The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 19

Xalorad’s POV

It took me a moment to process the name—Artemis. “What about her?” I asked while trying hard to remember the last time I had encountered with that wild creature that had no ounce of humanity in her. Again, I couldn’t expect humanity from someone who wasn’t even a human to begin with.

“I—I saw her last night.”

My world tilted for a second. “When?”

“She took me home. I got a little drunk.” There was something at the back of Marissa’s voice, something she was hiding.

“And?” I furthered her to continue.

“And, that’s all.” She barely made an eye contact and fidgeted with the hem of her sweater. Her actions telling me otherwise.

I wanted to believe that was all but I could already tell that wasn’t. The person who knew about this than anyone else was her—my Father’s favorite, my cousin, the Goddess of virtue, someone who was against all my doing’s in this world—Artemis.

I stayed in stance, prohibiting myself from fearing her appearance in the mortal world. How did Father even allowed her to come here? Did he know about her whereabouts? There was nothing more I needed to know. She was the trouble and I had to find her before she opened her saint mouth and spilled everything.

But before that, I asked Marissa, “Is there anything she did or said?”

The scent of her tainted fear was strong yet she shook her head, “No, nothing.”

I nodded and released a short breath. “Artemis is my cousin and if you ever see her again, tell me.” I started the engine and drove back to the school to drop her off before she missed any of her classes.

As much as my wolf wanted to consume our mate, I couldn’t, not before I spoke with Artemis and warned her. She was causing trouble in my land, scaring my mate—it was disrespectful and uncalled for.

“You should attend your classes. I’ll see you later,” I said, stopping the car at the entrance of her school.

Her soft green eyes pierced at me before she tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear and walked out. Her unsteadiness indicated there was something much worse troubling her and that she was lying to me.

My gaze remained on her till she walked into the school grounds and disappeared into the building. Once Marissa was gone, I sped out and called Herman.

“Locate Artemis for me. She isn’t in hell for all I know.” I said as soon as he picked up the call.

“All right. Give me a second.” Herman mumbled, fiddling through something I couldn’t see. He got back to me in a minute. “She isn’t here.” He responded from hell.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Wait—from what I can see, she was last seen on street 63, it’s by a gas station. That’s all I can get for you.” Herman continued, sending me the location where he last saw her.

He was among the few demons that were commanded by my Father to keep an eye out for whoever left hell. Although, he didn’t always give the details to Father until it was necessary, or something wrong had happened.

I dropped the call and drove to the gas station I assumed Artemis would be in. This was no place for her, she had to be sent back. I doubted Father knew about her presence on my land. He would’ve never agreed as that would cause a clash between my wolves and demons, mocking us and the werewolf world hated that.

I grumbled under my breath when I found her at the gas station, standing by the counter with a bag of chips her in hands and a card in the other one. I bought my car to a halt and stepped out.

Folding my hands across my chest, I leaned against my car and waited for her to come out. The second she did, I questioned her unwanted presence. “What are you to doing here?”

Her steps became nervous and she acted frightened. The act stopped when she smiled at me. “Uh, just getting some chips—these ones are so delicious!” She exclaimed, offering the bag to me.

“What are you doing here? I won’t ask you again, Missy.” I mocked her human name that she usually used whenever she had a play in her mind.

“Just looking out for my cousin. Is it that bad?” She gave me a playful pout while her eyes were full of deception and mischief.

“Yes, it is.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the people looking at us. “I know what you are doing here and it will better for both of us if you stop playing around and leave before I tell my Father.”

A frown crept on her face and she asked, “Does he knows you have a beautiful mate? I’ll admit, she has really pretty eyes, so innocent and pure and just not right for a devil like you.”

A wave of dread shot through my spine and I grunted at her remarks. “How did you even know?” If I was right, she knew about it before me and that was nearly impossible unless she had visited Selene the same day I had fucked Marissa.

“I have my ways, Xal. I can tell when someone is going to be ruined and you know I can’t let that happen—I just couldn’t let you mate with her, especially without telling your Father.” Her voice grew icky and irritating in my ears.

I was ready to show Artemis my wrath and send her back to hell but something in her words bothered me.

“What did you do to her?” I questioned, lining my lips straight.

She giggled before slapping her free hand over her mouth, “Oh, you didn’t even notice?”

“Notice what?”

She purposely stretched the silence and in that silence, I tried to think of something odd. Marissa told me she had dropped her home and to where my memory went, they didn’t speak a lot as she was drunk.

“I have marked your little princess of hell—” Artemis pushed her hands out in defense. “Before you do anything, let me just tell you that she was practically begging for it, all right? Maybe it was the heat. And, anyway, Uncle Hades would’ve never approved so it wasn’t like you had a chance with her anyway.”

Blood flooded into my eyes and in vain, I almost attacked Artemis but stopped when I realized it would create a scene and we were still at the gas station.

Taking a deep breath, I growled, “You did what?”

“Uh, I marked her, boo. You can’t do anything about it anymore so just let it go, okay?” She repeated, showing no remorse.

She moved back as I stomped towards her in pure rage. “You are one bitch.”

“Now, you’re being rude, Xal. I’ll see you in hell or maybe not.” She shrugged and with a flick of her fingers, she vanished, returning to hell, where she just loved staying at.

There was no way I could find her down there.

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