The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 18

I scratched the back of my head and threw a couple locks of my hair over my shoulder to hide away anything that could be seen. The first and the last person in this world that would know I was marked was Hannah—no one else, not another single soul. I didn’t want to stray away any men coming into my direction as females who were marked were completely out of reach as they were someone else’s property.

My heart fluttered a little and I felt a usual clench between my thighs when I saw the Alpha standing tall in front of me. Clearing my throat, I said, “Yeah? I was just going to go to school but since I’ve a couple of free classes, I can talk.”

Correction. I was bunking to find the woman that had marked me in my sleep.

“Oh, okay, can you come with me? A parking lot isn’t the best to place to talk after all.”

I chuckled and nodded, “Yes. I’ll just grab my bag.” I turned around and opened the door of my car to take my bag that I had just kept inside.

I didn’t want to act like I was skipping school, especially in front of the Alpha as that would cause another problem.

I followed the Alpha out of the parking lot and to the entrance of the school where I found a very similar car—almost the same one I had seen last night except for the color was different. The woman drove a red one and this one was black. What did these similarities mean?

Sitting inside the car felt odd as the interior was the exact same with only a little bit of different. There could be two same cars in the world. Why was I acting dumb?

Shifting on the seat, I started, “I’m sorry for leaving. It got to late and I think I drank a little too much out of boredom.” I wanted to apologize for disobeying the command I had gotten last night.

“No, no, it’s fine. I shouldn’t have asked you to wait knowing it was going to take a lot of time.” The Alpha replied, giving me a smile before diverting his attention back on the road.

“What was going to take a lot of time?” I was curious and our conversation last night didn’t end well. My gaze flickered lower to his hand on the steering and found the mark, the black tattoo—the same one from my dream.

“What you had seen in your dream was a part of hell. Long story short, you had seen Selene and my Father, the two figures.”

“What?” My voice raised. “Selene?”

Buildings and shops flashed by and I swallowed hard while growing nervous. Where was he taking me? To hell? I mean—I knew that place existed but it wasn’t my time to go there yet. I wasn’t even dead to began with.

The Alpha took a wild left turn and stopped by an empty area of the town, near abandoned buildings. I bit my bottom my lip to keep myself from screaming.

Couldn’t I get a break?

When the car stopped, the Alpha snapped his head at me. “Are you scared?”

“No—no, of course not.” I stated, with a little terrified giggle. I was drowning in fear, for God’s sake.

“Selene is the Goddess of moon as you must’ve learned in your younger school years. She was behind creating mortals with the power of wolves,” He said, his gaze casted upon me like never. “And she used to pair wolves with another but that was stopped five years ago when my Father succeeded in taking her.”

“Wait. What?” I squinted my eyes before removing my sun glasses.

“You do know that I’m a demon, right?”

“Of course.”

Everyone knew.


A sex demon.

We all knew he was a sex demon. Demons were real for a fact but they didn’t appear here unless like the Alpha did. We all could only see him because he was bought up here and was a part werewolf.

My skin itched as he continued, “When Selene was captured, the passage to here and hell was opened but my Father—as the ruler of hell has been able to control who goes and comes. Someone, among us, has been slipping through and that’s the demon you had seen on that night.”

I gasped, “Do you know who it is?”

“We come in different forms and it was morphed face so I couldn’t tell.”

Different forms.

It meant the girl I saw last night was probably the demon in the woods and she must’ve marked me. But why?

“I don’t understand. Why would someone—”

“Hurt you?” He cut me off and asked. I nodded and he continued. “I managed to speak with Selene last night. Part of your visions showed you were hell and you were able to return here, and there are only a few people who can do that without dying and facing their punishment.”

“Like you?”

“Yes, I’ve a foot in both, here and hell and the only other person who could shift through these two worlds without being a demon is a female wolf who Selene had paired me with.” He further explained.

I didn’t have the nerves to come into a conclusion to what he meant as that was a little stretch, even for me. I turned my head towards the front window of the car and saw the trail leading to the woods from afar. There was an empty football court beside me, abandoned. The stifle silence around crept me and my stomach ached.

“Like fated mates?” I broke the silence. Being fated to someone among the wolves was now a buried tradition that no one practiced and it made sense as the our Moon Goddess was being held in hell, bringing a pause to her duty.

“Yes.” The Alpha replied, not sounding shocked or scared like I was.

I wasn’t scared about the fact that I was fated to someone but rather about the mark on my neck that would bring me to my doom if the Alpha learned someone else had already claimed me.

I licked my dry lips and pushed back my fear. “Do you someone named Missy? Or Ar—”


My breath hitched, “Yeah, that’s her name.”

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