The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 24

We were back inside the wine cellar. I was sitting over the table, my back slightly sore with the punishment I had been granted with and my legs hung loosely under the table while I wore an over-sized shirt to avoid fabric from touching my skin before it healed. The Alpha gave me a glass of wine as if that was going to fix everything. He placed his hands on the either side of the table and watched me, firmly. I bought the glass to my lips and slowly took a sip while pushing my tongue out to taste it first.

“You know you can sometimes reward me instead of punishing and growling at me,” I whispered before allowing myself to take a sip. My eyes were fixed on him and he seemed dazed with my request.

“And why would I do that when all you’ve been doing is making mistakes, lying and disobeying?” He asked, confused.

“I know, I know but being fated should make a difference. There is no one else out there that would please me anymore and the heat is really getting to me.” I tried hard, hinting over the fact that he should fuck me to the least before calling it a night. I was aroused, still wet and my legs were clamped shut in fear of spreading wide open all of a sudden and embarrassing myself.

Now that we were both aware, I doubted I could go around to other men and get pleased ever in my life. My fate was sealed with molten and there was no escape to it.

“You’re quite smart, Marissa.” The Alpha smiled while the back of his finger ran across my cheek.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” I took another gulp of the wine before setting it aside.

A warm rush flowed through my body as he bent down and kissed my lips again, this time gently. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. Everything in my head became a blur once again and I only felt the little sparks running inside my stomach and my pussy.

He placed a hand by my waist and dragged me closer to him. I moaned in his mouth and the urges inside me heightened. With the soft kiss, I realized there was another side of the Alpha I had never seen, or anyone else.

Opening my mouth out of hunger, I invited him in again. His body came in contact with mine and I spread my legs apart, freeing my arousal after holding it back for the past hour.

My nipples tightened and turned into hard pebbles underneath the shirt I wore. His hands caressed my body before wrapping one around my thighs. As he pulled away, I traced my finger across his jaw and he gave me a quick squeeze on my thigh.

I placed my hands behind my back and spread my legs wider, giving him the signal to please me. He raised my shirt and raced his hands across my body, skimming through my flesh. His eyes were filled with delight.

“As much as I would like to take you, this is no place to bed you.” He said, taking a sharp breath.

For a fact, it wasn’t but it wasn’t like he had fucked me on the ground the other night and inside a restroom at the school on another day.

“Well, you don’t have to bed me,” I mumbled, licking my lips. Moving further back, I laid down on the wooden table that was large enough for me at least.

He gave my thighs a quick squeeze before lowering his head down and kissing my legs. His hands continued to snake across my flesh. I closed my eyes and waited for his mouth to please me.

I heard him sigh before he raised his head and said, “I haven’t gone down on a woman in more than a decade.” It was the dominant part of him talking.

I wrapped my legs around him and replied, “First time for everything then.” A small grin appeared over my lips as I looked back.

He clicked his tongue and gave me a sly look before grabbing my thighs and pulling me closer to himself. “You know how to persuade me, I’m surprised. Tell me, would you prefer my mouth or my fingers?”


Shaking his head, he stroked a finger across my clit and my entire body shivered. He got a hind-sight of my dampness and when he did, he lowered his mouth close to my pussy and blew in a warm breath before kissing it. My muscles tensed and I groped my breasts and played with my nipples.

His tongue lapped against my clit while he stared straight through me, watching me getting powerless with every flick of his hot tongue. He teased my entrance with a finger, spreading my wetness across my pussy while my hole begged to be filled.

I gripped my breasts tighter. My moans stuffed up the wine cellar and I breathed vigorously, in ragged breaths. It was hard for me to realize that I had bought my own Alpha down to my legs, even if it was just for once.

It was rare and unheard of.

In a single motion, he forced in two fingers inside my pussy and slid it in and out. I grind against his mouth, getting a little bit of the relief I wanted. My back arched in the air and small whimpers escaped my own lips. It was a body-racking sensation that weaved through me.

Something I had never felt. It was a new experience as no one had gone down on me and showed me what real pleasure was like.

This was it.

I melted when he went in quicker, devouring my insides with raw emotion. My legs rose, quaking in defeat. I pulled my nipple between my fingers as my body crawled closer to an orgasm. He wrapped his strong arms around my legs and bound me into his grip.

My body gave a little jump and I groaned louder while his teeth tantalized my tender clit. I was going to go insane if he didn’t let me release in a second—mini second. My orgasm alleviated and I couldn’t take it anymore. I clenched hard under his mouth and contracted while short bursts of breath filled the air.

The Alpha pulled his mouth away and using his thumb, his rubbed my clit till I almost screamed out of frustration. He smacked my thigh and my toes curled while my pussy dripped with juices.

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