The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 28

A chill rippled across my back as I left the room Xalorad had taken me too. Talking wasn’t going to make any difference—I wouldn’t agree and there was nothing else either of us could do about this, about the unwanted marking. I just could’ve been careful but it was already too late.

It was difficult finding my way out of here. He didn’t follow me when I left, going back to the party which had just grown ten times more. I pressed my hands against the railing of the stairs and lowered my head, seeing people from above.

My eyes lingered with curiosity for a second before they landed on Dad who was here, at last. A stinging pain rose in my chest and a gasp of horror escaped my mouth.

He was talking to other’s, moving from one place to another and I could tell from afar he was going to approach Hannah soon.

I sped downstairs, holding the sides of my dress. Stopping at the end of the stairs, I ran my fingers through my hair and let it flow from my back.

I had no idea if I had a mark from the blade Xalroad pressed against my back. Just thinking about it pushed me into a space where everything went blurry and I began imaging all the worse things he could do to me if I had agreed.

Butterflies rose in my stomach. I took a deep breath and swiftly shook my head to shake away the thoughts and pictures.

I recalled where Hannah was standing when I saw her from above and went to the exact same place. She was by the bar, talking to some stranger. I grabbed her arm and pulled her away.

“Oops, got to go! Call me later,” She waved her hands at the stranger while settling her drink on the table and coming with me. “That guy was so cute. Why did you have to do that?” She groaned, walking along.

Stopping by the corner, I released her, “I’m leaving and Dad’s here so if he asks you if I came here, tell him I didn’t, I stayed at home.” I told her in clear terms.

“Why? Why are you leaving so quick?” Her lips turned into a pout. “We were supposed to have fun and it didn’t even start yet.”

“I just have to go. I can’t be here. I’m going to go home and hopefully sleep. You should enjoy though!” I exclaimed, looking over my shoulder.

“But, they are going to make announcements soon for the participants in the tournaments and the dances haven’t even started yet.” She grasped my shoulders at once and forced me to look at her. “What happened? Why do you look like you’re shit-scared of something? If it’s Mr. Barry—”

“No, no, it’s not him,” I scratched the back of my neck and pain erupted to where the mark was. I was able to hide it with a little bit of pale foundation but it had smeared when Xalorad kissed me. “I don’t feel like staying and I’m sorry, I promised to stick around. Maybe next time?”

Hannah made a face of sorrow, she blinked a couple of times and then nodded in agreement. “All right. Reach home safe. We will talk at morning.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

She draped an arm over me before letting me go. Hiding my face, I made through the crowd and tried to find the nearest exit. I had a bit of an idea to why I was running—I didn’t want to have another encounter with Xalorad and due to his teasing session earlier, I was hot and bothered and they were too many males around here to ignore. A drink or two, I doubted I could control myself after that.

I also felt a strange pull towards the world outside the manor, outside the ball like something I needed, I desired was outside, waiting.

I took a final step towards the door but before I could leave, I ran into a woman and almost fell over.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry—” I mumbled quickly, standing straight on my feet.

When my eyes met with the woman, I gasped and pulled my both hands away from her as she was holding them tight in her grasp.

Confusion crept on her face. It took a second for her to understand who I was. Our former Alpha—Cathy Elias had strange abilities and powers, one of them including reading her pack wolves emotions.

“You must be Marissa.” She whispered, casting her silver gaze over me.

My head felt a little too heavy. I stepped back from her when I found my Dad staring right through me from a distance. He had seen me and now he was watching me talk with Mrs. Elias.

“I’m sorry, I’ve to go.” I stuttered, walking past her and leaving the manor for once and for all.

All the bright lights faded and it took me a moment to settle down with the darkness waiting outside the manor. Taking a limping step down the stairs, I assumed I was finished. Dad knew—or he was going to know. Either way, this night was going to turn ugly and not for me but for my Mom who wasn’t even here to begin with.

I shouldn’t have come, I should’ve listened to my gut instincts.

The cold grabbed me from all the sides as I went out to the road and stopped on the bricky pavement near the manor. A tear slipped from my eyes, washing down to my cheeks.

I remembered the last time I made a mistake so big, it was talking to Dad’s new mistress a year ago. I called her a whore out of spite and at the same party last year. He came home and removed his anger of Mom and me.

Mom was hospitalized for two night while I managed to heal as I was young and filled with energy.

I stopped listening to my thoughts for a second. Dad couldn’t know about anything unless he asked Xalorad and I doubted he would ever.

I heard a sound of a similar engine from the shadows, moving to me with no hesitancy, coming closer and stopping where I stood.

Please no.

The windows of the car rolled down and I closed my eyes while exhaling heavily.

“Oh, someone is sad.” The woman said, the woman who marked me, the woman who had been torturing me for days, the woman I wanted to kill for once. “Ouch. I can actually feel it.” She placed her hand over her breast and continued.

“Go away.” I snapped in a dry, brittle tone while my head was turned to the other side of the road so I couldn’t make any eye contact with this vicious woman who trapped me and forcefully marked me.

“Come on, I’m not going to hurt you, you’re mine now and hurting you would mean hurting myself. Why would anyone do that?”

I wrapped my arms around my self and ignored her entire existence. To hell I was going to get inside her. My wolf was pulling me do to so, it was the sole reason she was to run out of the manor, knowing the bitch was here, waiting for me, calling for me.

I turned around and decided to walk. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her jaw drop with surprise. She raced the car forward and continued to follow me.

“I can take you home.” She suggested. “And maybe we can have some coffee or something else. I can smell your wolf and she’s aroused, for me.” Her bitter voice continued to echo in my eyes even when I tried to distance myself from her.

I stopped moving and snapped my head at her, “I rather die than finish the marking.”

“Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better once we are done. Your wolf will be at peace and there will be no way for Xal to ever claim you. Doesn’t it sounds wonderful?” She asked, over-flattering herself. “I do have some great qualities like I’m a Goddess and I quite pretty.”

I rolled my eyes and plugged in my earphones to ignore her blabbering but she didn’t take a hint, not once.

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