The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 30

Marissa’s POV

When the car faded from the streets, I sighed in relief. Missy had been eating my head for ten minutes straight, mocking my urges, chattering about the world above us and rambling about how much we would enjoy if I let her complete the marking. She praised herself a couple of times, honouring her beauty and telling me that we would have beautiful children together. When I got enough of her, my mouth ran wild and we went into an argument.

“You look pale,” Xalorad turned his attention on me. “And cold.” He drew his coat out and rested it over my shoulders while I continued to watch the car that was speeding.

“Is she going to be like this? My ears already hurt.” I said, flickering my eyes back to reality. Well, at least she was gone for now.

“No, she won’t trouble you anymore and if she does, I’ll see to it.” He replied, reassuring me.

We got back on the track to return to the manor. “How did you know I was here?”

“I spoke to my Mother, she told me Artemis was around here in the morning and I suppose she was here for a reason. I’m just glad you didn’t go with her.” He said, proudly.

“I’m not drunk to repeat mistakes,” I joked.

He laughed and nodded, “Yes.

I stopped by the gates of the manor, just where I ran away from. The streets were fairly empty now as everyone was inside, attending the party while the host was outside with me.

Heaving in a breath, I said, “I should go.”

A flicker appeared in his eyes and he took my hands, “No, I rather prefer if you stay here, with me, for a night.”

I recalled the reason I ran away and shook my head, “I can’t. My wolf is frustrated than ever and I don’t want my Dad to see me. He’s inside, at the party and if he sees us then he’ll know. And, I don’t want to disturb you as well, it’s your party.” I explained, taking my hands away.

“That’s fine. The party is just going to last another hour or more but everyone’s going to leave in a bit and I’ll ask Barry to leave a little earlier to go look into a few matters so you don’t have to be worried about anything.” There was comfort in his tone and whenever he said anything, I felt like as if I was in the seventh heaven, drifting through clouds in peace.

Letting out a giggle, I shook my head again, “I can’t—”

“I insist,” He cut me off and pressed his palms against my face while looking into the depths of my eyes with raised brows.

“But I feel tired.”

I wasn’t.

But I knew what he was going to say once we got inside—kill someone, pretty please and I didn’t want to get into another argument with him. Over that, I wanted to go home, change, go for a run to relieve some tension and then get inside a hot bath to get rid of the heat.

“So, get some rest—inside while I go to attend the party and once I’m done, I’ll be with you.” He suggested.

“I thought you wanted me to kill someone.”

He smiled, “That can be done later. I rather have you alive and well than seeing you sad and in a fight with Artemis. I won’t pressure you into killing anyone. You were right, we are two different people and taking one’s life might be easy for me but it isn’t for you and I respect your choice.”

As his words swept through my ears, I smiled hard, “Really?”


“So you won’t tell me to kill anyone?”

“No. That’s your choice to make.” He replied, sincerely.

This sounded much better than handing me a blade and whispering me to kill someone.


As we walked past the garden and went inside, the trees swayed and the night got darker. I followed Xalorad into the manor and to the party.

Stopping on his tracks, he turned around and said, “I’ll go give something to Barry so he can leave and then you can mingle around and have your fun, all right?”

“Yeah, I’ll wait.” I nodded.

I sat down by the back entrance while guards lingered around me. The hallway was empty and clear of anyone. After a couple of minutes, a man approached me and informed me that Mr. Barry was gone for work and he would no longer be at the party for the rest of the night.

I jumped with joy and went inside to find Hannah. God. It had just been an hour and I was already missing her. I wanted to have fun as well but there were so many things, so many fears in my head and now, all of them were gone.

“You’re back!” Hannah squealed.

“And you’re drunk.”

“There was this hot dude that came to me when you left and he asked me where you went—”

My lips turned straight as I cut her off, “That was the Alpha.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot.”

I snatched the drink away from her hands and set her down a chair. “Get sober and no more drinking. This is supposed to be a formal party, not a high-school one, Hannah.” I scolded her.

“All right, Mommy.” She pouted.

The second I sat down with her, by the table, someone called my name out. “Marissa!”

Raising my head, I found one of my friends, “Sophia?”

“Oh my god, you got selected!” She looped her hands around and hugged me. “And Hannah too! Congrats.”

“Yes, and yes.” I laughed, parting away. “You too!”

We all gathered around one table and started chatting. There were twelve of us girls that were selected for the tournament and I knew most of them personally as they were from my grade.

For a second there, I forgot about everything and had fun. The party continued with Mrs. Elias making an entrance and giving a little speech about the tournament and its history. We clapped our hands once she was done and then only I remembered how horrible our first encounter was.

I needed to fix that.

“Uh, I love her so much!” Sophia exclaimed, grunting. “My Dad told me she killed ten wolves at once and left the battlefield without getting a single mark.”

Louisa took a sip from her drink and continued, “And let’s not forgot she gave birth to the hottest man in earth!”

Peals of laughter rose from the table but I didn’t laugh. It didn’t seem funny to me. Maybe it was the crankiness of being fated to someone finally getting to me. Whatever it was, it was soon going to get worst if the girls didn’t stop talking about Xalorad in a way I didn’t want them to speak.

“Yeah, I still remember the night, so good.” Sophia blushed hard and lowered her eyes in shame.

She was among the few girls who got to sleep with him and a year ago, she forced me to put my name on the list as well. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have ever slept with Xalorad and we wouldn’t have known we were mates.

“Uh, I wish I could get that night too but the dungeon has been closed now, since weeks. No one in, no one out. Looks like someone cuffed the Alpha up.” Louisa whined, placing her elbows on the table and holding her face.

Sophia let out a scoff, “That’s impossible.”

“Why not? There is something called as mates.” Hannah beside me spoke. It took her a while but she was sober, a little bit.

“A mate has to be an equal and have we heard about any other hybrid in existence, girls?” Sophia asked everyone.

Hannah turned her eyes at me, confused just as I was. Only then I realized that I had to be equal to Xalorad to be his mate. Someone could be only be paired to an Alpha if they had the Alpha blood running in their veins. My family had the Beta blood in the genes, my grandfathers were Beta’s as well. I didn’t know about the ruling to be mated to a Hybrid but I did know about Alpha’s and there was no one in my family who was one.

So, either there was something wrong with the whole fated-mates thing or maybe I finally understood the reason why my Dad hated me and Mom.

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