The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 32

I woke up naked and on a bed. I pressed my hands against my chest and gasped when I found Xalorad sitting by the bed, his eyes upon me and twinkle inside them.

At the moment of realization, my mouth parted and I groaned, “Oh my God, I passed out, didn’t I?” I remember everything from last night, it was still imprinted on my body and anyone could tell that but the second I was done, I went to sleep, without uttering another word or even cleaning up myself.

I was so deprived and worn out that the only thing that looked comfortable after a mind-blowing orgasm was the bed and the warm sheets. In embarrassment, I covered my eyes with my hands and then began rubbing them to tear away from the sleep.

Xalorad let out a deep chuckle, “Yes, you did but it’s not a problem, I took care of you.”

My cheeks turned redder and I said, “I’m so sorry, I was really exhausted.” I didn’t even bother with checking myself under the sheets. I could feel clean, even my face which was quite dirty last night. I was wearing a shirt and my underwear was back on.

“I know and it’s okay. The next morning was going to come anyway and it did,” He smiled at me when he looked down.

Drawing the sheets away, I sat up straight and said, “No, we should’ve talked about that woman.” We were supposed to come in a conclusion and I, myself, wanted to know what he wanted after I denied to kill anyone. Was he comfortable being with me knowing I was marked by someone else—by his cousin?

“I’ve thought about that and I’ve taken care of Artemis. She won’t be a trouble for either of us. The only thing she’s holding against me is my Father’s wrath when he learns I am fated to a wolf—” He stood up from the bed and walked around. “—which is why I’m going to tell him myself.”

“Oh…” I blinked hard.

“Once he accepts, getting Selene out of hell for a night will be much easier, at his command, of course, and this way, you wouldn’t need to kill anyone.” He continued.

I didn’t know what to say. “That’s great!” At least, I didn’t have to kill someone and die to get marked by him. I felt like cheering but Xalorad had a bland and wary expression over his face. “Isn’t it?”

He came closer and his gaze landed upon me. “It is, only if my Father agrees. Therefore, I’ll have to leave, for a week or maybe more, immediately. The more time I spend in hell, the much easier it would be to convince my Father.”

“Oh, okay.” I agreed.

A week. It wouldn’t be hard. I had spent the last week away from him as well and nothing wrong happened in that. As long as that bitch wasn’t disturbing me, nothing would happen to begin with.

“Will you be fine alone? I don’t know when I’ll return.”

“I’ll be fine.” I licked my lips and nodded.

“Good. I’ll have someone guard you from the outside, incase if Artemis appears out of nowhere—which she wouldn’t.” He assured, taking my hand and wrapping it around his. “Just don’t try to get yourself killed.”

I laughed, “Why? Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“That was when I thought I could take you to hell. If you die now, there is some place much better where you’ll be taken too and I won’t be able to ever visit you there.” He narrowed his eyes and said.

I couldn’t imagine never seeing Xalorad again.

“I promise, I won’t die—not till you return at least!” I exclaimed, brightening up the mood between us. He was taking a large step for me, speaking to his Father, the God of Hell and the least thing I could do was try not get myself killed in the meantime he was gone.

We didn’t spend much time together after I woke up as he had to leave as quickly as he could. Just before leaving, he did manage to drop me off to my house. With a clear head, I went inside and found the house to be dark and silent. All the curtains were shut closed and the scent of alcohol was in the air. When it drifted to my nose, I ran inside and went to my Mom.

If there was a smell of alcohol inside the house it meant that Dad was home, far more longer than usual and if he was home, something had gone terribly wrong.

“Mom?” I pushed the door to her bed room open and standing by the doorway, I found her. She was sitting in front of a window, staring outside and at my arrival, she pressed a hand towel on her cheeks. “Mom? What happened?” I went straight to her while my heart raced with fear.

“Where did you spend the night, Marissa?” She questioned. Her eyes were filled with tears, dripping from every corner and there was a large cut by her cheeks along with another bruise.

“Oh my God. He came here, didn’t he?” I got down on knew as a swelling formed in my chest.

She grabbed my wrist, “Answer my question!”


“I know you didn’t spend the night with Hannah so who were you with? Was your Father bearing the truth when he came to me last night? What is it that you have to do with the Alpha? How many times have I warned you not to talk or even look at him?” Her hold on my hand tightened and it burned as they were slightly bruised with the ropes used last night.

When I winced at the pain, Mom released my hand and her eyes trailed down to my wrists. I quickly hid them behind. More tears followed down her eyes and she closed her eyes in disappointment.

“Mom, please. Dad doesn’t knows anything, he’s just bluffing and finding a reason to remove his anger, that’s all!” I stated. He didn’t know the truth and what he was knew was nothing at all. He was making assumptions out of things he saw.

“So tell me you weren’t with the Alpha last night? Tell me you weren’t making his bed? Tell me you weren’t being his whore?” She shouted, snapping her head at me.

I killed the sobs in my throat and shook my head. It wasn’t like this. “Mom, there is a reason—” I was cut off abruptly before I could explain myself to her.

She slapped my face and the sudden impact threw me back. I gasped and pressed my hand against my cheek that started to ache quickly. Furrowing my brows together, I looked at her, confused. What was she even thinking? What was so bad about this? I found my mate and did everything one person was supposed to do with its other half.

Mom never had a problem when I went on dates with Lucas or bought him over to the house or slept with him on my bed. She wasn’t the strict parent, ever.

“I didn’t give birth to you so you could go around and pleasure men higher in authority. I fought with your Dad, telling him it wasn’t true and that you never sleep with the Alpha but he proved me wrong, he proved my motherhood wrong!” She exclaimed, out of breath.

“What is so wrong about it, Mom?” I cried out.

Mom took a deep breath and patted her cheeks dry again. “In front of your Dad’s eyes, everything is wrong. He’s afraid of loosing his position if you get to close to the Alpha and if he ever looses that, he won’t let us live, not another day.” She stopped for a mere second and then continued. “Is there something you’re getting out of this? If it’s money, I’ll give you.”

My stomach churned and I shot up on my feet. “No!”

“What is it, then? An affair with an Alpha will never look good on you or anyone else. As soon as this over, people are going to spat on you like some dirt—” She took wrong sense of everything and I couldn’t bear hearing it anymore.

Out of anger, I said the worst thing I could ever say to my Mom. “You must know about it very well, right?”

She gasped at my words and the surprise on her face told me that I was right about it last night, that I wasn’t Mr. Barry’s child but someone else’s. It just took a second for my whole world to crush down into pieces.

“How do you know about it?” She asked, standing up in front of me.

Tears welled in my eyes and I sniffed, “You’ll never know how I learned about it.” Endless thoughts combined in my head, making me go mad with everything. My chest tightened with the panic that I slowly began settling inside. Before I left, I stopped and said, “I may undress in front of the Alpha, Mom, but he still respects me out of bed and if you ever come to wonder why—it’s because there is something stronger we have between us, something that binds me to him and him to me.”

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