabbing my books. “Oops, someone has been drinking and not on weekends.” She noticed me quick.

“Yeah,” I sighed, shaking my head.

“We have a free class. Let’s go get some dose of caffeine. It will make you feel better too.”

I drew my sunglasses down and gave her a stare of horror. The only thing I wanted to do was go back into bed and stay there for a couple of days but coffee didn’t sound bad.

“All right. Let’s go.”

We walked out of the school as we didn’t have anything to do here. Being in sixth form came with benefits, we could leave and come anytime we wanted too. Hannah drove me around the block and we came across a small vintage coffee shop where we decided to have a cup of coffee along with a piece of donut.

“So, where were you last night? I rang you a couple times and you weren’t picking up.” Her lips pouted as she poured a spoonful of sugar into her skimmed coffee. Why?

“Just around. The weirdest thing happened to me last night.” I slowly began remembering the moments. “I met this girl when I was drunk and she was super sweet, she drove me home and was with me till I fell asleep.”

Hannah’s brow furrowed out of curiosity, “What girl?”

“I think her name was Missy and she was new in town,” I replied when her face flashed in mind. She was so beautiful, so different.

“Oh. Nice.”

I still had to see the Alpha again, I hoped he had returned from wherever he disappeared too. I leaned back against the wooden seats and bought the cup of coffee over to my lips. It was warm and smelled amazing. A slow, instrumental music was being played in the cafe and that bought me relief.

I closed my eyes and took a little sip, all lost in the moment until Hannah screamed.

“Why the fuck are you marked?”

I gagged and coughed while placing the cup back on the table. “What?!”

She raised her hand and flicked my hair away from my neck. “Who the fuck marked you?” Her gaze was focused on my neck.

I slapped my hand over it and tried to feel the mark. I had bruises from the other night, when that bitch tried to kill me with her acrylics but nothing else.

“No. No one.” When I couldn’t feel anything, I grabbed my phone and turned on the camera to see myself. “Wait. What the fuck?” I jumped off the chair, screaming out of bewilderment before running into the washroom inside the cafe itself.

Hannah ran behind me, as confused as I was. I rubbed my palm against the mark, hoping it would go away but it didn’t.

“No, no, no.” I mumbled, opening the tap water and splatting it on the mark. There was a mark indeed on my neck and it wasn’t just any mark, it was the mark of someone who had claimed me as theirs. “No, no!”

“You’re just eighteen, Marissa. Why would you want to tie your life with someone so quickly?” Hannah asked, not helping me at all.

“I didn’t!” I exclaimed, my eyes growing wider. “I don’t know how this happened. There were only two people I met last night.” My heart was racing out of my chest at that second.


“The Alpha and that other woman.”

“Why the fuck were you meeting with the Alpha?”

There was a whole chaotic scene in the washroom and I was thankful that no one was around me apart from Hannah.

“Just like that. But, I was sober then and he left so it wasn’t him. It was the woman, the woman who was being so sweet.” I groaned hard and threw my hair into a ponytail so I could go to a doctor and surgically get rid of the mark as I didn’t want it.

No wonder my wolf was purring since morning.

“Did you have sex with her?”

“No!” My stern gaze flew over to Hannah. “Of course, I didn’t. I’m pretty straight and you know that.”

“Then why did she mark you?”

I had no idea. Confusion rose in my head as I tried to remember the pieces of last night. It was just her and me in my house and she tucked me into bed and saw me sleep before she left—which I doubted she did.

My vision weakened and it struck me suddenly. “Unless she is the same woman who has been torturing me for no reason.” I snarled.

“But wasn’t that one ugly?”

“Yeah.” I closed my eyes and took a heavy breath before walking out of the washroom. “Okay. I’m going to find that woman and—maybe talk to her.” I whispered while taking a quick peak at the barista who had just seen me have a panic attack.

“And? How is that going to help? A claim, a mark is permanent and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. You’re doomed for life!”

I lowered my voice and replied, “I didn’t ask for this, Hannah. Someone forcefully claimed me. I didn’t consent to being marked by a stranger.” There had to be a loophole to get rid of this.

Hannah let out a sigh and took the coffees to go as we were leaving the cafe immediately. I couldn’t sit and relax knowing someone had marked me. We went back to the school where I decided to grab my car and hunt that woman down.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine? I can come along. I’ve a better vision in spotting bitches.” Hannah suggested.

“No, no, it’s fine. I don’t even know where I’m going to start looking for her so it’s going to take a lot of time. What if she has left the town or something else? I don’t want to waste your time.” I explained, sliding a hand into my pockets and leaning against her car.

“Oh, well, all right. I’ll cover up for you then. Let me know when you find her.”

“Okay. Bye!”

I watched her go back into the school before I turned around and went to the parking lot to grab my car and began the hunting. Why would a woman even mark me? I wasn’t even gay to began with.

Opening the door of my car, I grabbed the turtle neck sweater and threw it on myself to cover the mark so no one else could see. We wolves had the freedom to mate whenever we wanted too and in our town, most of us mated in their late twenties or thirties, when they were ready to settle down or get married or make pups.

I slammed the door of my car shut out of frustration and walked over to the other side to get in the driver’s seat. Just as I turned, I found the Alpha standing behind me.

Startled, I stepped back.

“There is something I need to talk to you about,” He said.

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