The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 23


The clicking of the clock made me turn my head around. It was twelve in the night and I was here, where the Alpha wanted me to be. Without a second thought, I knew it was a mistake—lying to him all along. What was I even thinking? I was fated to a man I lied too, clearly, I wished death upon myself.

The whistling of the breeze caught my attention. It was raining again, making the grounds wet but I was inside the dungeon. It was surprisingly warm down here. Maybe a heater was installed somewhere.

I shivered with longing. The hair at the back of my neck rose and I turned around to find the Alpha standing behind me. By now, I had learned he could shift between two worlds and appear wherever he wanted to be.

“I expected you’d be here.” He walked in, edge in his tone.

When he circled around me, I began, “I want to apologize—” I narrowed my head as his fingers reached for my hair that were straight and falling free from my shoulders. “—it was dumb of me, thinking I could get away. I didn’t know what to do with the mark so I hid it. I was afraid that if I told you, you’d become angry. If you think giving me a punishment for lying and hiding is appropriate, then I’ll take it.” I continued, my voice ringing between the sounds of rain and wind spiralling above us.

“Well, I think you should start by removing your clothes.”

My clit pulsed in a response to his command. I reached for the hem of my sweater and pulled it over my head before removing the tank top and undoing my pants. When I was fairly undressed, I turned around and found the Alpha was still not satisfied.


I removed the rest two pieces of cloth covering my body and placed them over the others. Another shiver ripped through my body and my anticipation rose.

“Come here.”

I went over to him and he made me turn around. I was in the same position as the first night down here. My back arched a little when his hand slid across my back, caressing me, lightly. He knew how much I had enjoyed that night and I truly did.

When I got down on my knees, he pulled my hands above my head and cuffed them together to the ceiling. There was no blindfold involved this time. I could see everything, hear everything and even smell my own curiosity. He grabbed a whip that hung with other forbidden things on the wall and came back to me.

With a simple glance, I realized it wasn’t a leather whip but rather a rubber one—one that would hurt more. He really did want to punish me.

My eyes were glued on the whip while my heart ached to my throat. I took a deep, shaky breath when the Alpha ran the tassels of the whip across my bare breasts and my hard nipples. My body stiffened and I drew my hands into fists, waiting for a strike.

The tassels lowered down to between my legs and almost grazed against my clit. I was expecting a lash but instead, he leaned down and pulled my head back and forced me to look at him.

“You know it’s going to hurt a lot more than last time,” He said, sounding like a warning.

“I know.”

“If you want me to stop, I can.” I could tell by his voice that he was testing me.

“No.” I shook my head and said, my response firm as I glared right into his eyes.

His other hand reached to my face and his thumb brushed across my lips. Out of surprise, he kissed me, on the lips, with brute strength, for the first time.

I was taken back.

It took me a second to respond to the kiss. My heart was pounding in my chest and my wolf was overwhelmed with joy. At that second, I felt it, the connection, the connection I should have felt the first night I was with him.

My body felt weak, my mind was slipping away as primal desires awakened inside me. I kissed back and his tongue plunged into my mouth, exploring my depths. I could feel the heat, the emotion, the bond.

It was real.

We were fated mates and I was certain about it now.

He gave my neck a little squeeze and I moaned out of bliss. I could tell the Alpha had felt what I had but when his lips left mine, he was disappointed, furious. His eyes were filled with too many emotions and they were right upon the mark, the mark his cousin gave me and not him.

Suddenly, the whip in his hands struck against my thighs. The pain pulled me out of my fantasy world and a small shriek of surprise escaped my mouth.

The Alpha moved behind and pushed my head down while holding a fist of my hair in his hand. “You’re going to be used tonight.” He said, almost growling in anger.

The tassels of the whip lashed on my flesh again and it hurt, much worse than the leather whip. I pursed my lips to hold back the screams and grunts. His anger appeared on the strikes, get rougher and rougher each time.

I felt the stinging pain throughout my body. A rush of vulnerability settled inside my head. I couldn’t quite well understand the wetness between my thighs while I was getting whipped.

Did I have something for pain and getting punished?

My hands gripped the chains tighter. I squeezed my eyes shut and bore the pain. It wasn’t much but something else was bothering me. The Alpha wasn’t punishing me for lying and hiding from him.

“Stop.” I said, my voice hoarse as I opened my eyes. “You can’t be angry and punish me for getting marked by someone else. I didn’t want this.”

The whip dangled from his hands as he came in front of me. He stopped and bent down. “You shouldn’t have gone with her.” He growled at me.

I raised my head and argued, “What else could I have done? You were gone, I was drunk and she came to me.”

“You could’ve waited.”

“And I did. I waited for hours before leaving. I didn’t even know if you were going to come or not. Nothing in that night was my fault. You left without saying anything!” I snapped back at him.

It felt like an eternity before the Alpha spoke again, “You’re right, it wasn’t your mistake and you shouldn’t be getting punished for that.” He released my hands from the cuffs and let me free.

“Thank you,”

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