The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 29

Xalorad’s POV

After clearing my mind, I returned to the bustling party held every year. It was perfectly done by the planner, just as I wanted it to be. I sensed my Mother behind me, coming closer. Instead of taking that one drink, I placed it back down and greeted her.

Just as I turned around, she asked, “When were you going to tell me you found your mate?”

My shoulders sagged and I sighed. The revelation was a loose nail, could be pulled out by my Mother easily. I didn’t have to tell her anything. Her psychic abilities could see beyond my lies and my struggles to keep it a secret.

“Soon.” I mumbled, reaching for the drink as I was going to need it now. “I didn’t knew about it till a week back.”

“Then why is she marked?” Mother asked, squinting her eyes in confusion.

“It’s not my mark. Before I could ever find out she was my mate, Artemis marked her—as per her saying—I was going to ruin an innocent soul and she couldn’t let that happen.” I explained, keeping my voice barely above a whisper. “We both know why she did it—she doesn’t wants me to take over hell.”

“When did this happen? And why? Does your Father knows about this?”

We went into another private room to keep the conversation away from the crowd. It was my Mother’s day tonight, she wanted to make a grand appearance to the pack wolves after staying under the sheets for over a year due to her separation from the King of Hell, also my Father.

I slouched down, looking at the trees wavering outside and replied, “Not yet. I don’t plan on letting him know until I’ve claimed her.”

“Hades would never allow you do that. If you claim her without his approval, he would be beyond furious and you know that.” Mother explained, tension creased in her forehead as she stepped in front of me.

“He would never approve of Marissa.”

When my Father captured Selene five years ago, it was because he never wanted her to pair me with some other woman. He wanted to choose a woman for me, someone stronger, someone from hell itself so the breeding of Hybrid’s would come to an end and the balance that was erupted when I was born would return between the two worlds.

It would end the risks of anymore portals opening and the disruption.

“But you still have to tell him, one day.” My Mother pulled me out of my thoughts.

“One day and that day is nowhere near. Once I’ve claimed my mate, I’d be King by default and he won’t be able to do anything apart from accepting me.”

His ruling would end at once when I would mark a woman and that would turn me from a Prince to a King without anyone’s approval. I could’ve done it years ago, marked any woman but I waited for a mate, someone who was mine, someone Selene had paired me with.

“He would kill you, Xal!” She exclaimed, her eyes wide with fright.

“He would not. It’s not like he has any more sons to see them ravish his throne,” I pressed my hands on my Mother’s shoulders and leaned in. “It’s only me and he’ll have to accept it at the end of the day.”

The confusion in my Mother’s eyes faded. “Then, what are you doing here?”

“Waiting.” I sighed.


“For Marissa to kill someone and die so I can take her to hell and get Art’s claim removed from her.” I replied, sitting down.

All I could do was wait. Selene was in hell and the only way for a wolf to go there was to kill someone and die. There was no loophole to this.

“Oh, I almost forgot!”

I raised my head, “What, Mother?”

“Missy was here earlier in the morning. We had lunch together and she didn’t mention anything like this but I believe she’s here right now too so you should speak with her.”

I jolted up from my seat and the wood creaked beneath my weight. I welcomed the anger and left the room after telling my Mother where I was heading too. The past week, I had searched the depths of hell to find Art but she was nowhere. The bitch had the audacity to come here and have tea with my Mother after marking my mate and almost ruining everything for me.

I went outside to the party where the dances had began. Mingling through the crowd, I looked for Marissa first and then Art. When neither of them couldn’t be found, I approached one of Marissa’s friends.

“Where is your friend?” I asked, my voice scraping behind the music.

The girl turned around and it took a second for her to take in what she had seen. Her mouth dropped wide and she blinked a few times to gain her senses back.

“Marissa? Oh, she—she left, yeah, she did.” The girl smiled, pointing at a door.

“Did she leave with anyone?”

“No, no, she went alone—all alone.” She replied with a stifled cry.

I shook my head and went in the direction where the drunk girl pointed me too. It was one of the exits that would lead to the road at the back of my Mother’s manor.

Walking outside in the cold, I smelled Marissa and her divine scent that managed to awaken my dead wolf. Speeding outside to the road, the scent of a Goddess reached my nostrils and I surpassed a growl before walking in the direction of the scents.

One of them belonged to Marissa.

And the other one was Art, fiddling her way into my world and trying to take my mate again.

I just hoped and prayed that Marissa didn’t go anywhere with that soulless bitch as Art wanted to complete the mating and I couldn’t let that happen. It would then be almost impossible for Selene to reverse the damage as it would break the bond between me and Marissa, forcing us to feel absolutely nothing.

The wind stirred above me and I heard the sound of Art’s engine. She was her and that meant so was Marissa. I stopped walking and instead began running when I saw them both at the corner of the street, causing a scene.


“You’re so irritating. Get a damn life and go fuck yourself!” Marissa shouted, kicking her with her leg.

The kick sent Art straight to the ground. I couldn’t help but smile up until her eyes shifted colors. That was a good girl right there.

“Ouch, I’m hurt.”

Her anger roared before she could attack back at Marissa, I stepped in front of her. At my appearance, she stopped and seized away her anger.

“I was waiting for when you’d come. That took a long time. If you came any later, you might’ve lost her forever.” Art gave me a sharp smile while brushing the dirt off her clothes.

My face filled with fury, it fluttered deep within me. I never knew I could despise my own cousin so much. “If I see you around here ever again then you’ll see the worst of me and you haven’t seen that yet. Pack your bags and fuck off before I put a law around here to kill a red eyed bitch whenever anyone sees her—” I turned around to check on Marissa but forgot one more thing. “—oh, that bitch is you.”

Art snarled behind me. She knew she couldn’t do anything to Marissa in front of me as in terms of power, I had more than her and unless she wanted to walk back with her hands, she wouldn’t dare standing up against me.

“Well, it’s time for Uncle Hades to know the truth.”

I folded my hands across my chest and saw her get inside her car. “I’ll be waiting.”

Art didn’t have the guts to go to my Father and tell him the truth and I knew that, so, her blabbering didn’t worry me, at all.

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