The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 3

I woke up with a sore ache in my belly and a layer of heat under me. Sweat covered my forehead and every other inch of my face. I knew, for a fact, it wasn’t summer. The new year had just began along with the winter’s. It was cold outside. Waves of snow crossed by my window when I looked at it.

But I was burning.

After suppressing a groan of pain, I rose to my feet while clutching my throbbing stomach that suddenly fluttered at the thought of what went in last night. I knew the consequence, I knew it would hurt. However, the pain was bearable for me—it really was.

But I was confused. I barely had any memory of the night after the session was over. The last thing I remembered saying was a short, quick ’thank you’ and I guess, I blacked out after that. I had no memory of walking back home or let alone getting into my bed.

Something was wrong. I could smell it from a distance.

“Mom?” I yelled for her. If she was at home then she must’ve seen me at night, but, I didn’t get a response. “Mom?” I said again, this time, picking up my phone to call her.

The house was dead silent and she wasn’t here, which meant she didn’t return home last night either.

“Hey, honey! Morning.” Mom said, picking up my call at last. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. Were you here last night?” I lowered down to sit on my ass but the second I did, I jumped back up while squealing quietly.

“No, I had work, I told you, right? This week, all night shifts. I’m going to be back in an hour so I’ll see you then if you’re home.” She responded, her voice exhausted.

“Oh, okay, sure. I’ll be out but get some rest. Goodbye.” I choked out after biting my lips hard for a minute. Talk about getting fucked hard.

The second I cut the call, I hissed at my self and rubbed the sides of my thighs where it felt the worse. His hand was literally imprinted on my skin as he held me down the entire night he fucked me. It was good. I was satisfied. But I still felt on fire, actual fire. My mind was buzzing with hotness and all I needed right now was a breath of cold air.

After drawing my windows open, I felt slightly better but not the best. Maybe it was my wolf, maybe it was the pill he gave me or maybe it was something else.

I dragged the door of my bathroom upon deciding to take a cold shower to calm myself down. I dragged in a quick breath and the scent of blood reached up to my nose. Snapping my head to glass, I screamed, loud.

“Oh, my fuck!” I slapped my hand over my mouth and tried my best to hold down but I couldn’t, not after the horror I had just seen on my mirror.

You are going to hell.’

It was written in red substance and my mind could only think of one—blood. After taking in the words and calming down, I dragged a white cloth from the counter and wiped it away, believing Hannah must’ve played a joke with me since she knew I’d be gone for the night.

A few minutes passed by, my heartbeat slowed down and I hopped in the cold shower. The essence of last night washed away from my body along the left over rush I had been feeling since morning.

My back had healed, it wasn’t bruised or covered in marks, just sore. However, there were a couple marks around my neck, chest and legs. A wave of excitement curled in my stomach when I touched them.

Only if it could happen again.

I doubted I could have the chance again since there was a long waiting line for being in the dungeon but that wasn’t going to stop me from putting my name down there in the list.

After throwing my hair into a dry towel, I grabbed my phone and called Hannah to yell at her for writing that on my mirror. I mean—I just had sex—I wasn’t going to go to hell for that.

Resting my hand over my hip, I waited till she picked up and once she did, I began, “Did you do it? Of course you did. You could’ve gave me a warning. I almost peed in my pants.”

“Did what?” She asked, confused and in her morning voice.

I stopped circling around my room, “What? You weren’t in my house last night?”

“No, why would I?” I could tell she wasn’t lying. She usually ended up having a sarcastic tone whenever she lied since she was a bad liar, among the worst.

“Where are you right now?” I dragged my bag across my floor and my car keys.

“Home. On my bed. Do you want to join? I doubt so, since you had a fascinating night yesterday.” She said with a chuckle at the back of her throat.

“Yeah, I’m coming to join you.” I replied, sarcastically.

I locked the house and drove out to crash in hers since I was terrified and until I didn’t know who was in my room last night, I wasn’t going to return. I tried hard to remember what happened, whether I left or not, whether I changed my clothes and fell asleep.

Mom wasn’t here the whole night. She was a nurse, and night shifts were common for her. They usually ended in the morning eight or nine.

If she wasn’t here, then who was?

When I reached the gates of Hannah’s place, I shoved my finger into her bell and the door opened only a second later. Grumpy and sleepy Hannah rubbed her eyes and groaned at me.

“What do you want? This is the only time I sleep in the whole week and first, you call me and now you show up here. Are you still horny?” She blabbered, hanging her arm over the door.

“No.” I went past her and into her room before her Dad saw me. Everyone knew Mr. Jarvis despised my presence, he hated every second I was with Hannah and I didn’t know where exactly the hatred came from but I avoided him at all times.

“Dad’s not home. He had to go somewhere early.” Hannah said after watching me scurry around like a scared bee, too frightened to be crushed.


She laughed hysterically before pulling the curtains shut. The curtains were black-out and the whole house went dark when she did it.

“You can take the couch. I’m going to sleep on my bed. Goodnight.” She whispered.

“No, no, no, we aren’t sleeping.” I dragged her back to the living room. “I’m panicking over here. I can’t sleep!” I whined to her when she sat down.

“Come on, Marissa, I know you must’ve had a great night with the Alpha but this isn’t the time to make me jealous.” She pouted, crossing her arms over her chest.

Hannah literally was expecting me to go in complete details about the night—hell I wasn’t going to do that—never.

“No. Something else.”


“I don’t what happened after the night. Once it was over, I faded and I don’t remember changing or falling asleep. That’s not the only worst thing, I woke up like I was on fire and someone wrote on my bathroom mirror that I was going to hell, with blood.” I explained as much as I could.

Her mouth hung open and her thirty teeth flashed in front of me. “What?!” It was a rather dramatic what, going on for a couple seconds. “That wasn’t me!” She quickly said before I started blaming her.

“I know.”

“Then, who was it? It’s not like any of your other friends know your address.”

“I know. Exactly!”

“I mean, it totally seems like something I’d do but I was dead last night. I didn’t even know when you returned.” She continued to clear herself out of the picture.

“I know, I know.” I plopped beside her, grumpier then she could ever be.

After thinking for a second, Hannah said, “It could be Lucas.”

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