The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 27

As he pulled out of the crowd, a lump of anxiety grew up in my throat and my eyes raced around, studying my surroundings. Where was he taking me? A part of me was less scared about the fact that my Dad wasn’t here yet to see my hand around the Alpha’s.

“I—I’ve to go—my friend’s waiting for me.” I said, nervously. It was the best thing I could come up with. Weren’t we supposed to keep this private? I couldn’t imagine the people who had seen us.

From the edges of my eyes, I saw the people fading as Xalorad continued to take me. Catching my breath, my gaze wandered across the high walls and vintage interior of the manor. It was my first time being inside, going through the corridors and the stairs.

While a lot of people had been inside the manor, no one was lucky enough to explore it as the grounds after the ball room and front were forbidden to cross without a permit.

I imposed a grip over myself as Xalorad took me inside a dark bedroom where the only source of light was a little golden bulb shadowing the long curtains that hung over the wall.

It was warm, almost hot inside and it made the cold go away. Panic squeezed and found its way inside me. I took a deep breath as his hand finally left mine once the door behind was slammed closed.

My whole world spun around me and I observed the massive room and the made bed that seemed so comfortable to sleep in.

I dared not to look back even when my eyes urged me to. Xalorad was gone over the week, I expected hell as I hadn’t seen him anywhere around the town. Coming to this party, I knew this was going to happen.

In the silence, I lowered my eyes when I felt a finger running down my bare back. So much for wearing something backless. The hair over my skin rose and I almost flinched at the sudden touch.

Heaving in a breath, I raised my gaze but didn’t turn around. “I’ve to go.” I just couldn’t be here. It was wrong, in so many ways.

“You don’t have to go.”

“My friend is going to look for me.” I replied, remembering Hannah. The second she was done dancing with a stranger, she’d look for me and when she would start, everyone would know I’m missing.

“She won’t.” Xalorad whispered, nearing to me till I felt his heated body against mine, nearly touching. My lips parted and heart stayed heavy when he brushed hair away from my back. “It’s getting exhausting to stay away from you. Your mistake can be easily settled, only if you agree to it.” He sounded clever in my ears and I sensed a hint of manipulation at the back of his tone.

I still was very stern in my decision to not kill anyone. His low whispering and his nearness made my body flutter with desire.

“You know I won’t.” I replied.

“Which is why I’m here to convince you,” His hand traced down my shoulder and to my arm before he kissed the back of my neck, provoking my urges. “It’s really simple and you know you want to do it.”

I kept my eyes open to stay in my senses otherwise, I was going to melt and do whatever he told me to do. “And be in guilt for the rest of my life.” I said, straightening my shoulders and ignoring the sincere kiss.

“Once you get a taste of taking one’s life, there is no such thing as guilt and even if there is, it will disappear before you can even feel it.” His fingers sank into my lower back, sifting through my skin and causing a naughty interruption to my thoughts.

I pressed my hands against the wall and my eyes closed, giving up. I swiveled my neck as he pressed his lips against my shoulder and kissed me again. It was a lie if I said I wasn’t enjoying it as I was, every torturous second of it.

Xalorad left a trail of wet kisses across my neck and my bare back. My pussy clenched and I swallowed. It was hard to resist someone you had been fated with.

I slouched forward and a moan left my lips when he kissed my sweet spot, the one under my neck and close to the mark. I was at the bottom, drowning with desire as his hands went through my body, fondling my breasts, looping around my waist and snaking across my thighs.

It was hard to manage to even stand for another second. I just wanted to drop and let him have me for the night but doing that meant agreeing to his vicious plan to kill someone and enter hell with him.

He left a faint, warm breath over my neck before shuffling behind. My body noticed the absence of his mouth over me and missed it.

When he came back, his scent returned—he smelled like leather wrapped on a wood and burned. It was so attractive to my wolf that she was dripping within me.

“It’s going to be very simple. All you have to—” There was a pause and in that second, I gasped when I felt a cold tip of something sharp and steel-like graving through my back instead of his fingers. “—do is kill someone. There are many people here, pick one and I’ll look at the other side.”

He wanted me to kill someone from the party, someone who was already here.

“And if I don’t?” I tightened my hands as I felt the knife swept across my skin, forcing my body to release a shudder of fear.

The tip of the knife or the blade didn’t cut through my flesh but just crossed across it.

Xalorad raised his hand and placed it against the wall, close to my head. He leaned in and while his eyes were upon me, he answered, “Well, that’s going to be a pity, darling. You’ll be missing out so much.”

I fell back into the oblivion when he kissed the sides of my shoulder, making my hair erect again. My legs went weak, almost resembling a jelly as I struggled with standing straight.

For a brief second, my teeth bared and a whimper of pleasure left my lips when he lightly traced his name across my back, a letter by letter, raising the heat inside me and tempting my soul.

But I still wasn’t prepared to surrender, to kill someone, to go to hell even when knowing he wasn’t going to touch me till I agreed.

Snapping my eyes open, I gazed into the dark wall in front of me while my heart pounded deep inside my chest.

I hesitated for a second before coming to an answer. Turning around, I bought an end of the moment I had been enjoying and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t kill anyone and I know you want me to, but I still can’t and nothing is going to change that.”

“Well, suit yourself.” He said, in a patient tone.

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