The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 31

Lust hung before my eyes as the frail moment of calmth broke and I found myself standing in a dark bedroom, bared to my underwear. Ropes penetrated into my wrist, causing a friction whenever I moved my hands. Xalorad tied the last knot, firmly binding my hands with each other. I smiled to myself as numerous thoughts went across my head, some frightening and some lovely.

I licked my lips when his hand seized the back of my throat. His body pressed against mine and his free hand slithered across my breasts and my nipples that turned taut in the cold. I wriggled as he tilted my head, stretching my neck and forcing me to look at him.

His head lowered to my ears and he asked in a whisper, “Would you rather have me call you a slut or a princess?”

I smiled softly and moved my tied, eager hands across his abdomen, reaching lower to his pants and brushing my fingers across his firm member. He released a deep chuckle before shaking his head.

“I guess slut would be more appropriate.”

He moved back and came in front of me, his hold still stern over my throat. My lips parted in an invitation to a kiss and he took it without hesitation, claiming my mouth with an aggressive kiss. He bit my lower lip and tightened his hand. I took a ragged breath between the kisses, holding myself together whilst everything inside me melted.

When his lips parted away from mine, he roughly ran his thumb across my lower lip, bruising it further before lightly striking the side of my cheek. I winced and my heart raced further inside my chest.

“Let’s see how much would it take to break a slut like you.” He said, his voice low and threatening.

I barely paid attention to anything when his hands were on me and his eyes were prying across my naked body. The sight of his olive hands roaming across my chest made me wetter and wetter. He paused and took one of my stiff nipple’s between his fingers and they instantly turned sensitive to his touch as he pinched them. I squealed out of pain when he pulled back a little, causing one of them to throb.

The scent of my eagerness spread across the room, stronger than usual. Another sequal passed my lips when he twisted my nipple, this time harshly. As I moved, he grabbed my throat and slid his hand inside my underwear. The sudden touch forced my back to arch out of delight.

His eyes turned into a darker shade of brown and he tightened his grip on my neck, causing me choke out of breath. “Don’t squirm when I touch you.”

I felt his finger at the very tip of my clit, teasing down to my entrance. I tried to stay firm on my feet but it was almost impossible. He pushed a finger into my quivering entrance and lapped it in and out till the pleasure compelled my body to move again, disregarding his command. My mouth parted and out of breath, I moaned while he pressed harder on my neck.

I sank down on my knees when he moved his hand out of my underwear and pushed his wet fingers into my mouth, driving me to taste myself. The atmosphere between us changed suddenly when he thrusted his large fingers into my mouth with strength, making me choke on them before pulling them out.

Striking at my cheek again, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and titled my head till our gazes locked. As he undid his pants, I took a moment to grab a breath and lick my lips as they were covered and glistening with my juices. I could taste my self, not the best but it was still sweet.

I didn’t have a second for myself before Xalorad bought the base of his cock between my lips. I opened my mouth slowly and stuck my tongue out, too eager to taste him. He pressed the head against my tongue, sliding the bead of pre-cum across my mouth before he gave his cock a couple strokes. It was thicker than before or maybe I was delusional to have it inside all my holes.

With the help of my knees, I desperately crawled and bought myself towards the head of his cock, wanting to take it inside my mouth, wanting to choke on it, wanting to feel his throb inside me when I sucked him off. I couldn’t think about anything else.

“Please, let me have it.” I pleaded, glaring at him as he objected.

“Why should I?”

“Because I’m a slut for you.” I wriggled my hands behind my back out of excitement while my mouth filled with thirst.

“So impatient,” He whispered, slowly allowing me to take his length into my mouth. I couldn’t move fast even though I was so eager to have it all—he still had his hand on my hair, keeping me at my position so I couldn’t turn into greedy bitch.

When the rest of his cock disappeared into my mouth, I sucked him hard, licking and moving my head quick. It all took a wild turn when he started to take control, pulling and pushing my hair at his old pace. I gagged slightly when he paused inside my mouth and when the top of his cock touched at the back of my throat.

Closing my eyes, I pushed the tears back, my throat felt restrained and my breathing almost non-existent.

“Look at me when I fuck your mouth.” He tugged on my hair and I opened my eyes, doing as he wanted me to do.

A tear slid down my cheeks and my body warmed further. I clenched my hands together behind my back, not moving or breathing. My jaw ached and after a minute of choking and gagging, he pulled his cock out and allowed me to breath.

As he freed my hair, my head lowered and I coughed a few times before turning my attention right back at him, still needing more. This wasn’t nearly enough for me. The world ahead of me blurred when he took my arm and pulled me up on my feet. I blinked hard and took a second to return into my senses as the air was blocked out of my lungs for a whole minute.

By the time I had gotten my breathing under control, I was pushed over the bed with Xalorad between my legs. His hands clutched my inner thighs while his hard cock nudged at entrance, bumping at my clit after every few seconds. A quiver ran through my body and I squirmed, moving my hands underneath me so I wouldn’t break them myself.

I was already at the end of gushing, even the little touch was going to explode the pleasure out of me. His hands continued caressing my thighs and I could see the love he had for them through his eyes. Leaving them, he leaned over me and placed his elbows beside my head.

“Are you on a pill or something?” He asked.

Slightly shocked, I shook my head, “No, no, I used to be but I’m not, not right now.” I replied, trying hard to remember the last time I took a pill—it was for my menstruation cycle. “Why? Is that a problem?”

His finger traced across my cheek where I felt a little pain. “No, not at all.” He whispered, smiling at me.

Why were we thinking the absolute same?

God, I was still eighteen.

Shaking away the negative thoughts, I wrapped my legs around him and let my feet dangle down to the bed. He looked at me for a second longer before the furrowed face took rest and kissed me. The heat returned, rising and waiting to be fulfilled.

I happily gave into the kiss while he inserted a finger into my slit, curling it inside and hitting my spot. Air left my lungs. I moaned against his mouth and he pulled away, reaching down and placing kisses across my collarbone and neck.

I pushed my hips to him, causing an intervention. He scoffed at my movement and said, “I hope you do know that you’re going to release when I say you to do. That’s how sluts work in bed, unless you’re looking for another punishment and I suppose you still haven’t healed from your previous one.”

I bounced back and nodded.

Xalorad moved up and with a snap of a second, he turned me over my stomach. I pushed my ass back with excitement, ready for everything. Without a warning, he thrust into my pussy and slid a finger or two into my ass, making me yelp out of the sudden pain that ripped through my body. I almost lost myself as he stretched me at once with his thickness.

He grunted over me and moved his hand back to my hair, pulling it as my mouth opened wide. I began panting when he started with his pace, going with the rhythm of his fingers that he had plunged into my ass.

My body tensed and I bit my teeth together while I heard the smacking of flesh and my low groans. He buried his cock deeper, his balls striking at my clit each time he pounded into me. I could feel myself tearing but I still pushed myself back for more. My hands locked with each other—I just wanted to break through the ropes and grab the sheets.

My eyes rolled and the pounding in my chest continued. I heard my cries, my screams, my moans ringing inside my ears, defeating any other voice around us. My breasts dangled, shaking each time he pushed into my swelled pussy. I could feel my entrance tightening around his cock when he drew back.

He pulled his fingers out and released my hair before placing his hands on my hips and pushing me over the bed. I held my breath back as I found myself in greater heights, almost at the edge of a release.

“I can’t,” I breathed heavily as he furiously rammed into me. “Please—oh, please.” I cried as my soul began drifting away with the control I had set on myself.

Needy for a release, I begged and begged till he agreed and allowed me.

My climax was intense. My legs clamped together and with his cock still inside me, I gushed out, squeezing hard and pulsating. The release took me away from my breath. It was long and stronger than anything I ever had.

By the time it was over, I was still in shock and out of breath.

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