The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 21

Wavering a book over my head, I sprinted towards the cafe while holding Hannah’s soul with my other hand. Heavy rainfall poured on the grounds with light thunder hitting the sky after every second or so. The water spilled right at me, soaking the raincoat I surprisingly found in my car or my clothes would’ve been ruined.

“You know you don’t have to take me as a bait,” Hannah whined, slowing her pace as we were going too quick. I didn’t have enough patience to wait another day for Lucas to give me the rest of his research.

A couple of days back, when we initially met, he gave me a few parts of his research and while there was a lot of information about mates and marking in there, it was completely useless to me and the mark I held on my neck.

I needed more.

“I’m not taking you as bait. Lucas just needs to believe that I’m doing this for you or else he’ll get suspicious.” I replied, gritting my teeth together out of cold.

She gave me an exaggerated eye-roll before pausing by the entrance of the cafe. I went over everything again, all the lies I told to Lucas. Hannah needed to have the exact story.

“Okay, okay, I get it. Let’s go in before I turn into a fucking toad with this rain.” She pushed she door open and silenced me down before walking into the cafe.

It was warm inside, cosy and smelled like cinnamon. I waved my hand at Lucas when I found him sitting alone by the rainy window. When he waved back at me, I grabbed Hannah from checking out the guys and took her to him.

“Hey, sorry we got a little late.” I said quickly before taking a seat in front of him. My hand was tightly wrapped around Hannah’s incase she spilled something she shouldn’t and in that matter, I could pinch her hard till her memories came back.

“Oh, no worries,” Lucas glanced at her and continued. “Hey, Hannah, how are you?” There was a little sympathy at the back of tone as he knew that she was forcefully marked one night.

“I’m okay.” Hannah kept up with the act.

“Do—would you two like something?”

I opened my mouth before she did, “No, not really. We have to really get back to her house before her Dad comes.” All I wanted was the rest of the research.

Apparently, I learned that every supernatural creature could mate and mark another except for humans. It wasn’t just us feral wolves that marked but even demons and whatever other odd creatures that lived.

Lucas nodded and reached for his brown duffle bag. Pulling out a couple white sheets, he placed them over the table and slid it to me.

“This is the rest of it. I’m sure I searched about marks and marking between werewolves—”

I cut him off, “What if it isn’t a werewolf?”


“I mean, can other creatures mark werewolves? Like demons? Gods?”

It was yesterday when I realized that I wasn’t marked by a werewolf but by a Goddess residing in hell. That was much more scarier than anything else. But, there was a bright side to everything.

My wolf wasn’t going to be connected to her since the marking wasn’t complete. She may have labelled me as hers but we couldn’t be one unless she’d mate with me and there was no way in hell I was going to allow that.

“I’m sorry, I have no idea about that.” Lucas shook his head out of confusion and then stared at me with bewilderment.

I bought a halt to my unnecessary questions and took the papers off the table. “Well, that’s fine. Thank you for your help again. This means a lot—to Hannah.” I diverted my eyes to her and she nodded.

“Yes, thank you so much, Lucas.” She said.

“No worries.” He gave us both a smile. “Take care of yourselves!”

We packed up quick and hurried out of the cafe once we done with getting what we needed. I kept the papers inside my bag so they wouldn’t be messed up with the rain outside. The second we stepped out, Hannah’s act broke and she groaned loudly.

“A Goddess?” She shouted.

I had kept her up to date about my horrible life and decisions but this wasn’t something I told her yet.

“I’ll tell you later,” I dragged her back to my car quickly and we got in.

Throwing my raincoat at the back, I pulled out the papers and began scurrying through the information as quick as I could.

Marking; a symbol of love, a seal of fate that can never be broken. Marking among the werewolves had been one of the oldest traditions of our world, passed down by our ancestors, linked with the Moon Goddess and the moon itself, to which we bow too.

Marking and mating provides strength and power to the couple while taking away the male werewolf’s urge to please other wolves and a female werewolf’s heat. While it can be draining, one is rewarded by the Moon Goddess and her blessings are given to the couple’s offspring.

“Why are you in such a hurry to get rid of the mark? It’s not like that bitch is around to have sex with you or give you pups?” Hannah asked, breaking the silence. She blew a smoke over my face and I almost coughed.

Snapping out of my zone, I put the papers on the dashboard and started the car.

“No,” I got back on the town roads. “It isn’t about her. I don’t even care if she pops up out of nowhere. I’m more of concerned about the Alpha. I’ve been hiding for him since the past two days and I don’t think so I can do this anymore.” I continued, thrusting my car out of the traffic as soon as the signal turned green.

The two days at the school were hard and the guilt of lying was finally catching up to me. I had seen the Alpha at the school a couple of times, there was one occasion where the principal called for me as well but I threw in a drama and ran to the washroom, acting as if I was dying, just so I could go back home and ignore the Alpha’s commands.

I had skipped a lot of classes and spend most of my time inside Hannah’s bedroom so the Alpha wouldn’t get to me. While it was working, I knew he was going to get furious, even if he didn’t know about the mark his cousin gave me.

Did he know?

“Just chuck it. Who cares? Tell him you got marked and end of the story.”

“End of me, Hannah.” My heart almost burst at that thought.

“You’re already so deep in this mess. Just get along with it and let him do all the work—”

“Like killing me?”

“Come on, the Alpha wouldn’t kill you, you’re his mate.” She squeaked, throwing her head back.

Maybe she was right, maybe I shouldn’t be running or hiding. It wasn’t like I wanted the mark. His cousin forced it on my body. He should be taking care of it, not me.

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