The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 25

Still panting and shaking, it took me a minute to return back to my senses and straighten myself up. The business between my legs was more than finished and I was satisfied, although, my wolf was still going to be in heat till I had mated with the one who had marked me and that was never going to happen.

“You’ve made quite a mess.” The Alpha said, pulling out a dry towel from somewhere and place it over the table.

My inner-spirit screamed while watching him clean up my mess. Why? He was so strange and mysterious in ways I couldn’t imagine. I relaxed against a chair while buttoning up the shirt and closing my body for the night. I opened my mouth to say something but the only thing came out was a confused er.

He glanced back, “You can call me by my name.”

My eyes grew wide, “I don’t think so that would be appropriate.” We were taught, since children to give respect to our elders—not in the sense old men but those who led us in this pack, like the Alpha and the Beta.

“It doesn’t has to be. It wouldn’t be long before everyone gets to know. Although, for now, I’d prefer if the shocking revelation is kept in private,” He turned his head back around and wiped the table clean. “I don’t want anyone calling you names.”

I smiled cheekily. That was thoughtful. I wanted the same as our people were too judgmental in these things and the last thing I wanted was someone calling me a whore when I wasn’t in the dungeon or getting fucked. That wasn’t the kind of humiliation I was looking for.

Folding my leg across the other, I nodded, “I agree. But, aren’t you supposed a little mad? Not over me but the woman who marked me? Isn’t that concerning?”

“It was, until yesterday. I know someone who can reverse the mark as it wasn’t given by me.” The Alpha—Xalorad said. I needed to get used to by calling his real name than his title as he allowed me too.

“Who?” I furrowed my brows. I had lost my sanity by searching about marks and how to get rid of one. I even considered going to a plastic surgeon out of the town but that wasn’t going to work according to Hannah since the mark was connected with my wolf.

My eyes trailed down to his arms, his muscles flexed as he cleaned the last bit of my mess before throwing the towel into a bucket. For a second, I forgot that people were getting killed down here.


“Selene.” He replied after a minute. “I’ve spoken with her and she has agreed to reverse the marking.”

“The Moon Goddess?” I blinked, trying to take his words in. What otherworldly this person was?


Shifting on my seat, I grew confused, “But isn’t she in hell or something?”

“She is.”

“Well, how do I plan on going there?”

Xalorad didn’t say anything for a second. He leaned by the table, looking straight at me while I sat a little distance away from him, still in the process of recovering. When his eyes were upon me, I felt shy.

“I’ll take you there,” He responded, “Although, I had spoken to someone and they have informed me that they don’t take saint souls and you aren’t on the list yet.” One second he was standing far away from me and the other one, he was almost above me. His hand meandered across my cheeks and another one over my thigh.

I tried not to focus on the hand over my thigh and instead on his words. “Yeah, I haven’t done anything bad, yet.” I said, proudly.

The worst thing I had done so far was hit Hannah over her head with a doll we used to play with in childhood. The doll’s leg did a little damage to her head but after being in a hospital for one night, she was perfectly fine and she had forgiven me for that so I had nothing to worry about.

Though, I was still shocked about hearing that I wasn’t going to hell for my dirty thoughts and acts. Wasn’t there a place for sluts?

“Well, now you have to kill someone.”

My eyes bulged, “What?” It was a stretched question. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

Xalorad moved closer to me, “The only way to hell is to kill someone and then die. Before you start worrying, once Selene has gotten rid of the mark, I can claim you and you can return here, all alive and well.” He gave me a smile as if this was going to work out.

“No.” I quickly replied. “I’m not going to kill someone or die. I don’t want to die and I don’t want to go to hell!” It was my saint side talking this time. If my name wasn’t on the list, I didn’t need to scribble it down there with my own hands and live a long life in hell.


“No,” I stood up, repeatedly shaking my head. “No, no, I’m not going to do this.”

“You’ll kill someone who’s guilty, all right?” He tried to make sense of it.

“No,” My mind screamed with confusion. “I will never kill someone, guilty or not and while that works out for you, we are two different people and I am not going to take someone’s life for this.”

Xalorad sighed, “It’s going to be quick—”

I cut him off immediately, “No. And, supposedly, if I do kill someone and go with you, what assurance do I have that I will return and not rot in hell forever?” I questioned him and his absurd plan.

“Because I’m giving you my word. Once I’ve marked you, you can easily shift through worlds and once you see hell, you won’t have a problem taking more souls there yourself.” He explained.

My stomach churned at the worst thought. I had never seen hell or even imagined it to be there or go there. And killing someone was out of my bucket list.

“No, I’m sorry, as much as I desperate to get off the mark, I—I can’t do this.” I whispered, my heartbeat dropping at the thought of taking someone’s life for my own benefit. I could live like this, marked, for the rest of my life but not kill someone.

I turned around to leave but Xalorad grabbed my wrist and stopped me. “Marissa.” He took my name and it forced me to stop on my tracks.

“Please, I just want to leave.” I pleaded.

Fear pumped in my veins. I didn’t look at him or made any eye-contact knowing that he could use his powers over me and force me to do what he planned which was to kill someone and then die.

But, he didn’t.

“Okay, I’ll take you home. Go get your stuff.” He mumbled under his breath.

The entire ride back home, I was silent, quiet as a mouse. My knees were pressed against my chest and my arms around my legs as I looked outside the window, into the dark night fading.

What was I going to do now?

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