The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 22

After a long night of rolling across the sheets and making them wet, I finally woke up and headed for school. There was something special going to be announced at the assembly so I made sure I reached there in time. I stomped over the puddles of rainwater and went into the hall where the assembly was being held. I sat next to Hannah on my usual spot. She looked rather excited today, playing with her fingers and peeking at the stage after every second.

“What’s up with you?” I pulled my bag over my lap and asked.

“Guess what?” Her voice creaked. “The participants of the yearly tournament are going to announced today. It will start by February, just next week! I’m so excited about it, all that fighting, killing and torture.” She turned her hands into fists as if she was going to strike at me and win the tournament.

Wait a second.

My heart dropped and with fear inside me, I turned my head to my left side. If there was a special assembly today, it would mean that the Alpha would be here.

“Oh fuck.”

Why didn’t I even think about it? If I knew, I would’ve arrived here an hour later. I wasn’t even prepared to tell him.

Breathe, Marissa.

Hannah, behind me, pushed her head out over my shoulder and saw what I saw. “Oh, the Alpha is here. That’s much more exciting! Guess someone has to break their big bubble of lie and not drag me into the lie.” She said, smiling like mad.

I pushed her back on the seat. “I didn’t drag you into the lie. I just needed the research papers and I got them. There was nothing written about getting rid of a mark.” I explained, pressing my fingers against my cheeks. My head felt like a mess.

I stayed up the whole night, reading books about werewolves. After all that, I found nothing except for one thing—we were linked to the Moon Goddess and there was a chance she could take away the mark if we were displeased by it, but that was all if she wasn’t being held hostage in hell.

Clouded with fear and desire, I shook my head a couple of times and breathed heavily.

“Oh, come on, stop being a pussy.” My friend said.

I zipped up my mouth for the minute as my classmates were sitting down, beside and behind me. Students lingered around the entire hallway and when the principal arrived, the whole room fell into silence.

I casually looked around, trying to find Lucas so I could give him back the papers as I was done with them. Instead of finding Lucas, my gaze fell upon the Alpha who had his eyes on me as well.

My heart skipped a beat before pacing hard. When he found me, he stood up and when he did, so did I. Though, we had different intentions.

“I’m just going to leave real quick.” I mumbled, making my way out of the line of students by my side.

“Marissa!” I heard Hannah behind but I didn’t stop and continued to rush towards the exit door at the back of the hall.

Pfft. My mind only told me one thing—run. The Alpha was still farther behind, caught up with other wolves that suddenly decided to talk to him so I had enough time to run and go back home and call it day.

I didn’t look back, not once and when I finally made it out of the hall, I panted hard. What was I so afraid of? Being mated to an Alpha or being marked by that woman?

Grasping my shoulder bag, I picked up myself and continued walking around the school casually, acting as if I wasn’t just running a second ago.

I froze on my steps and cursed under my breath when I found the Alpha standing right in front of me, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed against his chest. Licking my lips, I moistened them while turning my head left and right.


How did he make it so quick? I could swear he was speaking with someone.

“Oh, don’t stop at my command. Will continue to add in the list of the times you’ve disrespected and lied to me.” He said, his deep voice making my every quiver with fear.

I swallowed hard. Did he knew?

I didn’t move out of respect this once, hoping all would be forgiven. Acting all great, I said, “I didn’t lie. I was simply wasn’t—” When he got closer, the words in my throat went back down and vanished.

The skin over my hair rose and instead of facing the truth, I turned around to run, again, but he caught me this time, by my hair. Little bolts of electricity washed through my body as he pushed against the nearest wall.

“When were you going to stop hiding?” He asked, holding my arm behind my back. His fingers scraped against my scalp as he pulled on my hair harder. “When were you going to stop lying?” His tone grew rougher and rougher with every second of silence from my side.

He knew.

“I wasn’t lying—I just didn’t tell the truth.” Smart. I almost applauded for myself.

“You lied to me, Marissa and you know I despise liars. What made you think I wouldn’t get to know about the mark?” His warm breath fanned against my neck.

Mixed emotions went through me and I couldn’t think straight in this position. All I did was squirm but that just made him angrier and his grip tighter upon me.

I closed my eyes and replied, “It wasn’t my fault.”

“I know but lying, hiding and disrespecting my orders were your fault. You’ve made me and my wolf furious.” He said through deep breaths.

A need flowed between my legs. Not right now.

“I’m so—” I tried to apologize but he released me from his control right when I did so.

“Save that for tonight, that’s if you are able to speak after the punishment I’d give you.” He straightened his coat and moved back, away from me. Just before leaving, he said, “You know where to be. Midnight.”

My mind screamed when my throat couldn’t. Punishment? Oh God, save me.

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