The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Alpha chuckled behind me. “There is no such thing as little. It’s either it or not.”

I was aroused, my nipples were hard, tightening with the cold. His arm curled around my stomach, his hand dipping rough hand dipping inside my underwear and meeting with the softness of my clit. I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth and arched my back, my body shuddering with the sensation.

I wasn’t sure what I was more excited about.

Being touched by an Alpha.

Or being touched by an Alpha.

Another of his calloused hand kneaded my dark nipple. I held my breath back and fisted my hands.

“You’re cunt is dripping.” I heard him as he drew a finger through my wetness before pinching my clit.

I squealed at the lightest pain and my pulses leapt with excitement. I grew more heated as I felt my wetness trickle down between my thighs. He moved his hand out of my underwear and the same hand came over my shoulder.

“On your knees.” He gave me a light push and I suddenly gave in, bending my knees and sitting on the cold ground with my aching arms still up.

I heard a shuffle of chains before the Alpha grabbed my wrists and restrained them with leather cuffs. My throat swelled and my heart thumped with anticipation. A black, silk cloth touched my eyes and I closed them as he blindfolded me. A gush of moisture filled my underwear and I shifted out of embarrassment. The newness forced my nipples to turn rougher, and they ached when he tugged on them.

A tough strap of leather caressed my back. At the speculation of a belt, goosebumps rose on my skin again and I gasped.


“Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” The Alpha asked, gripping my hair. I shook my head in response even when I knew the answer to it but it was hard for the words to go through the knot in my throat. “I’m going to punish you and you’re going to take it like a good, obedient slut. If you scream, let alone make a single sound, I’ll punish you harder and deeper until you’re disciplined.”

My skin tightened and I pushed my feet underneath me to hold back but he dragged them apart and struck his hand at the delicate flesh around my inner thighs.

“Keep them spread. You’re not allowed to cum unless I say so.” He released a low growl before his dark, psychic scent drifted away from me.

I straightened my back and gasped as the leather kissed my flesh. The pit of my stomach churned. It burned but when he struck me again, back and forth, bruising my back. I fisted the chains and bit my lips to contain my sounds back. The pain was somewhat pleasurable, but what was greater than that was the silence and the suspense of where he’d strike next. I found myself shifting on the ground, squirming away and whimpering lowly.

The second I collected my legs under my pool of wetness, he swung the leather over my legs and forced then apart. I pursued my lips shut when the strikes got rougher and they began hurting. The leather ran across my breasts and my hard nipples before halting under my neck.

The Alpha wrapped a hand around my jaw and dragged my head towards himself. I felt him behind me, his body close to mine and his gaze burning through me.

My body tingled and a gasp almost slipped out of me. He placed his hand over my mouth, and struck the leather across my breast, whacking my nipple. I jolted but didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Such a good girl.” Satisfaction edged in his tone and he moved the leather belt away from me. At last. He laughed a little before walking away.

My head dropped along with my body as I got a minute to gather myself. Heavy pants filled up the room, my throat dried out and my shoulders began hurting with the restraints that pulled them up. I heard a shuffling before I sensed the Alpha standing in front of me, his closeness equally disturbing and somewhat comforting.

My body tensed under his fingertips as they dug into the soft flesh of my thighs. He pulled on the lace of my underwear, ripping it apart and letting the fabric rest slip down. Each time he touched me, I felt more and more powerless.

His hand cupped my pussy, skimming through my wet, needy folds and exploring them. A chuckle slipped out of his mouth. “Do you enjoy being punished?” He roughly questioned before pressing a thick finger at my slick entrance.

My knees buckled, and a deep moan escaped my throat as he thrusted a finger into my tight opening, another one threatening to slip inside. He placed his hand on my back, holding it firmly, not allowing me to squirm or move in anyway. Wetness spilled down my legs as he curled his finger and I heard another murmur of satisfaction leave his lips. He eased another finger inside me, slowly as it barely went through my passage.

I hissed and gritted my teeth together. The currents raced through my body, telling me something else but I ignored them. I was at the edge, trembling, shaking with the pressure built up at my core, lowering down to explode.

“Please,” I cried. “Can I cum?”


I writhed against the chains and kept myself from screaming. His fingers twisted inside my hungry pussy and his thumb worked against my clitoris. He knew what he was doing, and he knew I couldn’t control myself, yet he tormented me.

“Please, please.” I begged, slipping away.

He tugged me forward, inching closer and fingering deeper. I grabbed the restraints, clutching on them as my body wrecked and my arousal heightened, almost breaking through. Right at the edge, he pulled out his fingers and his hand.

I panted hard before my lowering my ass back to the ground. The feeling still rested at my core. I was at the peak, unable to feel anything else. The chains connected with the cuffs came off and I bought my hands down, my muscles throbbed. I closed my eyes and breathed heavily.

The Alpha pushed me on the bare ground, my breasts fell apart while my wrists were still bound over my stomach. He parted my legs and I suddenly felt a cock prodding at my wet entrance. My hip moved towards his shaft, spreading my wetness around him.

“You want it bad, don’t you?” He asked, tracing his cock over my slit and parting my folds.

“Yes, please. I need you inside.”

He tore through my quivering sheath without a warning and ravished me. My hips turned, and my pussy grasped onto his cock as it’s length and width stuffed my inside, driving me mad. His hot breath caressed my neck as I felt his lips almost on my skin.

“Can I cum, please?” I asked, fighting against the tears.

He pinched at my clit before pushing his cock deeper. “Is it going to hurt you if you hold it and be a good girl?” He growled.

I cried out, clenching my body together even though it wanted to rip apart. His two fingers pressed around my clit, stroking it lightly while he rammed into me, mercilessly. Moisture leaked down, slithering all over his cock and more of it built up, puddling underneath me.

“You can cum now.” I heard him at last, the final order.

He withdrew his fingers away from my clit and my orgasm soared out of my groin into a shuddering euphoria, it scorched through my body like a divine flare, resting finally. My pussy felt numb as if I had just lost sensation, it throbbed around his cock and slowly poured out the rest of my juices. I drifted down from the great heights I had been in and I managed a weak, small smile.


It was long after my orgasm that the Alpha came, into me, raw. My body burned with the pain of lashes and the pain of holding myself back. Energy was drained out of me as I sat up straight, still blindfolded and with his cum still inside me.

The bright red from the fire inside the dungeon blinded me as the Alpha took the cloth away from my eyes and proceeded with undoing the cuffs around my wrists.

I watched him, focusing on my hands but the second he looked at me, I narrowed my gaze and jerked a little.

“Wear your clothes.” He ordered before walking away into another direction.

I pulled the dress out of my bag and quickly put it on, not caring about anything else. My skin was red and slightly bruised but I couldn’t tell much as it was dark. I almost jumped again when the Alpha appeared out of nowhere.

He stood close to me, closer than I had ever been. We weren’t allowed to stand that close to him—in public. His hand lengthened and he pressed a pill between my lips.

“It’s for the pain.” He said.

I parted my mouth and the pill slipped inside. He offered water and I drank it, fulfilling the thirst in my throat.

“Thank you.”


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